BHSFP Notes: Q & A With Ian Scott – Human Wrecking Ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This week its our Human Wrecking Ball…..


NAME:: Ian Scott

DOB:: 27/03/87

Height:: 6’5 ”

Weight:: 18st

Position:: 2nd Row


Honours:: None

When did you first start playing rugby?
Upper 6th at Belfast High School

Did you play any other sports growing up?
Motorcycle Trials

What is your greatest rugby moment?
Playing at Ravenhill in 2010 McCrea cup final

What do you think makes a great rugby player?
A good balance of commitment and talent

How much is talent and how much practice?
Both as important as each other

How long and how often do you train?
Club training twice a week and whenever I can in between

What would you do if you weren’t a rugby player?
Be able to get out of bed on a sunday without feeling like an 80 year old

Why do you love rugby?
Its a proper physical sport played with 14 of my friends

Where is the best place rugby has taken you?
Birkmyre tour, April 2012. Exotic

Do you have a nickname? No

Coaches Comment:
Ian over the past season has come into his own style of playing rugby. A Big aggressive Ball Carrier, who loves to sidestep like Jason Lenorad. I wish i could say Jason Robinson. He very helpful player on and off the field. and is Never shy of a “Good Recking Session” in his Isle Magee words ! He also leads me to believe that he’s a pretty good Trail Biker, when he’s not throwing his weight about on the rugby pitch. He currently one of the Top Try Scorers in the club and is sure to buy a few more Jugs this Season.

3 words to describe yourself?
Should play outhalf

Any tips or advice to aspiring young rugby players?
Always enjoy it

Most admired player in current International rugby?
Richie McCaw

Most admired player ever?
Jonah Lomu

What would you most like to achieve in your rugby career?
Continue to enjoy it and avoid serious injury

What was the best game you have ever played in?
The 12-10 win against Randalstown last season. They went on to win the league with us being the only team to beat them all season

What was the best game you have ever watched?
Leinsters comeback in 2011 Heineken cup final

Who inspired you to play rugby?
School friends

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