Blog. Choosing Carpet for your home or workspaces. Understand the process, then proceed through the stages to installation, logically!

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Blog. Choosing Carpet for your home or work spaces. Understand the process, then proceed through the stages to installation, logically!

As utterly focused individuals it will come as no surprise that sticking to plans and working through the predetermined process is a working method which we have applied many times on this blog!

In an ethos and culture of achievement, of always moving forward no matter what is happening, even if that uphill struggle seems impossible and even when the flow of obstacles is sending us backwards for a time. The principle of continuing to apply the tried and tested principles is frankly our only option. Also, and in an extremely cautious manner, adding improvements to the system is quite acceptable so long as the change and evolution is cautious. Of course there is always a risk in applying new or evolved elements to any process but caution will allow this happen smoothly.

Laying carpet is no exception. We have a goal in mind… a gorgeous beautiful carpet for your home with wonderful fluffy and comfortable heat retaining fine and soft relaxing carpet fibers. Or we may be fitting out a hard dense floor carpet for a work space with wheeled seats busily moving from the work table to the colour in house printer which means the carpet must be a surface to work upon, to move around on, without picking ones stepping or worrying about the wheels on your seat! Whatever your goals you must balance the purpose of the room itself with the type of carpet you are choosing.

Breaking our problems into small portions and working through the small portions logically works! So! What is our list? Therefore what is our range of requirements to work through? For example, colours, what are the dimensions of the room, what are the characteristics of the other rooms surrounding this room if any? What will the room be primarily used for? What is your budget for this room?

Prior to even beginning to look at carpets or visit online carpet stores, there is a lot of preparation and thinking and making lists and working out the process and working through the steps to be done. Drawing visual diagrams can be very very useful. Carefully marking the length and width. Becoming proficient in using desktop computer or laptop drawing tools to make a three dimensional drawing on your desktop or laptop is actually the best way to go! Then colours can be changed in seconds or less. Lengths can be changed instantly.In time and with practice you will be able to show a side view of the carpet in place showing its depth (again is this a workspace or a leisure space, thinking about the impact that has on length of carpet). You will be able to zoom in with the online drawing software, zooming out, showing the indentations in longer carpet for leisure spaces showing the impact of different body weights on that surface. You cannot really over prepare for the installation and should start the process well in advance of your deadline (whether your deadline is self imposed or not!). Then you can work optimally towards the deadline and having allowed plenty of time can also take a step back from the process and walk away to even deal with other things that are happening. Then you can return to the project to reassess if your direction is actually the best way to go! Doing things properly is never a waste of time. The finished work is something you can be proud of.

Understanding the process then understanding all the steps along the way and then fitting in your requirements for the particular carpet job at hand will mean that you are organised about what you are doing. This will vastly reduce the stress and pressure you will feel because each thing you are working on is an individual part along the way, and you simply work through the parts!

Please do your own research… this blog represents some thoughts on methods we have employed over the years.

Very, very best wishes.

The InTouch Rugby Curator.

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