Let Mother’s Day BeGin with Masons Don’t let your Mother’s Day be ruined – give her Mother’s Ruin !

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 Let Mother’s Day BeGin with Masons

Don’t let your Mother’s Day be ruined – give her Mother’s Ruin



Think outside the chocolate box this Mother’s Day (Sunday 26th March) and give your mum the ideal gift. Choose a present mum doesn’t have to water and look after, but instead a gift infused with flowers that will mean she ‘has to’ put her feet up with a tumbler full of ice and gin in hand.

Perfect for a spring evening or even a rainy evening, ideal after a long day at work or attempting to put the kids to bed, Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin’s Lavender edition will make any day better … because who doesn’t love gin.

Whether mum prefers her drink long or short, refreshing or sweet, she’ll find Masons gin is the perfect tipple. Made in small batches with a traditional distilling method, Masons produce a high quality product for a high quality mum.

The sweet notes of Lavender, Pine and spiciness will cause relaxation ensuring mum is neither shaken nor stirred. Unlike most spirits and chocolate, gin is made from Juniper Berries and that means mums on a health kick can still enjoy a glass or two of Masons Gin this Mother’s Day.

Serving Suggestions

The Boycotts Gran;

Stir lemon zest, ice and thyme and add 40ml of Masons Lavender, 15ml of Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur and 15ml of Mr Fitzpatrick’s Rhubarb and Rosehip Cordial. Strain The Boycotts Gran liquid into a martini glass, garnish with three white rose petals and serve.

With an RRP of £39.99 for a 70cl bottle, Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin would make an ideal gift for the discerning drinker in your life

Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin is available to purchase online, please visit: www.MasonsYorkshireGin.com

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