Ballynahinch Rabittohs – ULTIMATE ULSTER RUGBY LEAGUE CHAMPIONS 2011: What A Game!!! A closely fought encounter with The Belfast Bulls: Report + Pictures Now Live: Vids & Interviews To Follow

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The 1st 2 finals of the day were of a high standard but this game raised the bar farther: end to end rugby, focused and skillful with expert tackling, defending and finishing.

Strategy plays a big part in rugby league, and experience will produce the understanding of the tempo of the game. It is absolutely critical to play the game in the oppositions half. Penalties are extremely important, and given the tackle zone rules penalties are fairly sparse on the ground and whne awarded the attacking team benefits greatly.

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After 6 tackles the ball is turned over, but recieve a penalty and the attacking teams chalks up another 6 tackles. At the level of these two teams those extra 6 tackles means 1 thing – A try!

This game was fierce. Both teams were in no mood to defend, although they each defended brilliantly. The focus was attack. Ruthless and relentless the play was kept at a high tempo throughout the game & given the heat from a very sunny day the benfits of league on fitness cannot be under estimated.

Superb game and with the Sharks in it right up to the whistle Rabbittohs experience secured the victory. The standard is improving all the time!

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