Bring home the bacon on Valentine’s day – with Cure and Simple!

Bring home the bacon on Valentine’s day – with Cure and Simple!

Bring home the bacon on Valentine’s day – with Cure and Simple!

A Valentine’s Day gift for the foodie in your life: monthly deliveries of hand-cured bacon in 12 bespoke flavour profiles


Cure and Simple, the company that provides fans of great artisan food with some of the best quality bacon on the market, has announced a Valentine’s Day gift line-up with a difference. It includes Cure and Simple’s Bacon Lover packs, gift cards, subscription vouchers and a special new offer: a gift that will keep the foodie in your life happy on Valentine’s Day – and all year long. It’s called The Curiosity Club.
A monthly delivery of packs of hand-cured and air-dried bacon in 12 flavour profiles, all created by Cure and Simple’s talented in-house chef, The Curiosity Club is a unique – and very, very tasty – Valentine’s Day food gift. Recipe ideas are included – ideal for a very upmarket breakfast in bed. And The Curiosity Club gift is available now at

Here’s how it works. Order The Curiosity Club gift online and the recipient gets a Welcome Pack – delivered anywhere in the United Kingdom. In the Welcome Pack he or she will find a detailed description of the Cure and Simple curing process and the 12 bespoke crafted flavour profiles that are on the way. There will also be recipes to try – and there’s a pack of original Cure and Simple bacon with every Welcome Pack, just to whet the appetite.
The lucky recipient can then look forward to the arrival of a specially developed pack of bacon on the last Friday of the month for 12 months.
This is a truly unique gift to give this Valentine’s Day to any lover of high-quality food products. The £70 price includes packaging and first-class delivery. And it’s shrink-wrapped with minimal moisture for freshness and fits through your letterbox, so you don’t have to be in when it arrives. But the offer is limited – so don’t wait too long!
And that’s not all. The Cure and Simple website has many other mouth-watering offers for you and your friends to try. And don’t forget:
each pack of bacon is hand-cured and air-dried to Cure and Simple’s exacting standards
the meat comes from welfare-friendly, outdoor-reared or free-range, happy, healthy pigs
all ingredients enhance – and never disguise – the natural flavour of the bacon

We can even include a (mostly) fool-proof dog deterrent to keep Rover away from your dinner. Just let us know.
So, if you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day present that’s unique, unusual and very, very tasty for any lover of good food and quality meat, the answer really is Cure and Simple.


Hertfordshire-based Cure and Simple was launched in 2014 with a great idea – delivering the absolute best artisan bacon, at the best price, by post, to your door. As demand grew – our customer base is now over 20,000 UK households – so did our supplier network. We’ve long since expanded from one local farm to three different farms throughout East Anglia and we’re still growing, but we haven’t compromised on the quality of our product.