Add Power Health to your list of Beard Health Suppliers! Warming Blend with Essentials Oils + Citrus Blend with Essentials Oils >>

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A superb duo of Beard Oils from Power Health!


Beard Oil – Warming Blend, £8.99 for 50ml

Black pepper is clean, conditioning, nourishing for your skin and beard promoting soft manageable healthy hair and growth, stubble and heard itch. Also naturally rich in antioxidants.

Cyrpress promotes health hair growth an dis great for those who have oily skin as it reduces sebum production without drying out skin. Moisturising and conditioning for both the beard and skin, excellent for all skin types, healps beard growth, preventing breakage and dryness

Quickly absorbed without feeling oily.

Also includes other essential oils: olive oil, jojoba, vitamin E.

Beard Oil – Citrus Blend, £8.99 for 50ml

Bergamot is a mix of sweet orange and lemon, zesty and clean, a refreshing scent that cleanses the mind and increases alertness. Bergamot also has some great properties for beard oils, including antibacterial and antiseptic benefits.

Lemon is beneficial for hair and skin thus keeping under the bed healthy, also a treatment for acne and seborrhoea. Lemon is also antiseptic, antiviral, detoxifying and uplifting.

Also includes Olive oil, jojoba and vitamin E.

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