Behind The Lines (Wellington’s Dragoon Book 3) by David J Blackmore

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Behind The Lines (Wellington’s Dragoon Book 3) by David J Blackmore

From Buçaco to the fortified lines where the French are finally stopped,
Behind the lines in Lisbon where the secret war continues,
Through the devastated Portuguese countryside,
Michael Roberts continues his war, has a chance for love, kills, and becomes a changed man.

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David Blackmore
Book four, ‘A Different Kind Of War’ is now published. It is set in England as a rather angry and unhappy Lieutenant Roberts is ordered to the Regimental Depot at Radipole, Weymouth. Suffice it to say he doesn’t spend a lot of time there before returning to the Peninsular for book five. There will be action, spies, romance and another run in with Major Stanhope, and that’s all I will say, for the moment. More news will appear on my Facebook author page.

Since the release of ‘Behind the Lines’ the series seems to have really taken off, probably because three books is a series, two might be. With four finished, I am now thinking about five, in which Michael returns to Spain and the momentous events of 1812.

I worked for the Royal Armouries Museum for 26 years, most of them as the Museum’s Registrar. Part of the creative team for the Royal Armouries in Leeds, and organised the move of the collection from The Tower to Leeds.

I am the author of four non-fiction books;

Arms and Armour of the English Civil Wars.

British Cavalry in the Mid-18th Century.

Destructive and Formidable, British Infantry Firepower, 1642 – 1765, the published version of the author’s PhD thesis from Nottingham Trent University.

So Bloody a Day, the 16th Light Dragoons in the Waterloo Campaign.

I have written more articles and given more lectures than I can remember.

Blogs and short pieces can be found on my WordPress blog ‘Practical Military History’.

I appeared in Sean Bean’s Waterloo, teaching him how to use a sabre. Great fun, a lovely man.

I was a re-enactor for forty five years, including being Lord General of the Roundhead Association, and commanding the British Light Dragoons at Waterloo 200. I commanded B Troop, 16th Light Dragons from 2014 to 2019. I’m now definitely retired.

I get out on a horse two or three times a week, sometimes on Johnny, the inspiration for Lieutenant Roberts’ horse.

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