Banhoek Chilli Oil… the original small batch chilli oil …

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Banhoek Chilli Oil… the original small batch chilli oil …

Banhoek Chilli Oil, made by two rugby loving South African Brother’s. Vegan, super healthy and tastes insane!


The 100% natural small-batch chilli oil

Crafted with precision and passion, Banhoek Chilli Oil promises to elevate your dining experience with its unparalleled blend of flavours and delicate heat.
Derived from the rich tradition of South African cuisine, Banhoek Chilli Oil is a fusion of carefully selected chilli peppers and the finest quality ingredients, resulting in a versatile and vibrant condiment that adds depth, complexity and a touch of heat to your favourite dishes.

Hand-made in the Banhoek Valley near Stellenbosch, South Africa – and the winner of a coveted Great Taste Award – Banhoek Chilli Oil infuses sun-dried, hand-crushed bird’s eye chillies with premium rapeseed oil to create an endlessly versatile condiment for spice lovers.

Ban(g)hoek (Scary corner) was named after the leopards and other dangerous animals that roamed the valley. With its clear golden colour, subtly smoky chilli aroma and consistent level of spiciness, the options are almost endless: from drizzling on pizza or pasta, to adding an extra kick to a casserole dish or even bringing some zing to chocolatey desserts. “I love pizza with chilli oil but why can’t anyone make a consistently good chilli oil?!” – Ken Kinsey-Quick

Banhoek Chilli Oil was created by brothers-in-law Ken Kinsey-Quick (founder) and Adi Meintjes (co- founder), who were tired of the inconsistent chilli oils served in pizza restaurants and wanted to find the perfect bite of flavour. After experimenting over Sunday family lunches with over 60 different combinations of chillies and edible oils to create the perfect bite of flavour, what started in a small kitchen quickly moved into a garage, before making its permanent home in the heart of Cape Winelands in 2020, when Banhoek Chilli Oil was born. After drying bird’s eye chillies in the South African sun, Banhoek Chilli Oil uses induction heating to gently infuse them with the finest quality rapeseed oil, which is then expertly filtered to achieve a consistent heat level and the perfect balance of flavour.

Every bottle of Banhoek Chilli Oil represents a labour of love: the artisanal approach to production guarantees that each batch is meticulously crafted and quality-checked, ensuring a consistent and exceptional product. Housed in a sleek and functional bottle, wrapped in beautiful paper, Banhoek Chilli Oil not only ignites your palate but also adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen or dining table.

Banhoek Chilli Oil (RRP £8.50/250ml) is available on Amazon and Ocado, Selfridges, Harrods Fortnum & Mason, Daylesford Organic and
independent delis, butchers and restaurants throughout the UK. For a full list of stockists, visit [8]



100% natural, GMO-free

Over 500 5-star reviews on Amazon UK

5-star reviews on Ocado and winner of ‘Customer Product of the Year

Available at over 150 leading food outlets nationwide, including
Selfridges, Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, Daylesford Organic, Partridges
of Sloane Square, and The Suffolk Food Hall

Health Benefits: Chilli Oil is known for boosting metabolism, reducing
inflammation, and aiding digestion

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