BLOG from MB Personal Training – HOW TO MAKE THOSE STRENGTH GAINS!! top 10 tips

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Everybody talks to MB strength about strength training and what is the best way to gain strength…. There are many different types of strength training.
But for out and out strength training in its purest form (lifting as heavy as possible) here are their top 10 tips!
1. The most important factor in strength training is intensity of load. This is strength training, after all. So the goal is to (safely) move as much weight as possible.
2. Shoot for rest intervals between 3-5 minutes between sets. This will allow for adequate recovery of the phosphagen system (the main energy pathway used in strength training) without making the workouts intolerably long.
3. During strength phases you should resist the urge to add too much variety. Progress only a few lifts in each strength phase and save the variety for assistance movements or subsequent training phases…… CLICK HERE for 7 more!

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