BLOG : Now more than ever with hundreds of millions of people in the quarantine zones, love is winning the war against the virus. Read on…

Now more than every with hundreds of millions of people in the qurantine zones love is winning the war against the virus. People are actually having romances amidst hundreds of […]

Now more than every with hundreds of millions of people in the qurantine zones love is winning the war against the virus.

People are actually having romances amidst hundreds of miles separating them! Couples are find their love blossoming by installing great big vegetable patches in their gardens and we are are even receiving reports of loving families providing 30 to 40% of their family vegetable demands from apartment balconies! They are using tower pots and growing up the walls on the balconies to utilise the space!

Seed sales have been sky rocketing and the prepsteaders (which is actually a combination of two words Prepper and Homesteader ) are finding that all those stocks and stores that they have been stockpiling are now releasing their potential. All the preparedness skills they have been developing (in some cases for decades) have meant that they really have had a head start on everyone else. Within a few days of the lockdown they were completely prepared and really had nothing to do other than continue raising vegetables and livestock which they had been doing already.

Naturally during the solar minimum that we are experiencing fertility is increasing. A solar minimum means reduced solar activity / UV light. This has lowered the temperature at the north pole back to levels not seen since the last solar minimum and ice production on the poles is exceeding levels not seen in decades. Two things (amongst others) are occuring… mammals fertility levels are increasing and of course UV light which is the earths natural germ killer is not killing as many germs and therefore viruses etc are occuring which we are all currently very aware!

There is nothing to be alarmed about these pandemics happen and frankly with the increased fertility rates people will be finding that as couples they will be coping really rather magnificently. In fact modern technology means they may have met by searching for sex in Surrey and found each other or even found themselves searching and landing on a site such as . From this experience they could have found someone recently and fallen head over heals in love and realised this is the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with, have children and live a more sustainable lifestyle with!

People are actually getting back to a more simple and natural lifestyle of preparing to survive dark winter by raising vegetables, canning and preserving food for the winter. The sustainable lifestyle is just a wonderful way to spend each day! Those people who are preparing for shortages by growing their own food are finding their mental health is improving because they are constantly tending to the plants and animals! There is not even any time to watch television because you simply have to check on the potatoes, the cabbages, the brassicas, the onions, the strawberries, the seeds and berries, kale, beans, peas, and an almost unending supply of delicious nutritious and fertile plants in the gardens!

Couples in these environments totally flourish and of course even with social distancing if your nearest neighbour is a half mile away then you can set up a bartering system! Items can be left in a pre-organised places (you can organise this over the phone as talking on the phone is perfectly safe). If money is changing hands it can be cleaned (its not money laundering, its perfectly okay to clean notes) placed in a safe place and then picked up when others are not there!

The secret is to be busy! Busy producing goods and services. Busy making the next generation by creating babies and raising responsible adults. By being part of the life cycle. Birth, growth, propagation of vegetables, seeds germinating! Of course the livestock and animals are reproducing every year and providing all sorts of product not least the meat itself… but milk, from which butter can be made, or milk which can be mixed with flour to make bread!

Busy people are happy and productive and they find the time to be together as couples too!

They find the time to fall in love online whilst in lockdow. To decide to live together and have children! All of these things continue with a little creative thinking! We continue to break our problems into small portions… and work them… logically! At the same time people can be learning lots more about food production!

As always we urge you to create connections, meet new people virtually, always research ideas for yourself. Be prepared and preparing. Date and fall in love! Be safe in everything you are doing by researching and implementing the appropriate security protocols!

Stay safe, alone together!

Very best wishes! the InTouch Rugby Relationships and preparedness editor.