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Ballymena RFC Rascals (P1 & P2s) the youngest section of the rugby club took on their annual challenge to raise money for Wooden Spoon, Rugby’s charity for disadvantaged children this Saturday. This year it was “The Big Box Bonanza” and involved the Rascals running 400 laps of a square course of slalom poles and agility ladders. The 30 wee boys rose to the event and took on the big box, they ran and ran all helped along by “Spoony” the Wooden Spoon mascot who had flown over from England especially to see the boys. 180 laps run and the boys stood aside to watch a few of the dads have a go, the old boys actually did very well and they all got round with no accidents!
200 laps and half time, the boys took a break to have some hot chocolate kindly donated by “Janes Kitchen”. A nice warm drink and cookie later the boys resumed their challenge. The second half flew by and with the mums, brothers and sisters all having their chance to show the boys how it’s done the 400th lap was soon reached. CLICK HERE FOR 150 + Action Shots
All the boxes run, the Rascals ran the last lap as a group with smiles all the way. As the final whistle blew, it was time to hear the result of the fund raising, everyone cheered with delight when they heard they had raised a massive £1049. It just goes to show; great things can come in small packages and the Rascals of Ballymena RFC certainly “boxed” well above their weight on this challenge!

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