BLOG: What price do you put on finding love?

BLOG: What price do you put on finding love? What price do you put on love…? Thinking practically in a dating scenario… are you overspending ? Are you under-spending ? […]

BLOG: What price do you put on finding love?

What price do you put on love…? Thinking practically in a dating scenario… are you overspending ? Are you under-spending ? With everything that is going on when dating which is probably one of the most exciting things ever, we all must usually consider costs amidst all this excitement ! I mean married couples even re-create the excitement of dating by having date nights !  If a life partner is forgetting or taking things for granted a “date night” could remind them of just how horribly alone they were before they met you !

But who is paying for all these dates !

Who is paying for the meals, the weekends away, the impromptu shopping trips! 

This is why online dating can be so good because online dating can save you an incredible amount of money! If you can meet people online who want to date then you can scroll through in a sense thousands of potantials to find your perfect match in probably a couple of hours!

The alternative would be the equivalent to working your way through potantially hundreds of night clubs or art galleries stricking up conversations with strangers who might not even be single!

Of course you cannot be sure the people you are speaking to online are single. However you certainly cannot be accused of doing anything dishonest in terms of approaching singles because the whole concept of the other person having a profile includes their affirmation that they are single! Even then we must bring some self awareness to what we are doing.

Its innapropriate and a waste of time to approach people who are already in relationships!

Imaging the amount of money you could potentially spend in clubs etc just to get a date! Many people even join religious groups like Sunday schools to meet people!

Also consider the situation of a single farmer living fifty or sixty or even a one hundred miles from the nearest human settlement! It could cost them a lot of money just to get to town and once they get their they could run the risk of being accused of being crazy becasue they literally get to town once a month and have to make the most of it !

People looking for Suffolk singles or Suffolk dating dating opportunities can find themselves living in idyllic isolated locations but could be asking themselves… “how do I meet dates here?” . Whilst this is true never rule out the possibility that your ideal date could be just in the next field over!

Again all of this cost and in many cases embarrassment is saved simply by getting access to an internet connection where you live and doing online dating! 

However there is one very important phenomenon that we want you to be aware of! that is dating sites know that their members might not be depserate but that many of them are really looking for dates! In that environment they could put obstacles in your way that can only be overcome by waiting or by unlocking the obstacle straight away by purchasing credits for example! So maybe to see a match you have to have say one hundred credits and you can buy credits say two hundred for one pound. These may seem like small amounts but still you must ask yourself should I really be paying one pound to see a potantial like! Is that match or like real ?

We do hope in this blog post that we have introduced you to a deeper way of thinking about dating costs! That its very situational! I mean the person may say “hey I’m online dating and I would be spending £30 just to get to town from where I live so spending £1 here and there online dating is fine by me!” So with all things in life putting situations into perspective… balancing the pros and cons and ultimately being aware of what we are doing really helps make online dating fun!

Whatever you are doing be safe, repsonsbile, and have fun!

Very very best wishes and wishing you a wonderful and love filled 2021.