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Feel at ease before and during your period.

Happy Sweatpants are designed to protect you from accidental leaks so you can say goodbye to embarrassing leaks and remain incognito.

Crafted with organic cotton and just the right thickness that you can wear year-round including a protective inner lining to ensure your leaks won’t be the next trending post on Facebook. Our hypoallergenic, moisture wicking, odourless and antibacterial sweatpants are your secret weapon.

Join the waitlist to be the first to receive it at

Typo has two hero products to showcase which is the A4 Spinout Notebook, and Metal Drink Bottle.

Ideal For Back To School

Spinout Notebook:

This notebook is a must have for all stationery buffs! Our Spinout notebooks are available in A4 and A5. Keep your notes, doodles and secret schemes safely contained inside.
Working hard? Back to school? We have a notebook for every occasion.

Elastic Fastener
Flexi Hard Cover
120 Lined Pages
Internal Pockets

Metal Drink Bottle

Keep your drink cool (or… hot!) in this Typo metal drink bottle.
With a fun print or an amazing finish on the outside, it is constructed of double-walled stainless steel that’s non toxic. Carry this bad boy with you to uni, work, the gym, take it anywhere!

Double-walled stainless steel
Keeps your drinks cool or hot for hours
BPA Free

Various styles available

Volume: 500ml/ 16.9 fl. Oz

Composition: 97% Stainless Steel, 3% Silicon.

Athena, a wearable safety accessory, is the first product from ROAR for Good, a Philadelphia startup and Certified B Corporation® that is empowering women to live their lives boldly.

Athena is designed to connect users with their loved ones when they need them most. At the touch of a button, Athena shares the user’s location with their trusted network of friends & family via mobile SMS alerts. Athena currently has two modes:

SilentROAR™: Distress messages with the user’s location are sent to their emergency contacts. This mode is activated by pressing Athena’s button 3 times and is ideal for discreet situations (e.g., if you’re at the bar and feel uncomfortable you can use this feature to alert your friends to come check on you).

Alarm Mode: A 95+ decibel alarm is emitted from Athena in addition to distress messages with the user’s location being sent to their emergency contacts. This mode is activated by pressing and holding Athena’s button for 3 seconds or more and is for more emergency situations.

The Athena device pairs with the ROAR Personal Safety app on the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth to send the distress messages. Within the app, the user also designates their emergency contacts. Emergency contacts are not required to download our app on their smartphone. offer a fantastic range of fully customisable back-to-school products such as bags, sportswear, drinks bottles, bags, technology and of course all popular stationery products like pens, notebooks, rulers and more.

All of our items can be personalised via our brilliantly functional web-to-print service that allows users to design and print their own personalised or branded stationery products with ease.

The process is simple. Firstly select your product, then upload any artwork, branding or photos alongside any complementary text, slogan or personalised message. Once you’re happy with your custom designed product simply add it to basket and either checkout or create another personalised back-to-school product.

Our range of products include:

Bags –

Drawstring bag –

Writing Instruments –

Metal Pen & Pencil Set –

Stationery –

Sharpener –

Ruler –

Eraser –

Tech –

8GB Memory Stick –

Fusion Power Bank –

Sports & Leisure –

Hoody –

Sports Bottle –

& loads more..

One of the greatest features of (opposed to many competitors) is that we offer no minimum order quantity for any of our products, this means you can create

personalised back-to-school items from single unit orders. We also don’t believe in origination or setup fees.

Preply is a new worldwide online marketplace startup which allows anyone to find a teacher on any subject to improve their skills.

There are 40 subjects listed on the website and 27 subjects of them are foreign languages and other 13 are – school and college subjects and lessons on acting, music, drawing etc. To book a lesson all you need to do – is:
1. Сhoose a subject you’d like to improve
2. Сhoose a teacher you like
You can filter what kind of tutor do you want. Languages, hourly rate, a level of student and a tutor, and even a gender. Then click “search” and you will see tutors that match your criteria.
3. Сheck if the tutor has a time which is convenient to you available
What time would you like to have a lesson? How often would you like to have lessons or do you only want to take one? There is no need to discuss anything with a tutor – just book available time and have fun 
4. Book the convenient time for your lesson in tutor’s calendar
5. Make a payment
Teachers can conduct online lessons (ex. via Skype) or locally in your city or area. The price of the lesson is price varying anywhere between $2 and $100. Preply had 47,000 registered tutors which give about 30,000 hours of lessons per month.
Preply has a ranking algorithm that uses machine learning for recommendations and classification of tutors. Preply is highly meticulous and careful to the teachers on the platform and this is one of the key features of tutoring. They know each of tutors and members of the team verify their diploma, to assure lack of fake accounts. If a user did not like the quality of the lesson, Preply returns 100% of the money, to protect its users and offer only high quality service.

With back to school season, comes lice peak season! With more than 12 million cases of head lice reported in the U.S. each year, these tiny critters provide tremendous problems.

In support of back to school (and September’s National Lice Awareness Month), I’d love to offer all-natural products clinically proven to help prevent head lice and nits. Prevention is far easier than treatment, so it’s important to invest in the right products to keep your kids lice-free!

Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Line:The ideal collection clinically proven to help prevent head lice and nits with all-natural formulas. The proprietary blend of organic Rosemary, Peppermint, Tea Tree and Citronella is natural, safe and effective for the entire family.

· Rosemary Repel Shampoo ($12.95,

The Rosemary Repel® Shampoo contains a blend of jojoba, sugar cane and chamomile to hydrate, moisturize and soothe the scalp. It gently removes dirt and build-up without harsh detergents and preservatives and it’s safe and effective for daily use for the entire family. The proprietary blend of organic Rosemary, Peppermint, Tea Tree and Citronella is clinically proven to help prevent head lice and nits. Like all Fairy Tales hair care products, it is free of harsh chemicals, pesticides, toxins, parabens, sulfates, dairy, gluten and nuts.

· Rosemary Repel Conditioner ($12.95,

The Rosemary Repel® Conditioner is formulated with passion flower, cherry bark and jojoba to detangle, condition and nourish all hair types. This rich, creamy conditioner is made up of Fairy Tales’ proprietary blend of organic Rosemary, Peppermint, Tea Tree and Citronella which is also clinically proven to help prevent head lice and nits. Like all Fairy Tales hair care products, it is free of harsh chemicals, pesticides, toxins, parabens, sulfates, dairy, gluten and nuts.

· Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Conditioning Spray ($12.95, blend of ingredients protect the hair and scalp from environmental factors while hydrating and conditioning the hair.A proprietary blend of organic Rosemary, Citronella, Tea Tree and Geranium oils are clinically proven effective to help prevent lice (bonus!) while Jojoba, Sugar Cane and Chamomile hydrate, moisturize and soothe the scalp. Free of sulfates, harsh chemicals and toxins.

Back to school means summer cleaning, and a whole lot of new “stuff.”

But what do you do with all those used and discarded school supplies from last year?

Reduce clutter and do good by the planet with easy-to-use recycling boxes for difficult-to-recycle school, office and art supplies not accepted curbside.

Created by international recycling company TerraCycle, the Zero Waste Box is a turnkey recycling solution for difficult-to-recycle items you can’t place in your blue bin, such as:
broken toys and athletic balls
backpacks and knapsacks
old clothes and textiles

used school, art or office supplies
glue sticks and bottles
VHS tapes, books and other media
and much more
How it works: Select the size and type of box you would like to purchase and fill with the appropriate waste stream. Once full, ship the box back to TerraCycle using the pre-paid, pre-affixed shipping label. When we receive your waste, we’ll safely recycle all of the collected materials, diverting them from landfills and seeing them to a second life.

Please consider including this product in your back-to-school guide. We may be able to send a unit upon request, and well as create a custom coupon code for your publication. If there’s an opportunity to be featured, we would love to be included.

You can browse these items at TerraCycle Zero Waste Box shop and learn more about TerraCycle at

We are a recent innovative startup offering discounted school supply bundles. The innovation we offer is in our approach to traditional back to school shopping and addressing the angst usually associated with it. We offer our customers THE easiest carefree shopping experience ever! All the customer has to do is:

1. Send us a picture of your back to school shopping list
2. Within a few hours you can view a picture of your specific bundle online with detailed descriptions and buy. Delivered within a week.
3. Since the bundle is now online and named after your school and grade, any other parents with kids in that same class can purchase as well without even sending us their list!

When parents are asked their thoughts on back to school shopping it’s nearly always an occasion to dread. From receiving school lists that seem to be more finicky and expensive every year, to fighting through crowded big name stores just to wait in long lines forever, to scrolling through miles of websites putting together a shopping cart one item at a time, to taking your kids to the stores with you…parents are just over it!

So far our approach to these concerns has been quite popular and we’ve found some great early success. Customers have reached out to us from NY, FL, TX, and even Alaska! For those parents that still hasn’t had a chance to do their shopping, this is the perfect solution. Attached you’ll find some great school bundles that have already sold and feel free to request more.

An award-winning children’s picture book about coping with bullying

By Janet Ruth Heller

Because bullying is common in schools, children should read How the Moon Regained Her Shape before they attend school. This book is based on my own experiences with bullying when I began elementary school. I have a link to the e-book for reviewers in the next paragraph. Also, I can send you a hard copy of the book if you wish. Please let me know if you want a hard copy, and, if so, please send me the snail-mail address of your reviewer.

How the Moon Regained Her Shape by Janet Ruth Heller (Arbordale, 4th edition 2016) is a picture book about bullying influenced by Native American legends. This book is appropriate for children ages 2 to 10. This story explains why the moon changes shape and helps children deal with bullies. The link to the e-book for reviewers is The sun insults the moon, and the moon feels so badly hurt that she shrinks and leaves the sky. The moon turns to her comet friend and her many friends on earth to comfort her. Her friends include rabbits and Native Americans. Then she regains her full shape, happiness, and self-esteem, and she returns to her orbit. An educational appendix gives advice about bullying, scientific information about the moon, and ideas for related activities for children. Illustrator Ben Hodson won a Benjamin Franklin Award for this book?s artwork in 2007. How the Moon Regained Her Shape also won a Book Sense Pick (2006), a Children?s Choices award (2007), and a Gold Medal in the Moonbeam Children?s Book Awards (2007). The book was also a finalist for the Oregon Reading Association?s 2009 Patricia Gallagher Picture Book Award.

This book is available in hardcover, paperback, Spanish paperback, e-book, Spanish e-book, and iPad app. The hardback book is $15.95; the paperback is $9.95, the Spanish paperback is $9.95; the e-book is $6.95, and the Spanish e-book is $6.95. The website for ordering How the Moon Regained Her Shape is .. You can also order it from Amazon at or from Barnes and Noble at

I taught English and American literature, composition, creative writing, linguistics, and women’s studies courses for thirty-five years at eight colleges and universities. Also, I have published six books. I have a Ph.D. in English Language and Literature from the University of Chicago. I am President of the Michigan College English Association. I have published three poetry books: Exodus (WordTech Editions, 2014), Folk Concert: Changing Times (Anaphora Literary Press, 2012), and Traffic Stop (Finishing Line Press, 2011). The University of Missouri Press published my scholarly book, Coleridge, Lamb, Hazlitt, and the Reader of Drama (1990). Fictive Press published my middle-grade fiction chapter book about sibling rivalry, The Passover Surprise (2015). My children?s book about bullying, How the Moon Regained Her Shape (Arbordale, 2006; 4th edition 2016), has won four national awards.

BOOK: Preparing Your Child For College

This 52 page interactive workbook is designed to be a go to-go tool for middle and high school parents to empower them with knowledge about the college admissions journey. It is full of information, examples of award winning essays, techniques, strategies, resources, and grade level to-do checklists. Written by Dr. Christina R. Kirk, an educator and college preparation expert, this workbook will equip parents with the foundation to support and position their child for admission to the school of their choice with funding. Dr. Kirk’s own daughter received over $830k in scholarship offers and awards in 2016 so she knows what parents need to do and know. Early preparation is key to college admission success so start now. Get your copy today at

World Class Custom Molded Ear Plugs, Earphones And Earpieces

ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs are now softer and even more comfortable than before. Unlike any other molded ear plugs from a kit they can be remolded as often as you wish and can even be healed if they are damaged. Available in fluorescent orange and pink, as well as blue.

ZenPlugs Custom Molded Ear Plugs, Earphones and Earpieces are world-leading in innovation. They are superbly effective and comfortable. Our hearing protection is ideal for sleeping, swimming, snoring, surfing and is available to buy in bulk. Ideal for protecting your hearing around dangerous noise volumes. Certified for use as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). ZenPlugs conform to CE standard EN352-2:2002. This makes them perfect for use in factories, on oil rigs and for police, fire fighters, army, navy, air force and military use. ZenPlugs have an SNR of 22 and give you comfortable antibacterial custom molded hearing protection at home from a kit. Our team develop, test and love using all our custom products, click on the menu bar at the top of the page to find out more. Buy yours now; they won’t disappoint you.

Whether you’re shopping for a new backpack for a pre-k or high school student,PORTMANTOS has back-to-school gear for kids of every age with awide variety of the best brands

Skip Hop ZOO Little Kid Backpack

Price: $20.00

Whimsical details and durable materials make this the perfect pack for on-the-go! The mesh side pocket adjusts to fit a juice box, sippy cup or water bottle. The front pouch is ideal for snacks and includesextra pockets for pencils and other travel necessities. Comfy padded straps go easy on little shoulders!


Will Leather Goods Give Will Small Backpack

Price: $85

The Will Leather Goods Give Will Small Backpack is more than a bag to carry your belongings; it is abag with meaning. Purchase the Give Will Backpack and WLG will send one to a child in needwith their social initiative to donate 500,000 bags. Adjust the shoulder straps for the perfect fit and fill it with your books and electronics in thepadded compartment.


Sakroots Artist Circle Gillian Tech Backpack

Price: $98.00

The new Gillian Tech Backpack does it all. This backpack features apadded laptop compartment and power bank so you can charge your devices on the go. Lots of organization including atablet sleeve, side elastic pockets, mesh zip compartment and more. Plus, padded straps make it comfortable enough to wear all day!


Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Backpack Mid Volume

Price: $74.99

The Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack Mid Volume is a classic backpack featuring a13″ laptop sleeve, and a wide range of pockets and organizers. Keep your sunglasses safe in thefleece lined sunglasses compartment, and your phone protected in the internal media pocket. Exterior front pocket is great for smaller items and you can hang your keys on theconvenient key clip!

Great items from

University Student Travel Set:

Sale Stationery:

Lunch Box, ChalkBoard:

Red retro lunch box:—red-retro-fridge-lunchbox/FLDVZVWJ0 provides short, fun video lessons for students in elementary school, middle school, high school and college to excel academically and master any subject.

For college and college-bound students,’s College Accelerator program is an affordable way to start earning college credit on your own time, and ultimately save thousands on tuition. It’s a great way to get those general ed courses out of the way to speed up your path to graduation. Courses are completely online and once you’ve passed your final exam (which is also online), you can transfer credit to over 2,000 schools. Plus,’s short, 5-minute video lessons are also available on your phone or tablet so you can take your courses on the go and fit learning into your busy lifestyle. College Accelerator starts at just $199.99 a month.

For elementary, middle and high schoolers, is the perfect resource to provide extra help for students who may be falling behind, need additional academic support, need some homework help (which is a savior for all you moms and dads out there), or want to get ahead in class. The online lessons are animated and engaging, covering all subjects from math and science to English and history. Courses are divided into 5-minute microlessons that are available on computers and mobile devices, so students can fit learning into small chunks of time – whether at home, waiting at the doctor’s office or on some of those mundane car rides. also provides test prep help for high school students taking the SAT or ACT. Fun, engaging study guides and videos are an efficient and effective way to get ready for these standardized tests. Basic Edition starts at just $39.99 a month.

There’s nothing quite like this fun yet meaningful activity box for children.

Created by a family business, Tiny Giants has a simple purpose….create products that inspire children to think big, reflect, be creative and kind in a super fun way. The charm of the Chit Chat Box lies within the curiosity it sparks, the intriguing conversations that flow, the seeds it can sow and the memories it helps make.

Here’s what Maggie Dent, Parenting Specialist & Educator has to say…
“I am always on the look out for quality products that families can use that stimulate creativity, thinking skills, conversation and problem solving in fun non-digital ways. If you have 4-8 year olds I recommend the CHIT CHAT BOX – as it encourages all of the above. Great work team at Tiny Giants”

Available for purchase via

1,2,3 Go – Colourful Lunchboxes

Lunchboxes, you need to pack them almost every day…but what should you put in them today? Will the kids eat them? Will they like them? What do I even have in the cupboard?
Lunchbox food is important, as it fuels kids throughout the afternoon in school and after school activities. Here is Foost’s 1,2,3 Go guide to make packing lunchboxes easy, nutritious and personalised!

Step 1: Choose a strength food (a protein for growth and strength)
roast meats, leftover pasta sauce, baked beans, hummus dip, boiled egg, tuna, salmon, cheese, yoghurt, tzatziki dip, nuts (if allowed)

Step 2: Add an energy food (wholegrains for energy and concentration)
brown or grainy bread, rolls, pita, wraps, crackers, rice, pasta, popcorn, quinoa

Step 3: add three colourful fruits and veggies (for excelling at anything and everything)
fresh fruit, frozen berries, fruit salad, carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms, snow peas, fresh peas, baby carrots, red capsicum, celery sticks, spinach

Now every family is different and eats in a different way. You might like to make a sandwich with a strength food and salad and some fruit on the side. You might prefer to take last night’s leftover pasta and sauce. My kids like cheese crackers with their fruit and veggies on the side. How you put the lunch box together is up to you, but try to have one serve of strength, a couple of energy foods and three colours (i.e. green cucumber, red strawberries and some orange carrot).
Top tips:
– Involve your children in packing their lunch boxes. What orange/yellow would you like today? Banana, carrot sticks or grated carrot in your sandwich?
– Take your children shopping with you to buy lunch box supplies or cook with your child and make fruit based muffins or cookies
– Remember food safety and pack in an insulated bag with an ice pack
– Be organised – stock your cupboards, fruit bowl, fridge and freezer

Written by Kate Wengier, Foost family dietitian and mother of four.
For more recipe and colourful tips visit

“The Four Year Plan: Guaranteed to Get Your Kid Into The Best College”

This book has helped thousands of students in over 50 countries get into colleges like Harvard, Princeton, MIT, University of Texas, and more.

How? With our foolproof blueprint for high school success.

The ever-evolving high school expectations have confused students and parents, leaving them unclear on how to get college ready. Those that don’t adapt and know how to master high school find themselves defeated when it comes to approaching a top university. This feeling of defeat leaves little room for success, and very little college readiness.

Students that understand the new paradigm and who learn and study with confidence, have created an incredible academic career knowing exactly how to ultimately get into the college of their dreams.

Neha Gupta, founder of College Shortcuts and Elite Private Tutors has helped thousands of students excel in all areas of academic achievement, and her name has become synomymous with those looking to get accepted into the college of their dreams. With Neha, 95% of students have gotten into their top 3 schools.

“I wrote The Four Year Plan with over 20 valedictorians by my side. Every single chapter gives insight into what students need to do in each month of their high school career in order to succeed. This book speaks to teens directly, and helps them to navigate the noisy, stressful high school experience and have an action plan, strategy, and vision for their dreams.” – Neha Gupta

About the Author:
Neha Gupta is a nationally recognized speaker, published author and a founder of and

Designed for players who enjoy experimenting with various tones and effects or beginners ready to take on the strings!

Fender Tone provides real-time control, endless tone creation and an ultra-responsive design that makes modifications quick and easy. The new app allows users to manage presets, as well as make changes and play in real-time through the connected Mustang GT amplifiers.

With a total of three amplifiers in the new Mustang GT series, the variety of offerings allow players at any stage to access a multitude of gear and tones in one easy-to-operate package. Models include: The Red Dot Award-winning Mustang GT 40 (£195), the perfect table-top workstation for learning and recording, as well as the Mustang GT 100 (£325) and the Mustang GT 200 (£440) – both of which bring stage-worthy power packed in a light weight package.

Premium feature highlights are a user-friendly control interface with colour display; Bluetooth wireless streaming of audio tracks utilising the Fender Tone app or other sources, such as Spotify, Apple Music, i-tunes; USB output for recording; a “setlist” feature; Sharing options and Wi-Fi capabilities. The new models also offer more than 60 Fender amplifier models, multiple effects and a looper, providing endless sound options and room for creativity. Players getting started can participate in illustrated walkthroughs that offer tips and information about amplifier models, effects details and signal chain basics.

“We’re proud to introduce our latest innovations to one of the best-selling series in Fender history,” said Jim Ninesling, Senior Vice President Consumer Electronics. “Our first dual launch alongside Fender Digital is an exciting moment, which will not only provide players with endless digital amplifier features, but also give users the option to use the Fender Tone app for preset and setlist organisation.”

The Fender Tone app is available for download now in the App Store and on Google Play Store, while the Mustang GT amplifier series is available for purchase now. The Mustang GT amp will receive frequent software updates, to ensure a smooth experience make sure to update frequently.

UNiDAYS is the world’s leading Student Affinity Network connecting university and college students with over 600 of the world’s biggest brands and services across 12 countries all day, every day.

Using the latest technology UNiDAYS can verify 70% of the world’s student population providing exclusive access to hundreds of great discount codes which can be redeemed online at and in-store.

Brand partners include Under Armour, Ray-Ban, adidas, Apple, OFFICE, MYPROTEIN, Nike, The Protein Works, Apple Music and maxi nutrition as well as many more.

The app can be downloaded for free via the App Store and is available on Google Play now.

The site also offers exclusive content to users including recipes, playlist and tips to help improve student life.

From Sharp Australia

Sharp’s great WriteView Scientific Calculator, perfect for Back to School!

It’s a Write View Scientific Calculator and has been officially approved by the NSW Board of Studies and is a recommended High School model. Additional features include a large high resolution 4-line dot matrix screen, up to 396 scientific and statistical functions, fraction calculations, drill mode and a protective cover.

This model retails for $59.95.

‘High School Rocks: Make Starting High School An Awesome Experience’ (A Parent’s Guide)

This book is an Amazon #1 bestselling book and 2 times Elit award winner. It helps parents with children starting middle school and high school. Areas such as communication with their child & with teachers, coping emotionally & independence, resilience, cybersafety & technology, homework and study, organisation and time management are covered so students can be as confident and prepared as possible as they make this big move.

Digital Copy: xperienc e-ebook/dp/B00QCR4AME/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1504056283&sr=1-1&keywords=high+school+rocks+jenny+atkinson

Epic! is a digital library for kids ages 2 and up that provides unlimited access to 25,000 eBooks, videos and quizzes that can be instantly discovered, read and shared with friends for $7.99/month.

Personalized for each individual reader, Epic’s eBooks are designed to simulate real-world books; with fun, game-like elements, badges and rewards that motivate kids to read even more. It’s the only place families can access thousands of eBooks without needing to purchase or download them one by one. It is available on all iOS and Android devices. For more information, visit

NIGHT is a beauty pillow company founded in 2015 that combines decades of experience in the bedding industry with innovative technology to engineer a true beauty sleep.

The NIGHT sleep system is comprised of two parts: (1) an oxygenated memory foam pillow and a (2) TriSilk™ pillowcase that uses a black hue to negate light, boosting melatonin production for deeper rest. The pillow + pillowcase work together to offer users a combination of sleep and beauty benefits.

The Sleep Benefits of a NIGHT Pillow:

Boost Your Melatonin production

The NIGHT pillow comes exclusively in a black hue to negate light and boost your body’s natural melatonin production so you sleep better.

Stay Supported

The open-cell memory foam pillow is made with more air inside of it to ditch the heaviness of traditional memory foam, yet still offer the same support and pressure-point alleviation for any sleep position.

Sleep Cooler

Oxygenated memory foam means that the NIGHT pillow was advanced engineered for optimal airflow to keep you cool all night long.

The Beauty Benefits of a NIGHT Pillow:

Fight breakouts

Did you know your pillow is bacterially indistinguishable from a toilet seat? And when you sleep on it, that bacteria gets rammed into your pores all night long? The fibers used in the NIGHT pillow sleep system aren’t food sources for bacteria, so all that gunk can’t live in there. Keep your pores clear, all night (and day) long.

Hydrate your skin and hair

Because they’re made from absorbent materials like cotton, other pillows suck moisture away from your skin and hair. The NIGHT pillow supports moisturized skin and hair by leaving natural moisture in its place, fighting split ends and wrinkles.

Increase the effectiveness of your skin products

Let your face creams rest on your skin, doing their job more effectively, when they aren’t getting sucked up by absorbent materials like cotton. Our mulberry silk pillowcase will leave your creams be.

Ditch the bedhead

95% mulberry silk means your hair won’t get caught up in friction while you sleep. Say goodnight to bedhead!

In addition to the NIGHT website, products are available to purchase at Bloomingdales,, and Bed Bath &Beyond. Learn more about NIGHT at

Molekule is the world’s only air purifier that doesn’t just capture harmful pollutants in the air–it actually destroys them.

Developed by Dr. Yogi Goswami over the past 20 years, Molekule uses PECO nanotechnology to combat allergens, mold, bacteria, and airborne chemicals on a molecular level. Most notably, PECO is not just capturing, but actually destroying these pollutants, including those up to 1000x smaller than particulates trapped by traditional HEPA filters. In a large room (600 square feet – a studio) Molekule can provide a full replacement of room air in under an hour, whereas in a smaller room (150 square feet – a bedroom), it can provide full air replacements in under 12 minutes.

A family-run company, Molekule grew out of a real personal need. Dr. Goswami’s son, Dilip, suffered from debilitating asthma and allergies, and the solutions on the market offered no relief. His son’s suffering inspired Dr. Goswami, a renowned solar energy scientist, to begin his journey into developing PECO, in an effort to create an air purification solution that could ease his symptoms. Today, Dilip and his sister Jaya have joined forces with their father to create Molekule and bring this life-changing technology to the public and alleviate suffering for the 700 million people worldwide who suffer from asthma and allergies.

Now a VC-backed startup, Molekule is available for sale in the U.S. Though Molekule currently ships within the U.S. only, it will expand into other countries in the future. Interested international buyers can sign up on this waitlist ( to be contacted when international shipping is available.


We can’t quite believe we are saying this but it is time to start thinking about ‘Back To School!’ Beat the rush and get yourself prepared with some of the most wanted pieces from our brands.


Brands pictured above: molo, Isossy Children and Loud Apparel


Brands pictured above: molo, Isossy Children and Loud Apparel

Wonderful new satchel backpacks from Spearmark

stylish, practical and in a lovely pastel palette, they keep kids lunches cool and fresh until break time.

What you need to know if your child is injured at school

The obligatory photographs shared by proud parents on social media of their children in new school uniforms tells us it’s back to school time.

Understandably, parents need to know their children are safe at school, and if they are injured, remedies are available by way of compensation and rehabilitation when required.

The responsibility of teachers has been well established for over 120 years, with the relevant case law stating the duty of a schoolteacher is that of a “reasonably careful father.” (It took the courts 70 years to acknowledge the important role of mothers with the relevant case describing the duty as that of a “parent with many children.)

Children can be injured a result of boisterous play. The courts take a balanced approach with the view “rough and tumble” is an inevitable part of growing up and it would discourage independence if children were monitored too closely by teachers. That said, the key to successful compensation claims for injuries in school often centres upon lack of supervision.

Rob Dempsey, personal injury lawyer of Roythornes Solicitors discussed recent cases concerning accidents in schools:

“We recently secured compensation for a teenage boy who lost the tip of his finger during the school lunch break. He was amongst a group of boys trying to enter a classroom but was prevented from doing so by a group of girls. The girls slammed the door shut trapping the boys hand. The claim was successfully concluded on the basis that area of the school had no teachers supervising despite knowing children played there.

If children are purposefully injured by fellow pupils, and no element of supervision would have prevented this, it is still possible to pursue a claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. We assist many clients in pursuit of these claims.”

As well as specific laws governing the safety of school premises, schools owe the same general duty of care to visitors in the same way as restaurants or supermarkets for example.

With regard to sports at school, it is generally felt all participants including children accept some level of risk, ruling out an injury claim. If however it is felt the injury arose as a result of actions one would not normally consent to then a claim can be brought.

In regards to sporting injuries, Dempsey added:

“We obtained compensation for a young footballer who was injured as a result of an obviously reckless tackle. The general need for adequate supervision extends to sporting activities. We are pursuing a case on behalf of a young gymnast who was injured whilst trampolining. We have obtained expert evidence which states there was inadequate supervision for that particular activity.

If a teacher knows or ought to know that pupils are carrying out dangerous activities, the school can be liable if they fail to prevent or supervise the activity. We secured compensation for a pupil who fractured his elbow in a wrestling match. Not only had the teacher failed to prevent the activity, he actively encouraged it as part of the lesson, asking the pupil to use his non dominant left hand against a left handed opponent.”

Once compensation is secured, money is paid into court and released to the child once he or she reaches 18. Not only will there be compensation for the injuries, the claim will include financial losses, usually incurred by the parents. It is possible to apply to the court for the money to be released early for the benefit of the child. This usually relates to educational improvement but we have successfully applied to the court for the release of funds to pay for a 17 year olds driving lessons and scooter.

If your child has been injured in school please contact us on 01775 764 150 for free advice. Alternatively, if you yourself were injured in school, and have not yet reached 21, it still may be possible for you to bring a claim.

LIONS and TIGERS and TERRORISTS, OH MY! How to Protect Your Child in a Time of Terror is the first book about terrorism for kids.

The first half of the book helps parents and teachers understand how to engage with kids about this challenging, but necessary topic. The second half is a picture book for kids, giving them a gentle introduction to terrorism and answering their most pressing questions. The author is psychiatrist Carole Lieberman, M.D., world renowned as The Terrorist Therapist. You can find out more about her at: You can order the book from

Open the fridge and lunch is packed! Say good-bye to the stress of packing weekly lunches with Wise Apple.

We create, pack and deliver fresh, ready-to-serve lunches to your doorstep. Each dietitian approved meal is balanced and includes an individually portioned main dish, fruit, veggie and sweet treat. Our culinary team works directly with kids and through our Wise Apple Junior Chefs program to seek inspiration and create new menu items that are always kid-approved. Each week you and your kids can choose from a variety of simple to more adventurous menu options. Picky eater? Allergies? Have no fear, you can customize the meals in your order to meet the unique needs and taste preferences of your family. Wise Apple food comes from sources we know which means organic, hormone-free, and GMO-free whenever that are always kid-approved. Wise Apple food comes from sources we know which means organic, hormone-free, and GMO-free whenever possible. Visit Wise Apple for more info:

The Medical Loophole, recently hit the shelves of Amazon and is a perfect back to school product for those students and parents beginning to think about how to pay for college expenses.

The book provides students with all the information needed to apply for financial aid based on just about any medical condition. This little known financial aid program is often overlooked by students with qualifying medical conditions. In fact, approximately 2 million students per year potentially qualify for medical-based financial aid, but only about 100,000 take advantage of the program. If you would like to learn more about this program or the book, visit the website at

UK’s number one personalised baby & children gift brand My 1st Years –

With a vast range of toys, blankets, clothing, bed, bath and home accessories, My 1st Years pride themselves in offering products and experiences that create lasting memories and can be treasured for years to come, all whilst embodying luxurious quality at an affordable price point. Bestsellers include their adorable miniature rocking chairs, stylish ride on cars and range of super soft fleece and towelling robes, as famously worn by Prince George as he met the Honourable Barack Obama last year. Other celebrity fans include Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, Geri Horner, Beyoncé, Mo Farah and Elton John.

“The Four Year Plan: Guaranteed to Get Your Kid Into The Best College”

This book suggests a proven 4-year plan that students can follow to ensure successful acceptance into the college of their dreams. This book has helped thousands of students in over 50 countries get into colleges like Harvard, Princeton, MIT, University of Texas, and more.

About the book from the author:

“I wrote The Four Year Plan with over 20 valedictorians by my side. Every single chapter gives insight into what students need to do in each month of their high school career in order to succeed. This book speaks to teens directly, and helps them to navigate the noisy, stressful high school experience and have an action plan, strategy, and vision for their dreams.” – Neha Gupta

Online Greek Lessons for Children, through Skype

Learn Greek Online ( ) is a school where children can learn Greek or improve their Greek language skills, fast and efficient with one-to-one lessons through Skype, with a native Greek teacher.


• Efficient – Highly personalized lessons that address your child’s specific needs, so it will have faster progress.
• Enjoyable – The lessons include: Songs, Videos, Topics that interest the child, Funny material.
• Sound Natural – The lessons are with a native Greek teacher living in Greece. The child will learn to speak and sound more natural. Not as if it is reading from an old textbook.
• Comfortable – The child takes the lessons from the comfort of its home.
• Save time – There is no need to commute to Greek school.

What the child will learn:

According to the child’s needs, interests and parent’s requirements, the child may learn :
• Language (listening and reading comprehension, speaking and writting).
• Grammar.
• Greek mythology.
• Greek history.
• Other linguistic domains that the child is keen on.

The child will learn faster and it will be easy on its busy schedule. A great idea overall. For more information you can visit :

The best way to see if your child can benefit from online Greek lessons is to book a free meeting with the teacher at :

TravelEyez, is the newest Back To School necessity.

About TravelEyez:

100% polyester with plastic zippers
Offered in Leather with nylon zippers
Black mesh with your choice of zipper color. (Green, Purple, Pink, Orange or Yellow)
Regular size is 7” x 3 1/4’”
Large size is 7” x 4”

School season has successfully snuck up on us once again, and as parents, we try to make learning life as easy as possible. Picture yourself, running through the halls to make it to class on time, only to have to stop in the middle of the hallway to dig through your backpack for an item that seems to have disappeared into a bottomless pit. Well, this is where TravelEyez saves the day. This newest accessory safely holds your most important items conveniently on the strap of any bag. Store your pencils, school I.D., glasses, or lunch money all within easy reach. No more hassle! Perfect for any athlete to strap onto their gym bag, student for their backpack, and even teachers for their purses or briefcase!

Shopkick, the FREE app that makes shopping for school supplies fun and rewarding!

Shopkick is the only tool you need in your arsenal this back-to-school season. The app lets users earn “kicks” (the cooler version of rewards points) for easy tasks like walking into stores, scanning products (you don’t even have to buy!), and uploading receipts. Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Marshalls you name it – Shopkick works in your favorite back-to-school spots.

When you get a certain amount of “kicks,” you can cash out for FREE gift cards to retailers like Target, Sephora, and Best Buy! So start scanning and turn your kids’ back-to-school shopping trip into a new tablet or a cute handbag!

Heading back to school after summer can be a challenge for kids. &

Sitting at a desk for several hours a day is especially difficult for students with extra energy. Bouncy Bands give students an outlet to release that energy in a quiet, non-distracting way. When students bounce their feet on the Bouncy Bands, the movement helps them calm down by releasing their extra energy, anxiety, or stress. In 2017, Clemson University researched the effects of Bouncy Bands on student’s time on task. Results found that students who use Bouncy Bands averaged 9% longer time on task than students who did not use Bouncy Bands.

Teachers and parents love Bouncy Bands because they help keep kids hands free and their minds focused. Not only are parents snatching these up for their students, but we’ve also had over 5,000 teacher’s get funding through Donor’s to purchase this essential back-to-school supply for their classrooms.

Bouncy Bands are available on Amazon, at, and at hundreds of retail stores around the world. Priced at $14.95, the heavy-duty bands come with 2 support pipes that keep the band in place so it won’t slide down to the floor with repeated use.

“Overcoming Back to School Blues”

Dr. Fran Walfish, Beverly Hills family and relationship psychotherapist, author, The Self-Aware Parent, and co-star on Sex Box, WE tv.

As summer winds down, back-to-school anxieties are in high gear. After months of playing, vacationing and spending time at home, it’s completely natural for a young child’s nerves to be on overdrive as the first day of class approaches.

Dr. Fran Walfish, the foremost Beverly Hills child and family psychotherapist, provides eight tips for parents on helping their children overcome the back-to-school blues while seamlessly easing into the school year. Dr. Walfish recommends the following:

· Implement a regular bed time and routine beginning 10 days before school starts. This will help your child’s body get into the groove of winding down and waking up at an earlier hour. When school begins, your child’s body, energy, and focus will be prepared for school’s physical and mental expectations and demands.

· Talk with your child about what to expect. Find out their grade level’s schedule. For example, “First, your class will gather on the yard and all of the children will say ‘I Pledge Allegiance”, then you will walk to your new classroom”, and so forth. Include talking about feelings. You might say something like, “You may feel excited or even a little nervous or scared. Those are natural feelings that everyone feels on their first day at school or in a new job.” You want to normalize the experience.

· Include your child in shopping for school supplies. Encourage him to choose his own backpack and lunchbox. Make it personal and specific to your child.

· Visit the school campus with your child before school resumes. If possible, allow her to see her new classroom and play in the schoolyard. Familiarity breeds comfort.

· Arrange play dates with two or three of your child’s classmates. Ask the principal for a class roster with contact numbers. If your child can make one or two friends before school starts, he will be so much happier to go to school. This is a sure antidote to school loneliness and feelings of isolation.

· Establish a regular homework space. For instance, place a personal desk and chair in your child’s bedroom or in the kitchen. Have your child always do her homework in the same area for continuity, routine, and structure.
· Get a timer with a buzzer. Use it to time how long your child is required to sit concentrating and focusing on his homework. Your child must sit with his work until the buzzer sounds off. If he rushes and finishes early, he has time to proofread and check for mistakes. Instead of you being the target of his anger, resistance, and fighting – let the time be the Homework Cop.
· Arrange play dates with two or three of your child’s classmates. Ask the principal for a class roster with contact numbers. If your child can make one or two friends before school starts, he will be so much happier to go to school. This is a sure antidote to school loneliness and feelings of isolation.

Brittany Darrington is dedicated to introducing youth and millennials to the values of leadership and entrepreneurship.

With more than 10 years of experience, she formed her own business called The BD Team, LLC coaching, consulting, and speaking to over half a million teens and millennials. Darrington graduated from The Art Institute of Houston with a Bachelor’s Degree in Retail Design & Marketing and also holds a Leadership Certification from The John Maxwell Team and Rice University School of Glasscock. Follow Brittany on her Website Instagram & Facebook
Here are all of Brittany’s Social Media:


Personalised Back to School Gifts
with I Just Love It

As much as we love the summer holidays, they must come to a close. Kids need to get ready for school and believe it or not, it can be fun when you pick the right Back to School Gifts (from £9.99). To ensure your tot is geared up and ready to get their brain boxes back into the classroom mindset, we’ve picked the most epic school gifts for little learners of all ages.

Add a touch of America to your Breakfast!

With American cereal brands reaching cult status in the UK and Americana taking over the confectionery, condiments and snacking aisles, there’s never been a better time to try the exciting range of cereals from Post consumer brands.

From one of the biggest cereal companies in the US, come four delicious new flavour variants. Delicious for breakfast, as an afternoon snack or a late evening hunger-buster, simply pour over cold milk for a sweet and crunchy taste sensation.

Cocoa Pebbles

Inspired by everyone’s favourite prehistoric baby, Pebbles Flintstone, Cocoa Pebbles are simply bursting with chocolatey yumminess, making this crispy rice cereal a real treat. Featuring her best friend Bam Bam on the box, the fun is not over until the very last mouthful: when you’ve finished the cereal, slurp up the milk for a chocolate milkshake fix!

Available in 311g packs from Tesco USA fixtures or 59g snacks pots from Morrisons USA fixtures.

Marshmallow Mateys

Ahoy me hearties – set sail on a sea adventure with Mateys! Boasting fun and light-hearted anchor shapes, with hidden treasures of Marshmallows jewels, a bowlful of Mateys’s is a great afternoon treat or use the cereals and colourful marshmallow for decorating cakes. Also available in a tasty chocolate flavour!

Available in 320g packs from Tesco USA fixture and Ocado.

Waffle Crisp

Cereal never looked so cute! Follow the adventures of Waffle Boy from breakfast to bedtime with the taste of real homemade waffles. Made from sweetened wheat, corn and oat.

Available in 326g packs

Cereal isn’t just for Breakfast; mix up your cereal with some delicious treat ideas such as Snack Mixes, Cereal Ice Cream Squares or Champion Chocolate Pretzels.

Follow us on Instagram @AmericanCerealClubUK, the first-ever paintable toed kids’ sneakers (they also have light-up versions!), so your children can look the part as the most stylish kid in the classroom as they stroll in on their first day.

About Bobbi-Toads

Bobbi-Toads sneakers are fun and creative, allowing kids to paint and create keeping them occupied and off their phones – we love that! 🙂
Bobbi-Toads are eco and animal friendly!
Bobbi-Toads were patented, created and are designed by a Father-Daughter team, Bob & Jacquelynn Stanley – it’s all in the family.
Starting at less than $50 a pair, mom and dad’s wallets will remain happy for all the other Back to School shopping needs
Bobbi-Toads also donates a portion of proceeds to charitable organizations including Our Lady of the Angels, an inner-city mission in the Stanley’s hometown of Chicago.

You can also see Bobbi-Toads Paintables and Light-Ups in action here:

Here’s How Much a Junior School Uniform Costs at Six Major UK Retailers

Back-to-school shopping can put a big dent in your household budget, especially if you have more than one child. ValuePenguin UK analysed the market to find how much your child’s junior school uniform will cost from various in-store & online retailers, to help you decide which store fits in your budget. You can read more in the full study results.
Cheapest and Best School Uniforms
Across age groups, three retailers stood out for offering the most economical school uniforms: Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco with prices averaging 30% less than the average cost of a school uniform. You’d pay roughly £75 more if you shop at M&S, John Lewis or Next. The cheapest all-in cost for our basket of school uniform items was £92 on average at Asda; Next cost nearly twice as much with an average price of £179.

You may be enticed to shop at the more expensive retailers, as many of their products sport added features. For instance, M&S sells non-iron shirts that can save time and angst when it comes to the laundry at a cost of £10 for a 2-pack with short sleeves – for the same price you can get 5 “easy to iron” shirts at Asda. John Lewis’s shirts cost £11, but for the added cost you get features like taped seams for strength, re-enforced collars, minimal ironing and Teflon EcoElite to repel stains.

Pricier M&S, John Lewis and Next also tend to offer a wider selection of shoes and clothing options (e.g., slim fit, plus fit, skinny leg, flat front, pleated, etc. trousers). If you’re after branded shoes, John Lewis offers school shoes by ever-popular Geox, Clarks and Start-Rite.

For children required to wear a blazer to school, parents should expect to add between £10 and £28 to their school clothing budget, if shopping at these retailers. If you want to do all your back-to-school shopping in one store, keep in mind that blazers are not available from Sainsbury’s or Tesco.

Finally, while budget is always a large factor in deciding where to shop, keep in mind convenience. When we spot checked, M&S, John Lewis and Next appeared to have slightly better supply, with fewer sizes out of stock. You might have less of a headache stocking up at these retailers, if they’re in your budget.

AirSelfie, the world’s first selfie-drone, makes UK debut
The first flying camera integrated in your smartphone now available to pre-order from at a discounted price


London, February 2017 – AirSelfie, the first pocket-sized flying camera that integrates with smartphones, is now available to pre-order in the UK following a successful Kickstarter campaign that drew backers from all over the world. The stylish drone allows users to capture the perfect selfie from angles never before possible and is set to raise the selfie game nationwide in 2017.
Selfie-lovers can pre-order AirSelfie on the official website: There are two available package: AirSelfie + phone cover (£220) or AirSelfie and powerbank (£229).
Comprised of four powerful propellers and a 5-megapixel video camera, AirSelfie is smaller than a smartphone and can fly vertically up to 66 feet, allowing users to take aerial selfies of themselves and their friends. The device connects to the most popular smartphones, including iPhone (6, 6s, 7 and 7 Plus), Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The device includes self-generated WiFi and comes equipped with a rechargeable battery through a cell phone case, as well as the option to purchase an external power bank. Additionally, a vibration-absorber system and in-flight stability systems guarantee stable, clear, flowing images.
With AirSelfie, users can:
● Take group selfies and family photos from up to 66 feet away, capturing both people and panoramas
● Take indoor and outdoor aerial photos of subjects and locations that would otherwise be unreachable (e.g. monuments and stadiums during sporting events)
● Take videos from perspectives that were formerly impossible
● Use the device as a monitoring camera (when the device is not flying and is connected to a power source)
● Use the video as a work tool (for example, time-lapse shots of company event setups)
Edoardo Stroppiana, co-founder of AirSelfie, commented, “We’ve worked very hard to create a product that everyone can use to live a totally new experience. To be unveiling the product to the public is a momentous occasion for us and we can’t wait to see the amazing selfies people can now capture.
“Our Kickstarter drew thousands of backers from 81 countries across the world, so we knew that the AirSelfie was going to be popular – it’s going to be a real game changer for selfie-lovers everywhere.”
AirSelfie debuted on Kickstarter and reached its fundraising goal in the first 72 hours. The project soon became viral with its videos and photos spreading all over the web.
AirSelfie has just started the AirSelfie Team Tour that will hit major cities across the world, from London to Berlin, from Tokyo to Jakarta, passing through Singapore, from Los Angeles to New York, up to Dubai and Milan, just in time to attend the Milan Design Week. The most important monuments and main landmarks of these nine cities will be shown through the “eyes” of AirSelfie, from brand new perspectives for photos, videos and breathtaking selfies that will spread through the web and social networks with the hashtags #airselfieteamtour and #getanewperspective.

How it works
One of the key features of AirSelfie is its ease of use. To activate AirSelfie, the user simply removes it from its case and turns it on. The device connects automatically to smartphones via WiFi — the flying camera creates the WiFi (2.4GHz) network itself and it is immediately ready for take-off.
AirSelfie users must simply download the free iOS and Android app in order to control the device’s movements through three different flight modes. AirSelfie can be returned to its departure point either manually or automatically. When users are finished using the device, it’s easy to return it to its landing spot — simply by pressing the button labelled “slide to land” and AirSelfie descends and turns off. Users can also directly reposition the device by hand with no risk whatsoever of damaging it or themselves.
Using the “selfie delay timer” function, users can take timed photos, giving them up to 10 seconds to get into position and hide their smartphone so that it doesn’t appear in photos. Users can also take up to eight consecutive shots. AirSelfie’s technology integrates directly with social media, making it easy to post photos and videos directly to users’ accounts.
AirSelfie comes equipped with 4 GB micro SD memory card and a 260mAh 7.4v battery that enables three minutes of flight time.
About AirSelfie
AirSelfie is the brainchild of Italian entrepreneur Edoardo Stroppiana, who helped form the British company AirSelfie Holdings Ltd. in 2016.

The OUTrageous Way to Remove Stains from Sports Uniforms

Why does it seem far easier to get stains on your sports team uniforms than it is to remove them? It doesn’t have to be that way! Here are some great tips from Rejuvenate® on how to use OUTrageous™ Stain Remover & Laundry Pre-Treater to keep your team jerseys, active wear and workout clothes looking like new.

Removing Red Clay Stains from Team Uniforms

The orangey-red color is a warning in itself – this stuff can stain in a really bad way! It’s a good thing you’re ready with your bottle of OUTrageous Stain Remover handy. This is a great time to put it to the test – oh, and by the way, you won’t be disappointed. Say goodbye to that nasty clay.

For best results treat the stain within 12 hours, but don’t be shy to experiment on older stains, you’ll be amazed at the results.

1. Gently remove whatever excess clay you can. Gentle is the key word – you don’t want to spread the stain or grind it into the fibers.
2. If you can’t wash the stain right away, soak the item overnight in a bowl of cool water.
3. Generously apply OUTrageous to both sides of the stained area – you want it to be fully saturated.
4. Gently work it in with an old toothbrush.
5. Let it stand for a few minutes, longer if it’s heavily soiled. Just make sure you don’t let the product dry on the clothes, so reapply if necessary.
6. Launder on a normal cold cycle and check before drying as heat can set stains making them seriously stubborn.
7. Admire the results!

5-Star Review from Janet R. on
“In a world of a zillion stain removers and late night commercials guaranteeing ‘the best stain remover ever’, this stain remover does exactly what it says. It seriously removes stains with very little work. My son had grass stains on his shorts, which can be stubborn. After application, the shorts came out of the laundry with ZERO signs of any stains. This stuff works.”

Read the rest of our blog post The Outrageous Way to Remove 11 Common Sports Stains for step-by-step instructions on how to remove grass, mud, red clay, blood, sweat and other stains from sports uniforms:


WOVEN Ink Stationery offers luxury hand-illustrated greeting cards and art prints inspired by the latest New York City runway and streetstyle trends. We are a two-woman start-up, founded by two friends who met in university and wanted to do something creative with their degrees. We hand-make all cards and prints from start to finish in NYC and, as committed environmentalists, we always print on 100% recycled cardstock.

We like our cards to stand out from the crowd – think bright colors, cheeky poses, chic figures. Statement cards for statement people. Because we’re aware of the environmental impact of paper products, we also design our cards to have a long (perhaps permanent) lifespan. Our notes live on office desks, framed on gallery walls and added to annual Christmas Card displays. In a digital world filled with lifeless texts and empty social media, the gift of a hand-printed card communicates more than just the message inside. Time is a non-renewable resource; giving a written note communicates that your loved one is worth the precious time of selection, writing and mailing. Printed notes build and grow relationships of greater meaning than any ‘like’ button can achieve. So, make sure to water your relationships, give them a little sun, a little love – send a card.

And if our in-stock collection isn’t quite what you need, we also offer custom cards and prints. Tell us what you’d like and we’ll make it happen, from birthdays to graduations to wedding thank you notes.

Visit us at, or drop us a line at We’d love to hear from you!


With sun-soaked summer holidays becoming distant memory, why not get the kids excited about going ‘back to school’ or starting school for the first time with Helix’s new ‘Fun To Learn’ stationery range, which features a host of kids’ favourite characters, including Hot Wheels, Thomas the Tank Engine, Barbie and Bob the Builder.

If your child is a Bob the Builder super fan, why not be super mum and help them get ‘back to school’ ready with this Bob the Builder themed stationery set?

Calling all parents who know the Thomas the Tank Engine characters off by heart – help your child steam ahead in school with Helix’s Thomas the Tank Engine set. Enabling school children to learn with Thomas and his friends, this is a great way to get kids motivated for the school term and sharpen their learning after a long summer off!

Start the school term off in style, with Helix’s vibrant Barbie range! Perfect for your fashionista-in-training that’s looking to impress their fellow classmates with the coolest stationery around.

Help your child race to the top of the class with Helix’s Hot Wheels stationery set! Kids can zoom through lessons and school homework with all the Hot Wheels adorned stationery essentials.

Each character set includes a range of must-have essentials, including:
• Two graphite pencils with a pencil grip designed to help children learn to hold the pencil correctly.
• Three character themed colouring pencils
• 12cm scissors with printed blades and rounded tips for optimum safety.
• 15cm ruler with large, easy to read numbers
• Shaped eraser with its fun character design.
• Two hole pencil sharpener for both jumbo and standard sized pencils, featuring an anti-tamper safety screw and canister to collect pencil shavings.
• A stencil template featuring fun-themed shapes for kids to get creative and draw their favourite shapes from one of the licensed ranges.
• A matching pencil case to easily transport.

RRP: £11.99. Maped Helix’s extensive range of stylish stationery is available at all good stationers. For more information call 01384 286 860 or visit

Products for children in the Stérimar range include:

Rapidly decongest little noses from 3 months to 3 years

Stérimar Kids (RRP £4.49 50ml) is a 100% natural sea water based nasal spray, completely free from drugs and preservatives. The solution, enriched with added copper and magnesium salts, works in harmony with your child’s body. Stérimar Kids Congestion Relief is a hypertonic solution* meaning it has a slightly higher salt concentration than cells in the human body. This creates a natural osmotic effect that gently draws and drains excess fluid from the cells in the nasal lining to rapidly decongest blocked noses. When used from the onset of nasal congestion Stérimar Kids rapidly decongests the nose, washes away even thick mucus, relieves symptoms of a cold and helps prevent secondary infection by washing out the nasal cavities. The special nozzle is safe to use and can be used from any angle to disperse the solution in very fine droplets for increased efficacy.

Fast effective relief from congestion when you need it most from 3 years plus

STÉRIMAR Stop & Protect Cold & Sinus Relief (RRP £8.99 for 120 sprays) is scientifically proven to immediately unblock and relieve nasal passages. The hypertonic solution with a base of 100% natural seawater creates a natural osmotic effect to gently draw and drain even thick mucus, allowing you to breathe more naturally and helping prevent secondary infection by washing out nasal cavities.

The patented formula, inspired by nature provides long lasting hydration and forms a protective invisible film on the nasal lining. This helps to strengthen the nose’s barrier function and rapidly helps neutralise germs responsible for colds, helping protect from future infection.

Made with 100% natural purified sea water based formula, enriched in sea minerals with added copper and eucalyptus oil. STÉRIMARTM Stop & Protect also helps to fight colds and secondary infections by washing away nasal cavities. STÉRIMARTM Stop & Protect Cold and Sinus Relief is drug, steroid and preservative free. It is suitable for pregnant women, breast feeding mothers and children from 3 years and up.

There is even a product in the range to help prevent colds and aid natural breathing for your little ones before they start school from birth to 3 months

In the first few months of our lives we mainly breathe through our noses. This means that a stuffy nose can be very distressing for both you and your little one, causing problems with breathing, sleeping and eating Recommended by doctors, trusted by millions of mums worldwide and winner of several awards, Stérimar Baby (RRP £4.07 50ml) is a 100% natural purified sea water based nasal spray that gently cleans and clears little noses.

By clearing impurities and germ filled mucus from your baby’s nose, Stérimar Baby not only helps ensure your little one can breathe naturally but also helps support the noses natural filtering function. This helps ensure it is working as effectively as possible as a first line of defense, helping to clear and unblock nasal passages.

The gentle micro-diffusion spray disperses the solution into very fine droplets, coating the inside of the nasal passages to ensure easy breathing and the prevention of colds. Stérimar Baby nozzle fits safely and comfortably inside your baby’s nose and will continue to work at any angle to ensure an easy and stress free application every time.

Stérimar Baby contains no preservatives or additives making it the ideal solution to use from birth to 3 years.

So, you can breathe easy knowing that Sterimar helps ensure no compromise prevention and relief from symptoms no matter what stage of life your little one is at to help keep them healthy so they can get on with their all important learning and play.

Stérimar products are available from Boots, and most pharmacies across the UK.

[1] GPRX data sodium chloride sub-category. Data from September 2015 – August 2016 – UK coverage

Must-Have Back to School Products

Whether you’re sporting the casual, one shoulder look or the sturdy two shoulder classic, these following products are essential to carry in your backpack this school year. Based on 40,000 consumer votes, Product of the Year compiled a list of back-to-school essentials that are guaranteed to be the best in the market.


Don’t leave in the morning without Carmex Comfort Care TM lip balm – a 100% natural blend of soothing oatmeal, fruit-seed oil and mixed berry flavor that restores moisture for smoother, healthier, naturally beautiful lips!


Keep your skin fresh all day with Kleenex Exfoliating Cushions, an exclusive combination of dual-sided, multilayered fabrics and a gentle built in cleanser that exfoliates and polishes your skin. The water-activated cushions massage and exfoliate for smoother looking skin.


Make award-winning sandwiches with the newest addition to the Sara Lee® Bread family, Artesano, an Artisan style bread. Sliced thick with a mouth-wateringly soft texture, ArtesanoTM bread transforms the routine into remarkable.


The perfect addition to any lunch box – Del Monte® Fruit RefreshersTM are a modern, delightful twist on fruit cups that combine luscious chunks of fruit with delicious fruit waters for a light, not-too-sweet, healthy snack.


Fight the impending flu season with Mucinex® Liquid Gels that dissolve quickly, releasing maximum strength liquid to relieve your worst cold, flu and sinus symptoms!


Specially formulated to help care for your hair while coloring, Keratin Color uses Unique Collagen Care Complex and Skin Flattering Pigments to deliver younger, fuller looking hair in just 30 minutes.

· SWEETSPOT LABS WASHES & WIPES – Retail Price: $2.99 – $7.99

These refreshing and convenient washes, wipes and wipettes come in three luxurious scents, Grapefruit Verbena, Vanilla Blossom and Neroli Mandarin and can be used all over your body leaving you feeling clean and refreshed!

About Product of the Year

Product of the Year is the world’s largest consumer-voted award for product innovation. Established 30 years ago, POY currently operates in 38 countries with the same purpose: Guide consumers to the best products in their market and reward manufacturers for quality and innovation. Product of the Year winners are backed by the votes of 40,000 consumers in a national representative survey conducted by research partner Kantar TNS, a global leader in consumer research. The award is a powerful merchandising program for marketers proven to increase product sales, distribution and awareness. Winning products are announced in February each year and receive the right to use the Product of the Year logo in marketing communications for two years. For more information, visit


Puressentiel tackles problem naturally

EVERY parent knows the difficulty of having to deal with an infestation of head lice in their child. Itchy scalps, messy treatments and often inconsistent results are all too common.

Head lice are part and parcel of most children’s early life. Picked up from close contact in schools, clubs or from friends, lice are very easily passed from person to person but can prove tricky to treat properly. More than half of all 4 to 11 year-olds catch head lice every year and Britons are spending huge sums on head lice treatments, with £23m spent in 2013, according to research.

However, experts are warning that many conventional commercial products are failing to adequately treat the lice invasion. A study of head lice shampoos that contain the insecticide permethrin found that the chemical is only 15% effective, down from nearly 100% when it was first used widely 20 years ago.

Even when they do work, many treatments are messy, unpleasant to use and require frequent re-applications. However, there is another way – harnessing the power of natural ingredients to quickly, effectively and easily combat the head lice scourge. The Puressentiel range of head lice treatments – Lice Repellent Spray and Anti-Lice Treatment Lotion with Comb are clinically proven to treat lice within minutes without worry or side effects.

Anyone can get head lice, but they are especially common in primary school children and are spread by head-to-head contact.

Lice feed on the blood of their host, but their bite can trigger itchiness and inflammation of the scalp. Once a child has lice, they can easily spread to other members of the family or friends and relatives.

Whilst common treatments include lotions and sprays on the affected area, along with a special lice comb, more recently scientists have warned lice could be becoming harder to treat. A study in the US suggests the creatures are becoming resistant to some of the regular treatments. Researchers found that in at least 25 American states lice have developed resistance to over-the-counter treatments because of genetic mutations.2

Many head lice treatments contain a family of insecticides called pyrethroids – of which permethrin is one – and are used widely to control mosquitoes and other insects. But the researchers warned that in the US at least, widespread pyrethroid resistant lice had been a growing problem for years. They found that 104 out of 109 lice cases studied had high levels of gene mutations, which have been linked to resistance to pyrethroids.

Practicing medical herbalist and plant medicine expert Dr Chris Etheridge says: “Head lice can be a bit of a nightmare for families, especially those with young children. There’s really nothing you can do to prevent the lice coming into contact with your child’s head, and once there’s an outbreak it can be tricky to treat. Every person in a family needs to be treated at the same time to remove all lice and eggs, and many of the treatments commonly available are messy or difficult to apply.

“There is also now mounting evidence that a frequently used insecticide in many head lice products may not be as effective as we’d hope. Research indicates that the lice are mutating to such an extent that they are becoming less affected by the treatments. Obviously, every parent wants to know that when they use a

specific treatment, it will do what it claims to and be effective in getting rid of all of the lice.”

“Fortunately, there is an answer. The Puressentiel range of head lice treatments uses entirely natural and safe ingredients to effectively tackle the problem and clear an infestation and prevent more occurrences. The products have been demonstrated to work, not only with great efficacy, but are also extremely safe and easy to use. Modern parents have a lot to worry about, but thanks to Puressentiel, head lice shouldn’t be one of them.”

The Puressentiel Anti-Lice Treatment Lotion has been proven to eliminate lice, larvae and nits in just 10 minutes. It does this thanks to a combination of six vegetable oils and four essential oils. It is simply applied on dry hair and scalp and massaged from roots to hair ends. After being left on for just 10 minutes it is washed off with normal shampoo and rinsed. A comb through with the supplied comb removes nits, larvae and dead lice and a second application is recommended three days later.

The Puressentiel Lice Repellent Spray has been clinically proven to effectively repel lice and prevent infestation of the scalp for 24 hours. An essential oil based product, the main active ingredient of the Puressentiel Lice Repellent Spray is Citriodiol® (derived from lemon eucalyptus essential oil). The repellent action of this key ingredient has proved itself to be as effective as synthetic chemicals. The formula also contains Lavender and Lavandin essential oils, organic Lavender floral water and apple vinegar. As a result, the ingredients naturally repel the lice. Puressentiel Lice Repellent Spray is also easy to apply – with just five to seven sprays – dries quickly and has a pleasant smell. The Repellent Spray is ideal for using once a day to prevent an infestation, especially when other family members or a child’s friends are known to have lice.

Clinical lab tests prove effectiveness
Both the Puressentiel head lice products have been proven in their efficacy and safety. In one laboratory test at the Parasitology-Mycology Laboratory in Avicenne University Hospital, France, the Anti-Lice Lotion was evaluated to gauge its effectiveness in killing lice in Petri dishes. The Anti-Lice Lotion was shown to be minutes. It killed nearly 80% of lice – 77.7% after five minutes and 78.3% after 15 minutes. These figures were higher than some other oil-based products.

In another lab test held at the Pharmaceutical Sciences Faculty of the François Rabelais University, Tours, France, the Lice Repellent Spray was gauged for its efficacy in repelling lice from a lock of hair – the so-called flight effect. Tests on 495 lice showed that the Lice Repellent Spray was effective at forcing the lice to move at least 6cm or more and had a repelling action for 24 hours. Forcing lice to move at least 6cm is considered important as this is the distance between two heads that above which it’s extremely unlikely to contract lice.

Puressentiel Anti-Lice Treatment Lotion ingredients

asphyxiates lice, larvae and nits
Plant oils: Calophyllum, Jojoba, Sunflower, Sweet Almond, Castor, Coconut

Destroys lice, larvae and nits
Lavender, Tea Tree, Clove

Cleanses the scalp
Lavender, Geranium, Tea Tree

Soothes the itching
Lavender, Geranium

Nourishes the hair fibre
Plant oils: Calophyllum, Jojoba, Sunflower, Sweet Almond, Castor, Coconut

Puressentiel Puressentiel Lice Repellent Spray ingredients

Naturally repel the lice
Citriodiol® (derivative of lemon eucalyptus essential oil), Lavender, Lavandin Grosso

Purifies the scalp
Organic lavender floral water, Lavandin Grosso, Lavender

Soothes itching
Lavender, Lavandin Grosso

Soothes inflammation of the scalp
Lavender, Lavandin Grosso

Revitalises the hair fibre
Apple Vinegar
Neither product is recommended for children under three, pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Head lice facts
 Lice are spread by head to head contact. They cannot jump or fly.
 Lice transmission usually happens when two heads are under 6cm apart. More than that and there is minimal risk.
 Lice feed on blood sucked from the scalp.
 A female louse lays about 5 to 10 eggs a day and lives for about a month.
 There are about 20 lice on a head in an average infestation.
 Eggs take seven to 11 days to hatch.
 In the UK hairdressers are advised to check for head lice and have the right to refuse to cut the hair.
 The trend for group selfies has been blamed for teenage lice cases, with prolonged head contact

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NEUROPLANNER will launch in Kickstarter this September 2017 with a set of molecule paper clips featuring the chemical formula of 3 happy neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, and adrenaline.

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new ergonomic backpack for back-to-school features

With the summer holidays in full swing parents are thinking about kitting out their child ready for the new school year.

Leading children’s backpack brand YUU are launching their new ergonomically-designed school backpack, YUUschool.

The new YUUschool backpack is packed full of scientific ergonomic features, including vertical compartmentalisation of the pockets so weight is kept higher up and closer to the spine. The s-shaped padded straps are sewn close together not just for additional comfort but also to centralise weight to the body. The deep pockets combined with the secure straps have been thoughtfully designed and positioned to avoid weight falling down into the middle of the bag which causes weight to be unevenly distributed and concentrated in one area causing unnecessary pressure and pain. The full extent of the YUUschool’s ergonomic design and the benefits this brings can be found at

Kellie Forbes, co-founder of YUU adds “For most parents this time of year is usually a race against the clock to get all the usual supplies of uniform, stationary and books fully stocked. However, this is also the perfect time to re-assess your child’s backpack and make sure it offers suitable protection for the busy year ahead. Our 10-step Backing Better Backs checklist offers a simple risk-assessment that parents can follow to help prevent painful back problems in the future.”

The YUUschool is available to buy from for £40. There is currently a promotion for a “back to school bundle” which includes the YUUschool backpack, a gym bag, a waterbottle, stationary set and notebook for £49.50 (a saving of 25%). The website also offers advice

Whether your kid is a football fanatic or a science scholar – check out the fantastic after school and weekend classes available on Hoop!

Packed with inspiring ideas, Hoop ( is a free, easy to use app that lists over 50,000 events and activities for kids nationwide, each month. You can also use Hoop’s powerful features to home in on the things that matter most – from events that are within walking distance to those suitable for a specific age range. Plus, one in five activities listed on Hoop are completely free!

Naturelly Partners with Entertainment Ones Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom to make Magic Jelly

Naturelly is partnering with Entertainment One (eOne) to create a new line of jelly featuring its popular preschool cartoon Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom.

The partnership will mark the brands entrance into the food aisles when it launches to retail in August 2017. Naturelly have created a special Magic Jelly for kids aged 12 months + in two new flavours; Strawberry and Blackberry. The flavours are inspired by The Fruit Harvest episode in the animated series when Mr Gnome cant resist eating all the strawberries and blackberries that he is helping to pick on harvest day.

As with all Naturelly juicy jelly snacks they have no added sugar or sweeteners, only 36 kcal per 100g pouch, 100% RDI of Vitamin C and are Vegetarian society and school approved. Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom is a BAFTA and Emmy award-winning animated series that airs daily on Channel 5 Milkshake and Nick Jr. Jelly is a recurring theme in the show and one of the main characters, Nanny Plum, often creates a Jelly Flood with one of her magic spells.

The Magic Jelly will be available from August 2017, just in time for summer picnics during the school holidays and Back to School lunchboxes. The new range also includes an exclusiveon-pack promotion; fans of the show will have the chance to win a Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom bicycle or 1 of 100s of Ben & Holly Goodies including toys, back-packs and DVDs.

Dean Dempsey Naturelly Founder comments: We are totally thrilled to be partnering with eOne to bring the Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom brand to our lunchbox snacks. We share the same brand values; playfulness, adventure and exploration and we believe that the Magic Jelly will be a fun treat on days out or after activities.Katie Rollings, Head of UK Licensing at Entertainment One comments: Were delighted that Naturelly has selected Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom as the license for its new line of jelly. Magic Jelly is a frequent source of humour in the series and the synergy between our two brands makes this the perfect fit for the propertys first food partnership.

Back to School Recipes for Evening Meals from Cranble

Matt Healy, the man from MasterChef The Professionals 2016, has been working away at HQ to create a selection of quick but delicious recipes for evening meals when the kids are back at school. So, if you are tired of recycling the same old suppers when the kids are HANGRY(hungry and angry), Cranble is here to help.

One Pot Wonders – When you are juggling work, homework and the evening routine you need Cranble’s One Pot Wonders. These fantastic recipes give you the freedom to focus on the children yet still serve up something mouth-watering. Our One Pot Lemon Chicken is tasty and perfect for little ones. For something that reminds you of the summer holidays try the One Pot Chicken Paella it’s bursting with flavour. Fish lovers will adore the One Pot Cod Harissa with subtle spices.

Spicy Suppers – Just because a recipe is simple you don’t have to sacrifice flavour. Cranble’s Simple Spicy Suppers are perfect for when you crave something with a bit of a kick! Take your leftover curry from earlier in the week and turn it into delicious Pasties. Or something with a real bite try our Cajun Chicken and Courgettes. For a taste of the Med why not rustle up our Lamb Skewers? A new family favourite is the Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Sweet Potatoes Wedges and Grilled Pineapple, it’s packed full of spices and perfect for Autumn evenings.

Perfect Pudding – If you are in hurry our Cranble Hack Frozen Yoghurt Pop couldn’t be simpler. Just grab a pack of Petit Filous and push a disposable fork in the top, whack it in the freezer for 2 hours and voila you’ve got a quick pudding your little ones will love!


If you haven’t heard of them, JUNIQE is a Berlin based brand recently launched in the UK that is reinventing the European online art market by creating a platform for art that is accessible to the masses whilst catering to the individual. The site offers innovative designs by a handpicked selection of 600+ established and emerging artists; this allows customers to buy innovative design and creative aesthetics for mass-production prices. The majority of designs are available on a range of products from stationary to bed linen.

They have some fantastic stationary ranging from postcard sets to personal planners along with some fun tote bags. Price wise, their stationary products range from £7.90 to around £20


For the teen that likes to be seen:

NEW! BIC® 4 COLOURS™ Fun Pen, Pack of 1 RRP £2.79

The iconic BIC® 4 COLOURS™ has been given an en vogue update with brand new pastel barrel that will add a touch of style to any pencil case. The pastel barrels still come with the fun ink options of: turquoise, purple, pink and lime green. Perfect for annotation and note-taking, the unique offering of four assorted colours are an outstanding addition to any pencil case.

BIC® 4COLOURS™ 3+1 HB Multifunction Pen, Pack of 1 RRP £2.99

This multi-purpose pen is the must-have writing weapon to add to your stationery armoury and is perfect for that all-important revision. The 3+1 retractable pen holds three medium ink nibs (red, black and blue) and one refillable mechanical pencil with a built-in eraser so that you can take on all writing and drawing tasks with gusto whether it be fine-line drawing or adding detail to artwork.

BIC® Cristal®, Doypack of 20 £5.99

Highly durable and no.1 selling pen in the U.K., the BIC® BIRO® pen is the ideal addition to any pencil case. Whether writing a story, undertaking an exam or partaking in poetry, the BIC® Cristal® comes in three different variants (original point, fine point and large point), and is the perfect partner to take handwriting up a notch. What’s more, the new fluorescent orange and yellow colours are sure to brighten up any pencil case.

NEW! BIC® Intensity Fine Pen, Pack of 20 RRP £8.99

You create out-of-this-world artwork with the new Intensity range. These striking pens have water-based fine-liner ink that won’t bleed through most paper matched with a very fine tip to give a precise line width perfect for writing, drawing, drafting and colour-coding notes. In addition, the metal encased tip protects the nib when using a template, ruler or other straight edge. There are also eleven colours available – including lime green, orange, brown, red, turquoise, grey, purple and black.

The perfect studying inspo:

NEW! BIC® Tipp-Ex® Mini Pocket Fun mouse, Pack of 1 RRP £4.49

‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again’. With the Tipp-Ex® Mini Pocket mouse you will have that flexibility. Containing 14 metres of correction tape for instant re-writing and to rectify any literary mistakes with ease.

Alternatively try the innovative BIC® Tipp-Ex Shake ‘n’ Squeeze Pack (RRP £2.29), the no.1 correction fluid in Europe. It boasts a fine metal point designed for correct application and precise correction and a squeezable grip making it easy to apply as much or as little as needed.

NEW! BIC® Highlighter Flex, Pack of 4 RRP £3.49

Take highlighting up a notch with the new Highlighter Flex. This fluorescent water-based ink highlighter allows you to create three different widths for a precise and effective job. It can also be used on a variety of paper textures (coarse, smooth, uncoated, coated or embossed) and it will not dry out even if left uncapped for 24 hours.

BIC® Products are available from selected retailers across the UK and Ireland, including Asda, Tesco, WHSmith, Ryman, Sainsbury’s, Staples, Amazon, Easons and Wilko’s. All pricing is at the discretion of the retailer and BIC® cannot be held responsible for any price structures or strategies in store and online.


The first day back at school can be a daunting time for any youngster but one activity that is sure to put a smile on a dial is choosing the perfect pencil case and stationery for the new school year. BIC® can help ensure that your children are fully equipped to take on the school year with stationery that is both stylish and durable.

For the creative little one:

BIC® Kids Evolution® colouring pencils, Pack of 12 RRP £2.99

The BIC® Kids Evolution ultra-resistant, wood-free colouring pencils are ideal for everyday drawing and colouring. With a resistant chew-proof lead and barrel these pencils are highly durable. What’s more, they are easy to sharpen and safe as don’t splinter and with a wide choice of colours at your child’s disposal, impressive artworks are just a doodle away.

NEW! BIC® Kids Kid Couleur Durable Case, Case of 12 RRP £4.99

Your child need never fret about losing a pen cap again with this innovative stand case that keeps the pens and lids all in one – and you won’t have to fear jumping around the room clutching their feet in pain because you accidentally stepped on a stray lid.

Enabling your little one’s pens to be displayed in harmony, this problem-solving pen case, is full of a dozen medium-tip, felt-tip pens. The highly durable blocked tip means that the nib won’t bend or retract under pressure and the water-based inks mean it can easily be washed from skin and most clothes. Available in 12 vibrant colours and boasting washable ink, these pens are perfect for children as they allow for all of the fun, with none of the mess.

BIC® Kids Plastidecor®, Pack of 12 RRP £2.99

Wave goodbye to dirty hands and clothes with the BIC® Kids Plastidecor crayons. These fun crayons are made from an innovative resin (as opposed to wax) meaning that they don’t transfer onto your hands or clothes. The material is durable and can be easily sharpened without breaking. What’s more, the rainbow shades of 24 different colours are sure to create some fun pieces of artwork.

BIC® Products are available from selected retailers across the UK and Ireland, including Asda, Tesco, WHSmith, Ryman, Sainsbury’s, Staples, Amazon, Easons and Wilko’s. All pricing is at the discretion of the retailer and BIC® cannot be held responsible for any price structures or strategies in store and online.

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Stretch your purse strings further with the Vodafone Smart N8 and these money-saving apps

From apps to help you budget more effectively or split the cost of your bills more easily to apps which give you student savings on everything from clothes and food to technology and days out – these apps will be the key to making sure your student loan lasts each term!

Vodafone Smart N8
£85 Pay as you go

A stylish and super-slim smartphone for a ground-breaking price – the Vodafone Smart N8 is simple, easy-to-use and full of all the features you want from your mobile phone.

NEW friends added the award-winning collection

September’s here again and after a fun-filled Summer holidays, it’s time to get your little ones back to school! There’s something really exciting about that first day back; with pristine uniform and shiny shoes, and there’s nothing like a new backpack and lunch bag to complete the look. The much loved and award-winning Zoo collection, from innovative lifestyle brand Skip Hop, now has two new gorgeous characters – perfect for the new term.

We welcome two new friends, Dax Dalmatian and Ferguson Fox, to the Zoo family with products across the range from just £6.

Available in a number of products, say hello to the new Skip Hop UK characters…
Dax Dalmation and Ferguson Fox join the existing heroes including Marshall Monkey, Otis Owl, Jules Giraffe and Cheddar Cow in both Little Kids Backpacks (RRP £20), Lunchies (RRP £14) and Straw Bottles (RRP £6).
Little Kids Backpacks (RRP £20)
Little details and durable materials make this the perfect pack for school essentials! Easily holds all the supplies your little one might need for a busy day of “work” and play, and the mesh side pocket adjusts to fit a drink or water bottle. The front pouch is ideal for snacks and includes extra pockets for pencils and other travel necessities. Comfy padded straps go easy on little shoulders!

Lunchies (RRP £14)
With friendly faces and matching zip-pulls, Zoo Lunchies make school lunchtime fun time! Sized just right for little kids, these soft bags have a roomy main compartment that holds sandwiches, snacks, drinks and more. An insulated, wipe-clean interior keeps food and drinks cold, plus an inside mesh pocket holds lunch money, an ice pack or utensils.

Straw Bottles (RRP £6)
The BPA-free Zoo Straw Bottle has the protection of a flip-top lid to keep drinks safe. Dishwasher-safe; also comes with an extra straw.

Other accessories!
Skip Hop has a host of additional accessories to help make lunchtime a breeze. These include Insulated Food Jars (RRP £18), Lunch Kits (RRP £10), Stainless Steel Bottles (RRP £18) and spill-free Snack Cups (RRP £9).

What is Zoo?
Skip Hop’s celebrated ZOO collection features a wide range of signature animals, allowing each child to choose their favourite character to keep them company throughout the day from mealtime to night-time. The ZOO collection is one of the largest non-licensed character-driven lines of toddler items, with products ranging from backpacks and raingear to a wide assortment of mealtime, on-the-go, home and bath products that promote a toddler’s independence and drive imagination.

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“Supplement” Your College Students’ Alarm Clocks

Sparta, NJ – August 10, 2017 – With graduation now a memory, college preparation experts are working around the clock to prepare high school students for their new adventures. College Prep – 101 has helped to organize thousands of high school students for more than two decades, and recommends packing not just one, but two alarm clocks. For many morning-impaired students who struggle to get out of bed, this suggestion is a “must-have” to keep on track and make the transition into the real world of being on time.
Rise-N-Shine, an all-natural supplement company based in New Jersey, is taking the alarm clock one step further with a patented pill that enhances the body’s internal alarm clock and guarantees a naturally energetic, revived and refreshed morning. The first and only supplement of its kind, Wake Up On Time’s unique energy-blend formula was created to provide a natural solution for morning grogginess.
The all-natural tablet of vitamins, herbs and amino acids is taken before bedtime, but won’t affect the ability to fall asleep or sleep soundly. With the special delayed release coating, as the pill dissolves slowly overnight, it delivers maximum energy and vitality benefits when needed most – when the alarm clock rings.

“It’s so much more than a vitamin, it’s time in a bottle because instead of hitting the snooze button over and over again, our product allows you to bounce out of bed ready to go,” said Cathy Beggan, founder of Rise-N-Shine and creator of Wake Up On Time. “This product helps you effortlessly wake up in the morning feeling vital, alert and ready to face the day. It’s like an alarm clock inside of a pill. It’s a perfect gift idea to send to school with students and later in their care packages.”
And for the graduates stepping into a new phase of challenges and changes, deadlines and timetables, Wake Up On Time is the extra edge needed to help keep young adults on the college track or new job track.
Rise-N-Shine, LLC is a New Jersey Based all-natural supplement company engaged in developing and selling proprietary, targeted supplements on the basis of meeting everyday needs naturally. Founded in 2006 by Cathy Beggan, Rise-N-Shine, LLC has over twenty products designed to help people look and feel their best. Wake Up on Time can be found in Walmart locations nationwide and online at

Soar into school with new accessories from the Imperial War Museums Shop.

Imperial War Museums shop:

Perfect for aspiring aviators and Spitfire fans alike, a glow in the dark t-shirt and cap featuring the iconic Spitfire plane are perfect to rep little one’s favourites all day long.

Glow in the Dark Spitfire Kids T-shirt, £12, available from the Imperial War Museums shop:
This IWM exclusive kids Glow in the Dark T-shirt features a Spitfire soaring through the skies. This fun and functional tee is made from pure cotton, and comes with short sleeves, a rounded neckline, and has a glow in the dark ‘Spitfire’ text across the front.

Spitfire Kids Cap, £8, available from the Imperial War Museums shop:
One size fits all eager pilots in this navy cotton kids cap, featuring an embroidered Spitfire logo.

Food, Family, and Chaos!

My kids take a homemade lunch to school every single day. Yes, every day! As a mom, that can be a daunting task at times. Over the years I have tried several items that promised to make packing lunches easier. This is what helps us the most and makes packing lunches a little easier.

We love PlanetBox lunch containers. They are made from stainless steel, dishwasher safe, and clean easily. They are made out of safe, non-toxic, and recycled materials – safe from lead, PVC, phthalates, or BPA. They have 5 compartments that keep food separate which is great for my kids. I definitely would not put something liquid like yogurt or applesauce though because I think that would leak into the other compartments.

Having the separate compartments definitely makes lunch more appealing to my kids. They are great if you have kids that have issues with foods touching each other. I find that crunchy foods like pretzels stay crunchy too which is great. I also like to use food safe markers to draw cute little faces on their sandwiches. They love this and are always so excited to see what face I drew that day!

PlanetBox is definitely an investment but they will hold up for more than 1 school year. These containers will cost you around $75 each + free shipping and they come with the stainless steel container and a cute lunchbox. If this is too expensive for you, they also have a 2 compartment and a 3 compartment option. If your kids are not big eaters, these might work out great for you.

They make packing lunches fun and easy. Add a cute little printed lunchbox note or a handwritten note and you are good to go. Hopefully, this tip will make your day a little easier. You’ve got this! Happy Back-To-School!!

Lisa Santangelo
Food, Family, and Chaos!


A monthly subscription service that designs beautifully curated ‘trunks’ full of creative and educational projects for curious kids aged 3-8. Each trunk includes generous amounts of materials, beautifully illustrated instructions and engaging ideas for children to explore art, science, crafts, imaginative play and DIY games. The brand aims to create trunks that promote creativity, experimentation and exploration, as well as tying into key STEM subjects that focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths – i.e. along with keeping children busy and off screens, they are educational. Perfect!

The open-ended projects are thoughtfully designed to encourage children to create, imagine, ask questions, tinker and experiment in a hands-on manner. There are always at least 12 different trunks to choose from, offering something for all interests, with topics including Bubble Science, Family Games Night, Growing Seeds, Gifts I’ve Made and Ocean Tales. You can buy a one off trunk, or opt in to a variety of monthly subscription options. It’s a great reason for families to sit down and spend time together at the weekend, after a hectic week of work and school. It’s also great for gifting. Prices start at £20.

Back to School with The Entertainer

The summer holidays are nearly over, but heading back to school doesn’t have to be a chore! The Entertainer, one of the UK’s best-loved toyshops, has thousands of fun and educational toys and games to help your child as they go back to learning for another year. Have a look at some of The Entertainer’s favourites below…

318-12106-N Fancy Flowers FOPBobble It Fancy Flowers – Age 5+

Bobble It is a fun, creative, mess free way to play, and children can show off their amazing flowers to friends at school with this kit. Including multiple vibrant colours, stalks and a vase, this stretchy foam modelling material can easily be moulded into wonderful fancy flowers. With enough Bobble It to make five flowers, it makes for hours of entertainment. Perfect for the little artist! RRP: WAS £15 NOW £7.50


Out to Impress Colour Your Own Backpack and Pencil Case – Age 5+

Any crafty child will love this amazing individual backpack and pencil case, and it’ll make going back to school a bit more fun with some brand-new kit. The backpack and pencil case are covered in empty stencils, ready to be creatively decorated by the five different colouring pens included. A personal way to store everything your child needs for school. RRP: £20

319-10113-N Rockets_and_Beyond-ANGLE-RGBExperimake Rockets and Beyond – Age 8+

An easy way to get children back into the swing of learning, this set is fun and entertaining all at once. Including everything you would need to make exciting explosive rockets ad launching missiles, the set is perfect for hours of fun. There’s even a space buggy to zoom into space and a balloon rocket! RRP: £20

319-10107-N Superb_Sea_Shaped_Soaps_ANGLE-RGBExperimake Superb Sea Shaped Soaps – Age 8+

This kit is a great way for children to learn and have fun. Children can create their very own soaps, and find out about the origins of soap making at the same time! Through making six colourful scented soaps, your child will learn the science of how soap makes skin clean. They can even wrap them up in a beautiful gift bag and label at the end to gift to family and friends. RRP: £20

319-10104-N Colourful_Crystals_Creations-ANGLE-RGBExperimake Colourful Crystal Creations – Age 8+

This colourful set teaches children about crystals, and gives them the responsibility to make their own. Children can grow their initial crystals, and learn how crystals are formed, then progress to growing crystal stars, flowers and gigantic crystals. The kit even allows children to write secret crystal messages and make a sparkly fish. Days of colourful crystallised excitement! RRP: £20

For more information about The Entertainer’s range of toys and to hear about the latest offers please visit:


The end of summer holidays are in sight, which means mornings will soon be filled with ringing alarm clocks, busy lunchbox making, ironing school trousers and ensuring the kids are getting a nutritious breakfast before a day of school.

To help make mornings a little less chaotic, MOMA has a selection of tasty porridge pots and sachets which simply require hot water. Ready in 5 minutes the tasty porridge pots come in lots of different flavours from coconut & chia, super seeds and golden syrup, to plain if you prefer to add your own flavour.

MOMA’s porridge pots are all made with deliciously chunky British jumbo oats which are gluten free and provide the perfect balanced breakfast to help kickstart your child’s first day back at school.


There won’t be any first day nerves with prints this beautiful, no matter how big or little the student, we’ve got something for everyone. All designed in-house here in London, the team have worked their magic to bring our stationary and school essentials to life this year.

Get your five—a-day with our new Bananas range, monkeys of all ages will be craving a bite out of this bunch! Let our Flyaway collection leave your head in the clouds, and our Monkey Puzzle range won’t leave you missing any pieces with this bright and bold print. Last but not least, say hello to our exclusive collaboration with Sanrio for our first Hello Kitty range!

Also explore our back to school essentials in store such as pens, rulers and sticky notes, which are available in our large 3 for 2 offering.

StarKist Tuna and Salmon Creations now comes in pouches – ideal for busy moms! These protein-packed meals help kids stay fueled for the day, while making lunch-packing a breeze. With 12 great flavors to choose from and it’s no drain, no mixing required, it’s hard to find a reason not to pack them up!

Below are just a few of our favorite new BOLD flavors:

· Hot Buffalo Style

· Thai Chili Style

· Jalapeno

New Season Children’s Collection

For the autumn and winter seasons dotcomgiftshop introduce a fun, bursting with colour selection of kids’ toys, games and accessories. Our designers have created an adorable collection of toys and games, decorations, fantastic food storage and dinnerware, plus the most sensational stationery. Decidedly non-digital diversions with which to thrill and exercise a child’s imagination. Available now from

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