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Bliss Essential is the ultimate collection of the highest quality and purest essential oil blends to enhance your everyday wellness and self-care.

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Bliss Essential is the ultimate collection of the highest quality and purest essential oil blends to enhance your everyday wellness and self-care.

A new wellness Brand founded by Erica Diamond


Bliss Essential launches the ultimate collection of the richest aromatic essential oil blends on the market for sleep, stress, energy, and immunity…

Los Angeles, CA 2021 – When Self-Care Guru and Media Personality Erica Diamond continuously saw that her clients’ 3 biggest pain-points were: lack of sleep, low energy and too much stress, she decided to create the solution to all three! “We created the most exceptional purest essential oil blends in the market that smell divine, enhance everyday wellness and hit the 3 high notes for living well everyday.”

Bliss Essential is the collaboration between Certified Life Coach, Media Personality and Entrepreneur Erica Diamond, the pioneering chemist and leading laboratory in essential oils for the past 3 decades. These uniquely formulated aromatic rich oil blends are the highest quality, 100% pure therapeutic grade, no synthetics or fillers, lab tested and certified, and cruelty-free. If you have longed for better sleep, less stress, and enough energy and focus to make it through the day, this new wellness Brand has arrived to allow you to find your bliss everyday. The newest blend, IMMUNITY ARMY, arrives just in time for cold and flu season as well as back to school. BLISS IS ESSENTIAL.

“We thought it was time to finally put yourself back on your priority list, especially after a global pandemic. Add a few drops of Bliss Essential into your diffuser, or into your bath for a relaxing tub soak, or sprayed on your pillow before bed. Every drop of oil in every bottle is filled with the utmost love, care and attention. Liquid sunshine in a bottle is a gift from us to you. We think you’re worth it,” says Bliss Essential Founder Erica Diamond.


• ● The purest and most premium quality oil blends on the market to use safely and blissfully for everyday wellness.
• ● Bliss Essential is made from the highest quality plants sourced from around the world (Belize, Argentina, Morocco, Indonesia, France, just to name a few). These plants are sustainably harvested and grown. Bliss Essential is proudly 3rd-party laboratory tested and certified in the United States and bottled in Canada.
• ● All blends are 100% pure therapeutic grade, no synthetics or fillers and cruelty-free.
• ● Customers can purchase single bottles, or indulge in the 3-pack Self-Care Kit or 4-pack Ultimate
Wellness Kit collection for total wellness.

• ● Customers can now pre-order The Bliss Holiday Wellness Gift Box – for giving and receiving the ultimate gift of holiday wellness. Includes branded gift box and 4 Bliss blends – Stress Free, Good Vibes, Sleep Easy and Immunity Army (5ML). $60
• ● Immunity Army NEW ARRIVAL is your ultimate armour and protection against colds, flues, viruses, and bacteria. Want to help keep your immune system stronger on the daily? Feeling a little run down? With the recent pandemic and flu season soon upon us, this is a perfect blend for diffusing in your home. Immunity Army is also great to use for cleaning surfaces from germs and bacteria to protect you and your family.
• ● Oils used in the complete collection are: lavender, rosewood, roman chamomile, palmarosa, geranium, osmanthus, ylang ylang, patchouli, blue tansy, orange, violet, jasmine, lemon, rose, eucalyptus, cinnamon bark, wild orange, tea tree, clove
• ● Bliss Essential collection is available in 4 rich powerful blends: Stress Free (decrease stress and promote inner calm), Good Vibes (promote energy, focus and happiness), Sleep Easy (enhance sleep and deep relaxation), and NEW Immunity Army (boost and support healthy immune system function).
• ● Price: $38 per bottle
• ● Bliss Essential ships to Canada and US, and has free shipping on all orders

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