Belfast Met Rugby Academy Teaches through playing rugby a sport that instills the most desirable and successful character traits

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So many schools and clubs across Ulster flourish because of the culture and ethos and the ability to retain our values through thick and thin, in this one of the most brutally physical sports in the world and one of the most dangerous team sports, at the same time as that physicality and competition the values and ethos are established, remembered, developed and this is one of the reasons that schools and communities endorse the sport of Rugby.

Please see below a comment on the Belfast Met Rugby Academy FB page and part of a testimonial by Graduate Jonny Creighton the full transcript of which can be view on the link below.

We at the rugby academy try to sell the course and the ideology of learning through playing rugby..
We ask you to trust us in delivering your son or daughter the best education!
Sometimes it is just better to hear from the students who have lived through the A-Level course and are coming back for more in September…
Thank you Jonny Creighton for the nice words and we hope you have an even better experience with our Higher Education course in September!

“Jonny Creighton feeling excited
I’ve had the best 2 years of my life at Belfast Met – Rugby Academy, and I’ve made some great friends! I loved it so much I actually did some work and finishe…” for the full text go to url >>>

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