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 BACK PAIN HEALTH GUIDE! Dealing with Pain, learning coping strategies, eliminating pain, improving posture and living pain free PRODUCTS & SERVICES Lists & Editorials Segment!

Oska Pulse launches in Australia after great success with USA launch! Used by the US Navy Seals Special Forces and US Veterans to treat pain and chronic pain.


I’m excited to let you know of a new product that is about to be launched in Australia – Oska Pulse. It is an Aussie invention but we launched in the US first and have had great success in helping alleviate chronic pain, including back pain, and address the massive opiate addiction in the US.

Making a real difference in people’s lives and offering a drug-free solution to back pain.

Used by the US Navy Seals Special Forces and US Veterans to treat pain and chronic pain.

Oska Pulse is a handy, small, portable device that can be used anywhere at any time.

Oska Pulse mimics the body’s own recovery processes to relieve pain, muscle stiffness and inflammation, using optimized pulsed electromagnetic field technology (PEMF) to encourage recovery at a cellular level—so you can get back to life.

It works on all types of pain, promotes recovery (post surgery and rehab) and is 100% drug-free. Also, think for all of the common rugby and touch injuries: torn hamstrings, achilles injuries, neck, knees, twinging calf muscles, groin injuries and of course back pain.
(Expert tip >>> if you are experiencing issues with opiates consider getting help at companies who provide a free, confidential support line for those who may be struggling with opiate addiction and wish to talk to an addiction expert) Not only for injuries but just everyday muscle aches and pain, recovery is much more effective and faster with the use of Oska Pulse.

Mimicking how the body naturally heals, Oska Pulse uses optimized PEMF to restore the electrical potential cells need to receive nutrients and oxygen, which stimulates cellular regeneration—relieving
pain, and activating the body’s natural recovery process.

Oska Pulse has had significant media attention in the US, including Dr Oz, the LA Times, Coolest Gadgets, Golf Channel, H uffington Post, Forbes and Vator.Tv. We’ve also been featured in Midwest Golf Magazine, New Channel8 (NBC), ESPN radio &NBC Phoenix.

Oska also won Techco startup of the year 2017 in the USA and against over 2,000 entrants from 10 countries won Best IOT Healthcare Wearable Device in 2017.

Ready to revolutionise the way pain is treated and to let people you can don’t have to use opiates to treat back pain or any other pain.

Feel free to call or email for further information and thanks for the offer to submit our product to be considered for the feature on back health products and services.


Alfred O. Bonati, M.D., Founder & Chief Orthopaedic Surgeons, Bonati Spine Institute

Having worked for years in orthopaedic surgery I was unsatisfied by the low success rate of “traditional open spine surgery.” After being trained in arthroscopic techniques at Wake Forest University, I created and developed advanced surgical techniques and instrumentation to treat back, neck and joint problems including bulging and herniated discs, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, pinched nerves, etc.

In the early 1990s, my efforts with the laser developer resulted in a research and development program which led to being the first to gain FDA approval for the use of a laser in spine surgery. Additionally, we hold multiple United States patents on our instrumentation and techniques. Over the last 32 years, we have performed more than 55,000 procedures, with 65% of those patients having previously undergone failed surgeries at other facilities. Our exclusive targeted precision procedures, in the hands of our experienced surgeons, produce excellent results and a patient reported satisfaction rate of 98.75%. Our procedures have been perfected and virtually eliminate the need for invasive open spine surgery, like spinal fusions, as well as the less effective, commonly phrased, “minimally invasive” surgeries.

The Bonati Spine Procedures are performed through a small incision, which allows for less scarring and faster recovery. They are gentle enough to be performed on an outpatient basis without the need for a hospital stay. They utilize conscious IV sedation and local anesthesia, which maintain patient comfort and the ability to communicate with the surgeon as the source of the pain is eradicated. Because they do not require general anesthesia, with its associated risks, they may be performed on a wider range of patients. Patients who undergo the Bonati Spine Procedures can resume normal activities within days.

Currently, we have two Bonati Spine Institute locations: Hudson, FL and Las Vegas, NV. A third location will open in Dallas, TX later this year. We employee 14 medical doctors, including anesthesiologists, orthopaedic surgeons, neurosurgeons and radiologists, and dozens more highly-experienced O.R., clinic and office staff members, whose knowledge sets the Bonati Spine Institute apart from other facilities worldwide.

The Truth About Chronic Pain Treatments: The Best and Worst Strategies for Becoming Pain Free

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO BECOMING PAIN FREE! If you’re in chronic pain and you’re not getting adequate relief from your treatment, this book is for you. You don’t have to “learn to live with your pain” or put up with unpleasant side effects from your medication. There are treatments available that could safely cure your pain.


The Truth About Chronic Pain Treatments reviews the evidence for the safety and effectiveness of a wide variety of treatments and reveals how organized medicine is keeping you from getting the care you need and deserve. It’s a comprehensive guide to avoiding the treatments that don’t work or are likely to cause harm and selecting the therapies that are most likely to promote healing.

Here are some things you will learn about in The Truth About Chronic Pain Treatments:

• Prescription opioids like hydrocodone and oxycodone are highly addictive, even for medical patients taking them as directed.
• Pain patients who take opioids have more pain, more disability and lower quality of life than similar patients who don’t take opioids.
• Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and Celebrex significantly raise your risk of heart attack, stroke and kidney damage.
• So many people have abnormal findings on MRIs even when they don’t have any pain that if you have herniated, bulging or degenerated disks, chances are that it has nothing to do with your pain.
• Spinal fusion surgery fails about 50% of the time.

• The more types of childhood trauma you have had, the more likely that back surgery will fail.
• Psychological factors, including chronic stress, emotional repression and unresolved trauma, are frequent causes of pain and barriers to healing.
• Mind/body treatments including relaxation training, biofeedback and psychotherapy can in many cases eliminate pain.
• Chiropractic treatment is considered highly effective for back and neck pain by the World Health Organization and many governments around the world, including the U.S. government.
• The chance of a serious adverse event from a low back chiropractic adjustment is just 1 in 100 million.
• Low Level Laser Therapy, a little known treatment, has over 400 randomized controlled studies demonstrating its effectiveness for a wide variety of pain conditions, including back and neck pain, diabetic neuropathy, post herpetic neuralgia (shingles pain), post-surgical pain and wound healing, yet all insurances refuse to cover it because it is “experimental”.
• What you eat can have a major impact on your pain levels.
• Nutritional supplements, including vitamin D, magnesium and omega 3 fatty acids can have very potent pain relieving effects.
• Marijuana is a powerful pain reliever which is also protective against cancer.
• No one has ever died from a marijuana overdose.

In The Truth About Chronic Pain Treatments you will also learn about the power of the following additional therapies to heal your pain:

• Physical therapy
• Exercise
• Massage
• Acupuncture
• Herbs
• Homeopathy
• Energy medicine
• Multidisciplinary pain treatment programs.

Unlike most books on chronic pain treatment that advocate one specific treatment, The Truth About Chronic Pain Treatments provides information about a wide variety of treatments so that you can make informed decisions about the best treatments for you.

The Truth About Chronic Pain Treatments also explains why you haven’t heard more about the many safe, effective pain treatments that are available. It includes a legislative proposal, the Pain Treatment Parity Act, which would eliminate the barriers to pain patients getting safer and more effective care.

This is a book that will change your life for the better. If you are one of the 1.2 billion people worldwide in chronic pain, READ THIS BOOK! YOU CAN HEAL YOUR PAIN!


Struggling with back pain! Gravity is a revolutionary pain-relieving product that combines a thousand of years of Chinese medical knowledge with 21st Century product design.

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Last Sunday saw the Dragons decline 10% of Gravity Life for £25K

Since leaving the Den the Gravity Life Team havegone on to gai n many approvals, not least from HRH Prince Andrew who regularly uses

Gravity is a revolutionary pain-relieving product that combines a thousand of years of Chinese medical knowledge with 21st Century
product design. A new Orthopeadic System, reducing pain and improving posture. Gravity uses your own bodyweight to gently and
naturally release tension and stiffness to re-align your Neck, Spine  and Pelvis but also unlocks the body’s potential to deeply relax.
‘The  Pain Guru”, Dr. Shane, says, “Its not about training the body, its  about releasing its potential”. “It’s not about Business it’s about
helping people”.

Gravity was awarded “Best Health and Wellness Product 2018” at the recent Hong Kong LOHAS(Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) Expo,
showcase for green and natural living.

To demonstrate that Gravity was highly credible and would meet the expectations of not only its customers but also International Standards the team sought the approval of many Professional Bodies, Institutions and Organisations including The Institute of Natural Medicine Ireland (INMI), Addenbrook Hospital, Osteopaths, Bowen, Physio  and Sports Therapists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Reflexologists, Pilates and Yoga Instructors.

Endorsements have also been given by the Irish Rugby Union, St Helens and Huddersfield Rugby Clubs, amongst other sporting bodies. Similarly, Gravity is applauded by The Military, RAF Cranwell, and The Universities of Dublin, Northampton and Bangor. This is a fast  ever-growing list as Gravity is ‘experienced’.

With these endorsements the company has already enjoyed phenomenal success and its value has grown from £200K to £3M in less than a

Dr Shane Murnaghan, M.Ac.S C.C.A T.C.M I.N.M.I Lic.Amat.Med C.A.C.M.S (Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hons, Beijing), has been teaching and practising traditional Chinese medicine for over 20 years, but following an accident in 2008, which left him with a broken back, he changed the direction of his career. The father-of-two could  barely walk for four years and so decided to use his skills to focus on finding a solution for pain caused by spinal injuries. “Thebody is  all about balance. I don’t want to be a surgeon, but I’m a pretty good  mechanic and I just want to fix people,” he said, “I know what it’s  like, I have been there”. Shane has toured with REM, David Bowie, and treated many pop stars including Niall Horan of One Direction.

Michael Fisher is the Managing Director of the Gravity Life, and runs  the commercial side of the business. He is a serial entrepreneur and
has 30 years experience as both importer and exporter, developing  links in the United States, across the Asia Pacific, and the Indian  subcontinent. More recently expanding to South Africa and Australia.

Retail Price £99.00

Gravity Life is fast becoming a global success and already has a  distributor in place in Hong Kong and is discussing distribution in USA, Canada and Brazil and has documented interested parties in  Malaysia, Singapore and China.

Gravity Life has received great feedback from leading Sports Personalities, Military Personnel, Airline pilots and Medical

Kimberly Davis

No1 in the USA Dance Chart and singer of the USA national anthem at  the opening ceremony of the NBL finals, Kimberly said, of Gravity,“For me it’s a life saver. It helps with your posture and relaxes me before a gig. 20 mins later I’m good to go. It’s the best thing ever and Id like to see more of them in the world”.

  Ivana Daniell Life – In Movement

“I have been using Gravity in my Posture clinic with fantastic results. All my patients LOVE it! They are using it both during my  posture and movement re-education sessions and on their own with a  home programme. Gravity is the best tool to stabilise and align your  spine, and to release neck and back tension that has been accumulated  by the strain of a postural misalignment or during the long hours  sitting at the desk. Gravity is perfectly designed and a very safe  tool to use on your own on a daily basis. I strongly recommend it.”

  Royal Marines Commando – Royal Marines Commando

  A Royal Marine Commando had a massive head injury after hitting hishead on the ice during a terrifying skiing accident 4 years ago, and  tragically lost the ability to walk and talk…. Since he started  using Gravity, it very quickly accelerated his recovery.

  Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon Pilots

“If I used Gravity whilst actually experiencing an ache/pain, the ache/pain would disappear much quicker than usual” “I love it! I  really love using Gravity and will continue to do so. I’m amazed my lower back pain has basically gone”

  Cliff Eaton – MSC PGC MCSP, Chartered Physiotherapist

“I have been privileged to work in elite sport for many years. This gave me the unique opportunity to have access to the most effective products to treat pain, enhance recovery and improve performance. Gravity is definitely one of these products. I now use it in private practice to treat patients and allow them to take control of their  symptoms at home. Gravity is definitely a product I would recommend”

  Michael Vaughan – Ex England Cricket Captain

“As an ex professional cricketer, I like to keep in good shape and find that using Gravity has helped me recover after gym sessions enabling me to relax and unwind. I sit for long periods, both when travelling abroad and commentating on cricket and find Gravity relieves my lower back stiffness.”

  Mark Wright – Former England International player and English Football Manager

“In my experience Gravity is a safe natural and brilliant piece of kit for athletes. As a professional footballer who is still playing after years of wear and tear for Liverpool and on international duty, GravityRM sets me up for flexibility, symmetry and performance. As a warm up or down, or for aches and pains, it’s my go-to piece of kit.”

  Gordon Mason – International GB Swimmer

Using Gravity to aid recovery, improve spine alignment for better movement, and for peak physical performance leading towards Personal Best results. Gordon is winter training with the Harry Wright International Swim Squad…. watch this space as he trains towards the 2020 Olympics.


Foot Levelers, orthotics used by professional athletes.


Foot Levelers custom made orthotics are used by professional athletes at the highest level in sports and have received great reviews from the athletes and their medical staffs.

The range includes the CPOYA, XP3, and XP3+ custom orthotics.

XP3: Foot Levelers XP3 functional orthotics are designed with a thin profile and soft polythylene (re perforated) top cover to provide ideal fit and durability in tight fitting athletic footwear like cleats, skates, Cross Training shoes, and low profile running shoes. The XP3 is also lightweight, allowing for maximized performance.

XP3+: offers intense support that’s perfect for athletes. Designed with simplicity yet extreme performance in mind, this orthotic is lightweight and maintains a thin profile to provide a great fit in athletic shoes.

CPOYA 3/4 Length: The CPOYA 3/4 length orthotic is specifically designed for athletes and is ideal for tighter-fitting shoes like cleats, track spikes, and cross-trainers. A 3/4 length orthotic, this CPOYA offers a full length top cover for more comfort in the forefoot without using up valuable space. The full length top cover also helps with grip and moisture control.

Amatsu Therapy is a soft tissue therapy that can be very effective at reducing back pain and improving mobility with potentially long lasting results.

Amatsu Therapy uses a range of assessment techniques to find out how the body has adapted in its quest to protect you and keep you moving after stress, strain, injury or trauma. Once the problem has been fully understood, specific movement and massage is applied, using natural body movement, to loosen over-tight muscles or fascia and wake up muscles that aren’t working optimally. Treatment restores correct tensions and compressions within the body allowing the whole physical structure, through biotensegrity, to realign. Muscles, fascia, tendons, and ligaments can once again work naturally, and in turn, joints and organs can ‘float’ in their own space and can function efficiently.
“We see a large number of clients with bad backs in our Amatsu clinics across the UK. It’s very common that our clients come to us having tried many different treatments. We’re often a last resort, but one that can actually work! The ambition, as more practitioners come through our award winning Amatsu Training School, is to become the “go to” name for treating back pain and other structural health conditions.”
~ Gina, Chair of Amatsu Therapy International (UK)
Amatsu is a gentle treatment, involving no cracking or clicking of joints and is suitable for all ages. Amatsu treats where the body needs treating which is not necessarily where pain is experienced.
Amatsu practitioners take a full medical history, contra-indications to treatment are fully considered and further referrals made if necessary. The sooner you have an Amatsu treatment post stress, strain, trauma or injury, the quicker the root cause of the problem can be treated.
Find your local Amatsu practitioner at

DeskView is the world’s first window-mounted, adjustable standing desk.

The window is the highlight of any office, yet for some reason we spend a large majority of the day with our backs to it, slouched over a stagnant, seated desk. DeskView reconceptualizes the office environment, giving you a new, healthy workspace. Designed to be left up for extended periods of time, DeskView installs in <10 seconds and holds up to 40 lbs. DeskView users may notice an increase in productivity, energy levels and an alleviation of back pain. It works great on external and internal windows as well as glass whiteboards.

Would you like to dance your way through life? Heal your back?

Greet whatever happened in your life with open arms knowing there is an underlying purpose for you? Imagine being able to tap into your inner strength when you are feeling depleted and to call healing into your life. Gypsy Energy Secrets: Turning a Bad Day into a Good Day No Matter What Life Throws at You is a quadruple #1 international bestseller for a reason: it helps people heal. Learn physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your well-being through simple exercises and mindfulness techniques that will lead to better days and outlook on life. Discover how this knowledge originated with the ancient Romani people, and how even in today’s modern and stressful society, you can channel nature’s powerful and revitalizing energies to celebrate all life that is around you. Soon you will be dancing like the Gypsies!

This quadruple #1 international best-selling book is a perfect solution for those interested in health and well-being. Number one in pain relief category for several months. It teaches easy techniques to access inner strength and turn stress into relaxation and sadness into happiness. Five-star reviews from readers. High-resolution pictures are available. Paper format is $15.54.

Emu Oil is an Aboriginal natural therapy that has been used for thousands of years for its anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating powers.

Emu Spirit’s 100% pure emu oil was the first and one of the only emu oils in Australia that was tested for internal application in the world. It was the first Emu oil to be tested for internal application in the world.

Emu oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and is high in MK-4, the potent form of vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3 to provide relief to inflammatory based condition such as: Arthritis. Osteoatthritis, Rheumatism, Muscle aches and Joint stiffness

Emu Spirit’s Oil of Emu products contain the synergistic activity of all aspects of Emu oil, including its temperature sensitive Omega essential fatty acids. We control all stages of production, from farming of the Emus, to the processing and the rendering of fat into the 100% pure Oil of Emu, using our patented rendering system OilTek™ at our Melbourne-based facilities.

Emu Spirit’s patented rendering process, OilTek, developed by a world’s leading oil chemist is exclusive to Emu Spirit and Emu Spirit’s products. This process produces a stable, 100% pure oil that maintains the same natural molecular structure as the raw, natural product (emu fat).

For more information visit

While there are a plethora of physical products, a large part of pain management is overlooked, that being the mind.

For chronic pain often the underlying issue can be resolved however the brain still registers there is a problem and thus sends the signal for pain.
Hypnosis helps break this and gives powerful relief from years of pain. With a few sessions to discuss any underlying issues and some mediative hypnosis relief can be quite sudden and joyous. These techniques can be taught and done on your own anytime you need it.
AJ Coaching provides this service on a one-on-one basis and limited group sessions (general tools without going into personal issues). Contact via

Podiatry and Lower Back Pain

Which allied health practitioner should you turn to if you are suffering from lower back pain?
• A chiropractor?
• An osteopath?
• A physiotherapist?
While all of these may be able to help, if you are still experiencing problems, then chances are your local podiatrist may hold the key to a pain-free future.
But hang on a second – don’t podiatrists look after your feet?!
Why a Podiatrist can help you with Lower Back Pain
While it’s true that podiatrists (or chiropodists in the UK) assess and treat conditions and injuries of the feet and lower limbs, they may also be able to help if you are suffering from back pain.
It all depends on what is causing the problem.
Remember the old song which you may have sung as a child:
“The ankle bone’s connected to the shin bone,
The shin bone’s connected to the knee bone,
The knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone,
The thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone,
The hip bone’s connected to the back bone … etc “
And there you have the answer: because our bodies are made up of a complex network of muscle, bone, ligaments, etc, when one part is affected, it can cause pain and suffering in other areas.
What this means is that if there is a problem with the function and/or structure of your feet, your body will begin to compensate as you walk, run and play sport. You won’t even be aware that your body is doing this, but over time the extra stress and strain can result in problems with lower back pain.
So if you are suffering from chronic back pain and are searching for a way to fix the problem, perhaps it’s time to pay a visit to your local podiatrist clinic!
Author: Trevor Lane is a Brisbane podiatrist with a strong interest in bio-mechanics and the treatment and management of sports injuries. In his spare time he enjoys a range of sporting pursuits including indoor soccer, touch football, surfing and skiing. Find out more at:

Harley Street’s Leading Hypnotherapist Malminder Gill Explains How Stress Management Techniques Can Help Back Pain

If you’ve ever had lower back pain, or are a constant sufferer of the same – then you know there is no single miracle cure that can rid you of the problem. Modern medicine proposes that you treat lower back pain by only focusing on the anatomy of the lower back region. However, most of us will find far better results by firstly keeping an open mind, and secondly by attacking the problem from multiple angles.

The following methods and remedies have proven very effective in alleviating and quite often freeing the patient of lower back pain completely. The best part is that they work wonders in combination.

Get Your Juices Flowing

The goal here is to allow your body to generate the very built in mechanisms it has to help you combat pain. We are particularly interested in releasing valuable endorphins which are hormones responsible for a variety of generally good feelings. Endorphins work by actually preventing pain signals from being activated in the brain. (WebMD, 2016)

Take part in exercises and sports that you love, meditation, and treating yourself to a nice massage every now and then, are all powerful endorphin boosters.

Power To The Core

Your abdominal muscles are naturally situated directly opposite to your lower spine and are therefore meant to provide counterbalancing and support. The only way to get your abs strong is to devote time regularly to their development. You can set aside 30 minutes every alternate day by doing simple ab exercises. (Graeme Keys, 2016)

Make Those ‘Hammies’ Nice And Flexible

Your lower back works in union with your glute muscles and your hamstrings on a daily basis. So when your hamstrings are tight all the connecting muscles leading up the lower spine also clamp up to share the pressure. Make it a habit to get down on your behind everyday legs spread apart and do some good old-fashioned hamstring stretches, looking to soothe and loosen the muscles.

You Deserve Better Sleep

Almost 66% of sufferers of chronic lower back pain experience some sort of sleep deprivation or the other. If if you’re serious about winning the battle against lower back pain, work actively to treat your sleep problems at the same time.

Your Mind – Your Best Weapon

How we perceive pain is directly a result of the brain interpreting signals and then delivering the unpleasant responses we feel and experience.

Science has shown there are ways to lessen these signals and even work around them. Hypnosis techniques have helped many people realise what it means to be pain-free when medication failed to make a difference. (Tan G, e. (2016). Hypnosis treatment for chronic low back pain. – PubMed – NCBI. [online] Available at:

Throbbing pain can be easily arrested and alleviated by self-hypnosis once you appreciate how you can develop control over the inner workings of your mind.

Hypnotherapy is widely becoming an accepted effective answer to managing pain. If you’re not getting any joy, and more importantly relief, from prescription painkillers, why not give hypnotherapy a try?

Malminder has published an academic paper in the ‘Sleep and Hypnosis’ journal on the topic of chronic pain, which can be found here


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If you wish to find out more about Hypnosis-in-London, or book an appointment with Malminder, please contact or call 0207 971 7677

Spinal manipulation can be useful for some people with low back pain.
By Alex Tauberg

Some people with back pain have back pain because of what we call joint dysfunction. Joint dysfunction is when the facet joints of the spine are not functioning correctly. The facet joints of the back are two joints located on each vertebra. The facet joints connect the vertebrae to the vertebrae above and below. The joints are important for both mobility and stability of the spine. They allow the back to flex, extend, rotate, and laterally flex. They are especially important in preventing the spine from extending too far. When the facet joint is dysfunctional it does not move how it normally should. Most often this means that the facet joint does not move as much as it normally should. This decrease in movement can cause pain and discomfort. Spinal manipulation and mobilization are effective treatments that can be used to help restore the motion to the joint and help relieve the joint dysfunction. Spinal manipulation is the application of a low amplitude by high-velocity thrust. In plainer terms, this means an impulse that is very fast but also small. Similarly, mobilization is the application of a constant or oscillatory lower velocity force to the joint. During both of these procedures, the goal is to move the joint. Once the joint is able to move within its normal range of motion again the pain that was associated with its dysfunction is often relieved. Chiropractors, physical therapist, and some doctors perform spinal manipulation on patients with low back pain in order to provide them with pain relief. Once a patient’s mobility has been restored, through mobilization or manipulation, the goal is to help the patient maintain their mobility. This can be done by showing the patient stretches and exercises to perform on their own time.

Alex Tauberg Bio: “I am an evidence based chiropractor, certified strength and condition specialist, and a nationallyregistered emergency responder. I specializes in treating musculoskeletalconditions. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and am the owner of Tauberg Chiropractic & Rehabilitation in the Pittsburgh area. I graduated with aDoctor of Chiropractic degree from the National University of Health Sciences,and with a B.A. in Psychology from Eckerd College. I am a team chiropractor forthe Pittsburgh Vengeance. I am currently enrolled in the University of Pittsburgh’s primary spine provider program. I have previously completed aclerkship at the Bay Pines VA while in student clinic.”

Welcome to the world of active sitting and a chair that just might change your life.

Our bestselling Balance Ball Chair provides all-day ergonomic support for a stronger healthier back. By sitting on the ball, you’ll improve your posture and spinal alignment while getting a powerful core-strengthening workout.

Ergonomic back support and spinal alignment
Strengthens your core as you sit
With anti-burst, 52cm Balance Ball
Easy one-tool assembly
Stable, yet lightweight base is made from molded PVC
Designed for heights of 5’-5’11″ and weights up to 300 lbs.
Desktop workout guide provides an effective low-impact workout and stretching routine
Rolling, lockable caster wheels

Core Health Darien
Rugby & back Pain

You might not be aware of this but In 1957, Dr. Sinclair, a man from South Africa came to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa. He brought with him a rugby ball to keep himself in shape. Dr. Sinclair was a rugby major league all-star in Africa. Soon he had a few other chiropractic students playing and a tradition in Chiropractic care began. Today, Rugby is played at both Palmer and Life Chiropractic University in Marietta Georgia.

As rugby players we all are too familiar with the back aches the day after a match. What we learned by adjusting each other was how effective chiropractic care is in treating a back problem. You can not run up and down a field for an entire match if your back is hurting. Add to that the number of sore necks after a brutal scrum. The bones of the spine are supposed to stay in place. We all know that is not always the case. This is where common sense should prevail- put the darn bone back in place. Yes, that is what chiropractors bring to the table- bones being where they belong. Now with many weekend warriors sitting at their desks all week long, the back muscles will go weak even with diligent training. This leaves the athlete with a disadvantage.

The body cannot operate at full efficiency if the bones are not in their proper location. Knees can go out of place. Is it reasonable to suggest that by realigning the femur that you might run a little bit better? Of course. Now chiropractic alone will not solve all back problems but it should be the cornerstone of treatment outside of injuries requiring surgery. You will play better and you will certainly feel much better the next day. There are thousands of chiropractors who played rugby and now practice chiropractic full time. Chances are if you are at a match there is a chiropractor close by.

Want to know why? Chiropractic works. The skeleton supports the entire body when a bone subluxates the body operates on a lower level. Elevate your game by seeing a chiropractor. Just ask the player next to you who they use.

Brian McKay
Palmer College 89
Former Second Row


6 Secrets About Low Back Pain

Low back pain is the leading cause of limiting physical activity and work absence throughout most of the world. The economic impact of this health problem burdens individuals, families, communities, industry, and governments. In the United States, an estimated 149 million work days are lost every year because of low back pain, with total costs estimated to be between $100 to 200 billion USD a year (of which two-thirds are due to lost wages and lower productivity). At present, low back pain is treated mainly with analgesics, yet the CAUSES of lower back pain are rarely addressed. Surgery remains the last option when all other strategies have failed, but the outcomes are extremely disappointing.


1. Low Back Pain is a Symptom – Not the Problem or the Diagnosis!

For most bodily conditions, diseases and maladies, it is expected that a doctor do a careful and thorough evaluation before determining a diagnosis. Quite often, the diagnosis for lower back pain is “lower back pain”. This diagnosis is often determined following an evaluation that might last 60 seconds and not include even touching the patient or taking an x-ray. Therefore many physicians are literally diagnosing their patients with the very symptom with which their patients present. Sometimes the diagnosis may sound a bit different such as Lumbalgia, Pinched Nerve or Muscle Spasm, but they all basically means the same thing. Without a proper evaluation, without an x-ray, without understanding spinal structure, without keeping up with current spinal biomechanical research, without analyzing the spine as a whole to determine ROOT CAUSE of the pain, the “low back pain” diagnosis falls very short.

2. Medicine Does Not Address the CAUSE

Now that you have a symptom-based diagnosis, your physician will recommend medicine. Whether over-the-counter or prescribed, these medicines don’t have brains. They don’t know where or why you hurt. All the doctor is hoping for is that it makes you feel better and you are satisfied. These medicines all have side effects which put thousands in the hospital each year for such things as heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, liver failure, internal bleeding, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure and degenerated spinal discs. These medicines don’t heal in any way. They mask the pain if you’re lucky, however, when you don’t feel pain, you can do more harm than good by pushing yourself further than you should. Pain is your body’s way of letting you know something is not right. Taking medication is your way of telling your body to “shut up” and stop communicating with you. When the meds don’t do the trick, you will most likely return to your doctor and he/she will prescribe the next treatment in their “doctor bag”.

3. Steroid/Cortisone Injections

Well, at least these are targeted to the areas that hurt. Site specificity certainly doesn’t mean that your outcome will be any better, but at least there is some aiming involved with a shot. This can be painful and has numerous side effects as well, including an increase in pain, headaches, anxiety, sleeplessness, fever, elevated blood sugar, immune system suppression, stomach ulcers, cataracts, and can lead to a collapsing of a vertebra. Death has also occurred as an unfortunate side effect. In my over 22 years of professional practice, I have rarely seen cortisone/steroid injections work long term. Don’t get me wrong, when you are in pain, you’ll try anything, but with the side effect risks, it makes sense to pursue more effective, less invasive solutions.

4. Physical Therapy Can Have Bad Outcomes with LBP

When you return to the doctor with the same or worse pain, your next stop will be the physical therapist. There are many states in the union where doctors have a financial stake in the very physical therapy clinics to which they refer patients. The latest research has been studied and published and finds sending a patient to physical therapy (PT) for chronic lower back pain is worse than receiving no treatment at all (Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, April 2011). In other words, PT makes most patients with lower back pain worse. PT’s do not address low back pain stemming from a biomechanical structural problem, yet most back pain is rooted in poor spinal structure/biomechanics. It just makes no scientific or logical sense to have someone with a great deal of lower back pain do strenuous lower back exercises. That’s treating the symptom. PT’s do not address improper structure before prescribing exercises. Improper structure leads to improper function and pain. Fix the structure, fix the pain. Ignore structure, create more problems. Thus the patient will most likely return to the doctor worse than before. The doctor will say, “We’ve tried everything. It’s time for a surgical consultation.”

5. Surgery is Usually NOT the Answer

If you want back surgery, you definitely want to consult a surgeon. 42.7% of people studied who initially visited a surgeon for a low back consultation underwent surgery. In a different study, the majority of people who underwent lumbar fusion, a common lower back surgery, never returned to work. There are 80,000 cases of failed back surgery each year, a 19% re-operation rate and about 90% of these surgeries were not necessary. With the cost of back surgery approaching $200,000, are you sure you’ve tried everything?

Most health practitioners tend to divide the examination of the spine into regions: neck, mid back and lower back clinical studies. This is a mistake. John Bland, MD says it very clearly: “The three units are closely interrelated, structurally and functionally – a whole person with a whole spine.” He goes on to explain that the neck may be painful or symptomatic because of a problem in another region of the spine and vice-versa! He then adds, ‘Sometimes treating the lower back will relieve neck pain, or proper management of the neck will relieve lower backache.”

6. Here is our UNIQUE and Highly Successful Solution to this Problem:

We establish a diagnosis BEFORE recommending treatment – this means that we will perform a most thorough evaluation of your entire spine. Why your entire spine if only your back hurts? Remember that each part of the spine affects other parts and should be viewed as a whole structure, not in fragments. Our evaluation consists of a comprehensive health history, digital postural assessment, orthopedic, neurologic, range of motion analysis as well as full-spine, radiographic studies, analyzed by state of the art spinal biomechanical analysis software. From all this data, we determine if your back pain is biomechanical in nature. If so, …

Can we improve your biomechanics? To determine if we can improve your spinal structure and to what degree, we test your structure using scientifically proven methods. If we determine that there is a great possibility of success, then we set measurable goals and map out a custom treatment protocol that typically lasts between 8 and 26 weeks to make permanent, measurable, precise changes necessary to give you immediate relief and a brighter, healthier, pain-free-future, one that will allow you to reach your health goals and change your life going forward in ways you never thought possible. This treatment protocol consists of painless adjustments to the spine and proven, targeted stretching and strengthening exercises to restore proper biomechanics.

There is really no question as to the cause of most back pain: Mechanics run the body. If your mechanics are off, your spine and your health will suffer. To argue this principle is to argue with gravity. Fix the structure (the CAUSE), and the pain (the SYMPTOM), will be eliminated not temporarily, but long term. The good news is that once you begin spinal correction, the body responds quickly and the pain begins to dissipate.

Dr. David A. Shapiro, DC, CEO

Complete Spine Solutions


Aching bones and joints. We all get them, however old we are. The inevitable increase in their power to hurt gets worse as we age, with around 30% of all post-menopausal women suffering from osteoporosis and half of those sustaining a fracture by the time they’re 50 . Moreover, a massive 8.5 million British citizens are affected by joint pain, which accounts for 49% of all sick leave, costing the economy around £7bn annually .The good news is that a unique new natural solution, LithoLexal®, is now here to help over the long term.

What Makes LithoLexal® Different?
Award-winning LithoLexal® offers a new generation of products specifically created to change bone and joint health in the UK population, addressing the growing economic cost of sick days and the personal cost for sufferers. LithoLexal® products challenge traditional calcium alternatives, which are rock-based and hard for the body to absorb easily and effectively. LithoLexal® is the only range of bone and joint health natural supplements containing a unique marine plant-based extract, which is completely different from the rock-based ingredient used in all generic calcium products. More than 25 scientific studies over 17 years have been published in relation to LithoLexal®, demonstrating its proven ability to support and protect long term bone and joint health.

We Can Rebuild Them!
Did you know that that our bones are capable of rebuilding and repairing themselves if managed correctly? In fact as an adult, 10% of your entire skeleton is actually regenerated each year . The Bone Rebuilding Cycle is a continuous cycle of bone breakdown and bone formation. The balance between bone mineral dissolving and its ability to produce new regenerated minerals governs whether bones are made, maintained or lost.
Feel Clinically Proven LithoLexal® in Your Bones
LithoLexal® bone health products are clinically formulated to:
• Support bone health and strength
• Reduce the loss of bone mineral in post-menopausal women
• Improve collagen formation and joint function in both women and men

Scientific studies have shown that LithoLexal® can help and support the normal Bone Rebuilding Cycle. Its unique marine plant-based calcium is bioavailable, which means that it is more easily absorbed by the body than rock-based calcium. It is therefore more effective in helping to stop bone breakdown and then promoting bone formation.

One trial involving 300 post-menopausal women, demonstrated LithoLexal®’s significant benefit as a bone health protector alongside other positive bone quality measurements. It concluded that: ‘Within postmenopausal women, osteoporosis and the subsequent risk of bone fracture significantly affects morbidity and mortality and has become a major public health problem. The primary goal of nutrition strategies for bone health is aimed at preserving bone density through the provision of sufficient calcium and the maintenance of calcium balance’ .

LithoLexal® Bone Health OSTEOPOROTIC is formulated for bone mineral density strength. It is particularly suitable for women at menopausal age and beyond.

LithoLexal® Bone Care ELEMENTAL is formulated to maintain bone structure strength. It is suitable for all adults at risk of reducing bone density, from pregnancy to endurance athletes through to all age ranges and life stages.

Easing the Joints – How LithoLexal® Can Help Repair Them
Although prevalence of joint health problems such as osteoarthritis isn’t necessarily an inevitable consequence of ageing, it does tend to rise as we get older, with joints beginning to creak after years of wear and tear to our tissues, cartilage, ligaments and muscle as well as our bones. Targeting the body’s inflammation pathway is the key to any successful joint repair process, alongside the crucial regeneration of cartilage and collagen.

LithoLexal® Joint Health ADVANCED has been formulated to help support the formulation of collagen, which contributes to healthy cartilage, especially proteoglycans, and therefore maintaining the normal function of joints generally.

Two double-blind placebo-controlled clinical studies in people with osteoarthritis showed significant improvements in movement quality and distance in one trial and a combination of movement and pain relief in the other.

LithoLexal® is available exclusively from Holland & Barrett:
LithoLexal® Bone Health OSTEOPOROTIC RRP £24.95 for 60 tablets (one month’s supply).
LithoLexal® Bone Care ELEMENTAL RRP £24.95 for 60 tablets (one month’s supply). LithoLexal® Joint Health ADVANCED RRP £29.95 for 60 tablets (one month’s supply).

Virtual Physical Therapists

“The recent articles on low back pain published in Lancet 2018 describe an epidemic and a call for action. They reviewed all of our current treatments and have found NO benefit for almost all of them, including: massage, manipulation, surgery, gels, acupuncture, etc.

They did find positive outcomes with the following:
1. Maintaining activity.
2. Mechanical Assessment to determine directional preference and resultant exercises.
3. Aerobic activity.
4. Positive expectation on recovery and positive education from medical personnel.
5. Empowerment – actively involving the patient in their own treatment.

Low back pain has now become an epidemic, because of how we are currently treating it. The suffering with low back pain now have a 50% higher rate of becoming chronic than they would have 20 years ago! The current gimmick are not working and instead are making us worse.

Our company using state of the art technology to connect those suffering with a highly trained specialist in the mechanical assessment, via a live secure video consultation. Rather than treating your symptoms, our clinician assess for the cause and provide education on how to eliminate the problem. We are focussed on evidenced based research to empower the patient. We are the only company that insists that all of our clinicians are Certified in the Mechanical Assessment to assure the best outcomes.

Our app can be downloaded from both the apple and google play stores. Our current price is $89/visit, but we can give a $25 discount to your readers for a limited time.”

The Amazing Tennis Ball Back Pain Cure .

An ideal book for active people who find that back pain hinders their performance both on and off the pitch and want an easy way to feel better fast. The only piece of equipment required is a tennis ball, which costs less than a dollar.

This top-rated book was written by Justin Price, one of the worlds’ top experts on joint and muscle pain. You can find a description of the book below as well as a bio for Justin.


This easy-to-follow book from Justin Price, creator of The BioMechanics Method® and one of the world’s top back pain experts, is the ultimate guide to helping you overcome back pain. Unlike other books on back pain relief that recommend dynamic stretching or strengthening exercises that can make the problem worse, The Amazing Tennis Ball Back Pain Cure provides simple techniques and soothing exercises that address the underlying cause of your pain and prepare your entire body to move without the constant discomfort that has become an unwanted part of your life.

If you want to get rid of your back pain naturally and for good, you must address the two most prevalent causes of pain (overworked muscles and irritated joints) before you start putting your body under the stress of exercise. Justin has spent more than 20 years helping people put an end to chronic pain with his easy, insightful, and intuitive tennis ball program and he has taught his remarkable techniques to other health professionals around the world who use them to successfully eliminate their patients’ muscle, joint, and back pain. Now his methods are available to you in this truly amazing book.

The way The Amazing Tennis Ball Back Pain Cure works is simple. You use a tennis ball as a tool for self-massage in strategic areas around the body. Knowing exactly where to place the ball and how to perform the easy techniques in this book can bring about incredible relief from:

• Lower back pain

• Upper back pain

• Sciatica

• Disc issues

• Muscle tension and joint pain

• Pain in the feet, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, neck, and head

It really is possible to cure your back pain with a tennis ball. So stop living with pain and get back to enjoying the things in life you love. Get The Amazing Tennis Ball Back Pain Cure today.


Justin Price is an award-winning pain relief exercise expert with over 20 years’ experience in understanding the causes and cures for chronic muscle and joint pain. His internationally recognized programming and techniques (The BioMechanics Method® are used in nearly 60 countries by Specialists trained in his unique methods. He is a subject matter expert in musculoskeletal assessment and therapeutic exercise for the world’s premier health and fitness organizations including The American Council on Exercise, PTA Global, IDEA Health and Fitness Association, Personal Training on the Net, Fitness Anywhere/TRX, and Fitness Quest/BOSU. Justin is also a consultant to numerous media outlets such as Time Magazine, Newsweek, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, MSNBC, WebMD, FoxNews, Discovery Health, Prevention Magazine, The British Broadcasting Association, Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Fitness, Tennis Magazine and Arthritis Today.

When it comes to the conditioning of the back and all related musculature of the ‘core’, they don’t come more experienced than Neil Whyte of Western Australia.

Neil was one of the first fitness professionals in Australia to specialize with ‘Swiss ball’ training for athletes and back and postural conditioning.
Neil has been a fitness and wellness coach for 25 years and over the last 5 years has dedicated most of time to creating and running a unique health retreat in Australia with his wife Jenny. Neil also has 4 different Swiss ball guinness world records and performs internationally on large TV shows displaying his amazing feats of balance and strength. Interestingly, Neil is as dedicated to his health as much as he is his fitness, making him a true balanced leader in health and fitness.
He has even developed an innovative ‘Healthydesk’ designed to be the healthiest station available for people in the seated workplace. The desk is on a twenty degree angle and height adjusted legs to suit the height of the user, along with sitting on a quality Swiss ball. The overall benefit is much improved postural alignment, no slouching with the shoulders, better spinal health, blood flow, concentration and balance. Interestingly, metabolism is increased and burning more calories on the ball as opposed to a conventional chair due to the activation of an enzyme lipase.
So what is the best way to keep the back healthy? Neil says “ Movement is the key, but not just any movement. Humans have evolved over millions of years of primal evolution to move skilfully and never to sit statically for too long. Unfortunately nowadays too many people are planted like trees during the day at work. How you move and how much you move plays a critical part. What you eat can also be critical to not just internal health to your blood, organs etc but also important to the health of the spine and muscle recovery. Exercise is also like food; it can either be good for you or bad for you.
Movement skill of ‘the core’ ( spine, shoulder and hip girdle) plays an important role to functional conditioning, balance and pain management. Most Swiss balls ( big exercise balls) unfortunately are cheap, unsafe and not built for exercise performance. In Australia we have created the two best balls in the world, and if used correctly, in my opinion is the best tool to have in your amour for back health and overall exercise conditioning.”

Managing Back Pain and Discomfort: Seven Tips for Long-Term Relief

Back pain is a very common complaint in modern society and there are numerous habits that can trigger the issue. A sedentary lifestyle, lack of mobility and too much time spent sitting down can cause back pain, as well as muscular weakness, imbalances and tightness.

As a massage therapist with more than 10 years experience, I have treated thousands of clients for back pain. Below is a list of seven tips to help you manage your back pain and give you the best chance at long-term relief.
Don’t Spend All Day Sitting!
It’s a well known fact at this point that spending all day in an office chair can cause lower back pain and postural issues. Many corporate environments are introducing standing workstations and variable height desks to combat the problem.

For those who don’t have access to this yet, I recommend standing every 30 minutes to relieve the pressure on your lower back. Studies show that standing up every 30 minutes re-engages the deep core – once your deep core is activated your spine will receive greater support.

Think of it like resetting a computer. By switching on your core muscles that have been at rest, you can prevent fatigue.
Get an Ergonomic Assessment of Your Workstation
Much like with standing workstations, many office workplaces are now conducting ergonomic assessments for employees to maximise productivity. These assessments measure aspects such as screen height and workspace configurations to prevent static postural fatigue.

As a general rule of thumb, your screen height should be slightly above eye level when working. When looking at the centre of the screen, your eyes should be pointing slightly downward. If you work from home, take the time to arrange your workspace ergonomically. Your body will thank you for it!
Stay Hydrated
This advice is beneficial for so many aspects of modern life, including the prevention of back pain. Our bodies are composed predominantly from water, and dehydration has been noted as a potential cause for many occurences of back pain.

The discs in our back rehydrate overnight when we are lying down – when there is not enough water in your system to effectively achieve this, the health of your discs can become compromised.
Treat Pain with a Heat Pack
Heating packs as well as hot baths and showers are cheap and very effective methods for managing lower back pain. Many forms of back pain are caused by muscular spasms, which heat therapy effectively treats.

By dilating the muscular blood vessels in question, heat therapy works to increase oxygen flow and circulation to the injured area, speeding up recovery.
Have a Consistent Movement Practice
As we get older, it is important to establish daily movement practices that support health and stability. Start introducing basic habits or exercises into your life that allow you to maintain good posture and flexibility in the long-term.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate or time-consuming, but make injury prevention a focus. If you don’t work certain muscles or train for flexibility, you can lose the benefits very quickly.
See a Soft Tissue Therapist for Muscle Adhesions
Muscular adhesions are a common cause of recurring back problems, especially for athletes. A soft tissue therapist can use active release techniques to break down the scar tissue that causes long-term discomfort and restricted movement. From a performance perspective, it is imperative that back injuries sustained by athletes are treated professionally.
Supplement with Magnesium
Magnesium is an essential mineral that prevents unwanted muscle contractions and spasms. If your diet is deficient in magnesium, these cramps can lead to ongoing back issues that hinder performance. Without the mineral, your muscles won’t relax. If you don’t get enough magnesium in your diet, there are inexpensive supplements available to help you make up the shortfall.

For more advice on massage therapy and the treatment of injury and sports conditions, head over to

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With proven TENS technology and wireless capability, Omron Avail allows for freedom of movement during treatment and treats multiple pain sites simultaneously

In an important development for millions of Americans who suffer from chronic and acute pain, global wellness technology leader, Omron Healthcare, Inc., today announced the arrival of Avail, an innovative over-the-counter medical device for safe and effective drug-free pain relief. Avail is Omron’s first TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit with wireless and dual channel capability that provides relief from chronic and acute pain. The device can treat multiple pain sites simultaneously and is controlled by Omron’s new mobile app, Omron TENS, enabling users to operate Avail remotely.
“Pain sufferers are already inconvenienced by their condition. Omron created Avail with wireless capability to restore their freedom of movement while they get pain relief,” said Carol Lucarelli, Director of Marketing and Product Development for Omron Healthcare, Inc. “And with two separately programmable TENS devices, the Omron Avail allows for customizable, multi-site treatment for individual aches and pains.”
The Omron Avail comes with two soft, contoured pads that fit comfortably and securely to treat a variety of areas of pain simultaneously. Avail’s five pre-programmed Body Pain Modes soothe lower back, shoulder, knee, elbow and leg pain with recommended therapies. Avail users can also design their own therapies using five additional pulsation modes – including steady, acupuncture-like, knead, tap and microcurrent – and 20 different intensity levels.
Bluetooth®1 connectivity on Avail provides wireless control of settings via the Omron TENS app, for on-the-go personal control of pain relief. Omron TENS for smartphones is available for free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.
The Omron Avail is designed to provide symptomatic relief and management of chronic and acute pain, relief from pain associated with arthritis or with sore or aching muscles of the lower back, arms, legs, shoulders or feet due to strain from exercise or normal household work activities. The device, which has received FDA clearance, is available for purchase at for $199.99. Those who purchase now may take advantage of the introductory pricing offer of $159.99 through March 31, 2018.
The National Institutes of Health has found that more than half of American adults (126 million) reported some type of pain within the last three months, and more than 25 million reported chronic pain (pain every day for the preceding three months.)2
Amid rising awareness and concern about opioid addiction, a problem for an estimated two million Americans3, pain sufferers are seeking drug-free alternatives for relief. The Gallup-Palmer College of Chiropractic Annual Study of Americans (conducted in February and March 2017) revealed that 78% of Americans now prefer to try other ways to address their physical pain before taking prescription medications.4
“Millions of Americans experience pain on a daily basis, and Omron is investing in TENS device innovation to bring them more options for safe, effective pain management,” said Lucarelli. “Avail is our new offering to bring accessible, convenient, portable drug-free pain relief to those who need it.”
A therapy regularly administered by physical therapists and chiropractors, TENS sends stimulating pulses across the surface of the skin and along the nerve strands. The pulses help prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. Electrical stimulation can also trigger the body to release endorphins, which act as natural painkillers, and improve blood circulation. Omron was the first company to market with an over-the-counter FDA-cleared TENS medical device for use at home.

Do you struggle to straighten up after bending over or sitting too long?

Pain and stiffness in your lower back is often caused by your psoas muscles. They sit each side; from the front of your hips, through your pelvis and attaching to the front of your lower spine. Their main action is hip flexion but they also help to stabilise the base of your spine.
When they tighten (from trauma or irritation from using your back incorrectly), they put a lot of strain on your back, increasing pain and tightness in other muscles and making it difficult for you to stand or lie straight.
Tight muscles around the pelvis will gradually pull your pelvic bones out of alignment, making you feel like one leg is longer than the other or that you can’t sit with your weight evenly distributed.
How to help yourself
1. Listen to your body: Muscles usually tighten up before they get painful, so use it as a warning that your back is not happy. As soon as you become more aware of your back either stop, change position, or alter the direction and level of your movements.
2. Stretch: This is very important, especially after exercise. The simple rules to follow are:
• Never stretch into pain – stop when you feel resistance
• Gently hold the stretch at your barrier until you feel it soften or lengthen – this might take 30 seconds or 3 minutes but if you don’t wait, you haven’t stretched.
• Follow your body to find the next point of resistance

3. Drink enough water: You are approximately 60% water. Dehydration affects your whole body and all your tissues will tighten up. Sipping water regularly throughout the day is the best way to stay hydrated and healthy.
4. Get treated: Treatment to realign your pelvis and release muscles will let you do more with less pain. This may be hands-on therapy like Myofascial Release, or exercises like Yoga or Pilates.

Bio: Nikki Robinson is a multi-award winning specialist Physiotherapist. She qualified as a Physiotherapist in 1993 and founded her Myofascial Release practice, Holisticare in 2006. Patients travel from all over the UK and beyond for the expert treatment that changes the lives of people who think they can’t be helped.
01279 718331

Information from the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) about back pain solutions – preventative, short term and long term.

By way of a brief introduction, the Alexander Technique is a holistic approach and a self-development technique. It corrects long-standing bad postural and movement habits that cause tension in our everyday activities. These commonly manifest themselves as acute pain in areas such as the upper and lower back, neck and shoulders.

As the Alexander Technique is a method of neuromuscular re-education that affects the entire musculoskeletal system, it teaches a better understanding and use of the body – the way it is meant to move and function naturally. In the process it helps us to figure out what our poor postural habits are, how they lead to backache and how to take control of them to eliminate or manage pain. The Alexander Technique is powerful, drug-free and non-invasive.

Once the technique is practised, the chances of further injury and ongoing pain are greatly reduced as you know how to use your body in conjunction with everyday tasks and sports e.g. avoiding bad postural habits such as hunching of the shoulders, hollowing of the back, a twisting of the arms and the collapse of the ribcage. It is pulling ourselves out of shape that causes physical discomfort and pain. Once we are able to remove these interferences in our body-use, a new ease of movement can take place.

Crucially, where the management of pain is concerned, it puts the individual back in control. People often find the technique when looking for a cure and then carry on implementing it to manage their back pain or prevent it occurring again. An excellent overview can be found on NHS choices at

As far back as eight years ago, the British Medical Journal published a major comparative clinical study which showed that lessons in the Alexander Technique significantly reduced lower back pain in NHS patients ( It highlighted that the patients showed a reduction from twenty-one days in pain per month to just three. Twenty four lessons with a trained Alexander teacher proved far more effective than prescribed exercise from a GP or massage – improvements that were still sustained a year later.

A method of self-help to ease aches and pains and care for your back is to lie in the semi-supine position. This is coined as ‘active rest’. To do this:

· Lie down on a firm surface, like a mat or rug on the floor, with a couple of paperback books (approx 5cm high) under your head to raise it slightly

· Bend your knees with your feet flat on the floor about shoulder-width apart

· Take some time to allow yourself to ‘arrive’ and settle in this new position

· Be mindful of your breathing. Notice how you are in contact with the floor and your head with the books; notice the main weight-transmitting areas – the back of your head, the two shoulder blades, the back of the hips and the feet

· Think of the whole of your back, starting at your tailbone and gradually working all the way up to the top of your spine, with the idea of a gentle unfurling all the way up

· Ideally, lie in the semi-supine for 10 to 15 minutes each day or when you feel the onset of aches and pains. It’s a little like the reset button on a computer for your health and wellbeing!

· To learn more or find an Alexander Technique teacher near you go to

Cheribundi is anot-from-concentrate tart cherry juice made from a proprietary juicing process developed by scientists at Cornell University to yield peak antioxidant levels. The natural health benefits of the tart cherries in Cheribundi are strongly supported by over 50 scientific studies published in various, acclaimed global trade publications,such as the Journal of Nutrition, British Journal of Sports Medicine, and the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine in Science andSport. Cheribundi has electrified the sports world with more than 210 professional and college sports programs as well as thousands of individual triathletes, runners, cyclists, and club team members drinking Cheribundi as part of their training. Every 8oz. serving of Cheribundiis packed with 40 – 60 tart cherries containing powerful phytonutrients andantioxidants. Tart cherries have been shown to improve sleep, decrease muscle soreness, increase immune system support and reduce swelling. Cheribundi tart cherry juice products are available nationwide in grocery, natural and specialty retailers, as well as on Amazon and

Iconic topical analgesic Ralgex Muscle Rub Cream returns to the market

Iconic topical analgesic brand, Ralgex, returns to the market. LanesHealth has been working to relaunch the recognisable brand with refreshed packaging, website, POS and PR campaign. Ralgex Muscle Rub Cream has strong brand recognition amongst sportsmen and women as a trusted muscle pain remedy, offering symptomatic relief of muscular aches and stiffness.

Ralgex Muscle Rub Cream is available in a handy 45g tube, ideal for keeping in a sports bag, and its hero active ingredients include methyl salicylate, turpentine oil, levomenthol, camphor and eucalyptus oil. For use before or after exercise, the effective warming ingredients increase blood flow and soothe pain.

Ralgex Muscle Rub Cream also offers symptomatic relief of muscular aches, pains and stiffness, including backache, lumbago and fibromyalgia and can be applied up to three times a day.

Ralgex Brand Manager, Miriam Luff, says
“We’re delighted to revive Ralgex and launch the Ralgex Muscle Rub Cream to retailers nationwide. With its warming active ingredients, Ralgex Muscle Rub Cream not only helps consumers experiencing soreness from sports activities, but also other painful conditions such as chronic back pain and fibromyalgia.

“Ralgex can offer effective symptomatic relief to anyone suffering with muscular problems and the handy 45g tube makes it an ideal locker room or sports bag essential for busy consumers on the go.”

Ralgex Muscle Rub Cream is suitable for adults and children aged 12 and over.

Ralgex Muscle Rub Cream retails at £3.69 for a 45g tube pack.

The Ralgex Muscle Rub Cream launch is backed by digital, press advertising, PR and POS.

For orders please contact LanesHealth sales team on 01452 507458.



Finding high-quality care for back pain in a timely manner is a hassle – it is inconvenient, confusing and opaque. Patch is removing the hassle, making pain and injury care quick, convenient, and personalized.

Patch enables users to book physical therapy appointments at their home or office with top, vetted physical therapists. No more waiting weeks to start care or having to travel ~1 hour round trip to appointments. Our clients are loving the convenience of getting the care they need on-demand at a time and place that works with their schedules.

Patch offers on-demand visit packages or a monthly subscription that includes 1 or 2 in-person visit (s), a personalized recovery plan, and unlimited communication starting at $135 / month (~70% less expensive then traditional monthly physical therapy with a co-pay). Patch is currently operating in NYC, Boston, Nashville, Denver and expanding to other cities soon.


My name is Angela Van Nutt and I am partnered with an incredible company called HempWorx. Back in December, I was looking into the health benefits of CBD oil. I found that it has low levels of THC making it legal in the United States! It also made it safe for my entire family to take!
CBD has helped my children with their anxiety, ADHD, and my son specifically with some of the issues he faces being on the autism spectrum… Myself and my husband have seen incredible breaks for our anxiety, migraines and lower back aches!
One of the main qualities that CBD possesses is that it carries huge anti inflammatory properties allowing our bodies to relax from the inside out! It may help with so many things, but chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety and depression are some of the top reasons people use it today!
It is ever growing in popularity and it is changing the world!

Web link is for anyone wishing to look into helping themselves with CBD oil!

The Wellness Program Helping Businesses Improve Employee Morale and Reduce Workplace Stress

Australian businesses are turning to Corporate Wellness Programs to help combat the $10.9 billion in untreated workplace mental health conditions every year. Businesses are also reaping the rewards with happier employees and increased productivity thanks to Wellness Programs that promote movement and mindfulness. FLO Wellbeing, one of Australia’s leading Corporate Wellness Providers, are helping employees reduce pain from sitting all day and stress from deadlines, while also helping businesses save money, generating $2.30 in benefits for every $1 spent on wellness programs. Research studies have shown that movement and stretching during the day while sitting, walking, or standing, is critical to maintaining wellness. With benefits including fewer repetitive motion injuries, reduced tension and pain caused from large amounts of sitting. Activities such as Pilates and yoga have also been shown to have positive effects on mental health.

The State of Workplace Mental Health in Australia Report found that 45% of Australians will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime, and healthy employees are up to three times more productive than less healthy colleagues. As a result, businesses are using programs like those delivered by FLO Wellbeing to boost employee morale, engagement and reduce stress.

Mandy Millan, Founder of FLO Wellbeing, launched the business after several years working in the corporate world. Like most around her, she was burned-out and exhausted from the long hours and stress. She had also developed serious back issues, so she turned to movement through Pilates and mindfulness meditation to fix the problem and create a better life.

Having experienced the benefits of Pilates and Meditation she became a Certified Pilates Instructor. Mandy has taught in studios and owned her own practices in London and Sydney. Travelled overseas visiting wellness centres all over the world and worked directly with health practitioners understanding the negative impact sitting at a desk for long periods of time can do to your body and mind.

FLO Wellbeing offers a complete corporate wellness program for your business. They take the time to listen to your needs, understand your company’s culture and create something that is fresh, effective, and memorable. They deliver Corporate Wellbeing programs that are professional, educational and fun. Flo wellbeing’s focus is movement and mindfulness into the workplace. Delivering Pilates, yoga & mindfulness meditation sessions into your office and events and retreats. They create change; change in your workplace and change in the lives of your employees. Through tailored programs they not only teach your employees about movement and mindfulness, they educate them on making life changes that will support their wellbeing in the long-term.

Businesses can take advantage of the expert-guided sessions, not only to help boost employee morale and reduce stress, but also to save money and increase employee retention.

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Treating Your Back Pain With Alternative Therapies

Suffering from soreness caused by overused muscles? Or perhaps you are plagued by chronic back pain? If modern Western medicine isn’t doing the trick, it is worth exploring the alternative therapies available. Some of these therapies date back centuries and have been proven to alleviate – even cure – back pain in sufferers after just a handful of sessions.

In this article, we take a look at the some of these alternative therapies in more detail and discuss how they could help you treat back pain.


Probably the most well known of the alternative therapies on this list, and is even used by our NHS. It’s a staple part of traditional Chinese medicine dating back 2,000 years and involves inserting needles in specific points on the body. Like most alternative therapies on this list, the chances of side-effects are rare, unlike a high number of Western, modern medicines. Practitioners claim that the careful insertion of needles into specific points in the body to relieve back pain by helping to ease tense muscles.


Thanks to the likes of Michael Phelps cupping has caught the interest of the public and become more mainstream. It involves the suction of blood to the surface of the skin allows for the relaxation of tight and tense muscle tissue. Also, cupping can be used on trigger points to help speed the recovery of sports injuries and improve overall ability.

Indonesian Massage

This form of therapy is a deep tissue massage that helps ease muscle tension, perfect for temporary soreness from sport or physical activities as well as people who suffer from chronic back pain. Not only does this type of massage stretch the muscles and loosen knots, it also manipulates lactic acid and lymphatic drainage in the body. Whilst this process would happen normally, at a much slower pace, massage helps fast-forward the process and remove waste products from the body that could be causing back pain.

If you could benefit from learning any of these alternative therapies then contact Total Therapy Training today.

Total Therapy Training is a company dedicated to teaching people alternative methods of medicine so that they can help cure and alleviate a variety of ailments suffered by their clients. Through a series of classes, students can learn new skills or develop and advance ones they already possess.

Are You Standing on Your Back Pain?

Studies show non-drug approaches, such as custom orthotics and chiropractic, are more effective in reducing low back pain

Do you suffer from back pain? If so, you are not alone. A staggering 540 million people suffer from low back pain at any one time. For many, low back pain is a global, reoccurring problem that is being mismanaged with highly-addictive painkillers, according to the Lancet Medical Journal series on low back pain. The Lancet study also states that it’s hard to find a specific cause of low back pain. Unfortunately, the pain is often misdiagnosed because most doctors do not look to the feet as the origin of pain and fail to assess the body’s entire biomechanical structure.

Most chronic low back pain is due to some form of musculoskeletal weakness or structural imbalance. The root cause is often an imbalance in one or both of the feet that eventually contribute to health concerns farther up the kinetic chain, especially back pain conditions. When we stand, walk or run, the lumbar spine and pelvis balance on the lower extremities. This means that normal foot mechanics can adversely influence the normal functions of the ankle, knee, hip and the back. Structural imbalance of even minor degrees can result in incapacitating injuries and persistent disabilities.

There is hope. A 2017 study published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation found that custom-made foot orthotics significantly reduce low back pain. The study observed 225 adults with symptomatic low back pain. At six weeks, patients who received Foot Levelers custom-made orthotics noted a 34.5 percent decrease in low back pain. Interestingly, when chiropractic care and custom orthotics were used together, the decrease in low back pain was more than 40 percent.

“Low back pain is one of the most common reasons cited for missed work. Most alarming is the link between low back pain and the deadly opioid epidemic, a challenge that is effectively addressed when custom orthotics and drug-free chiropractic care are the first-line approach for low back pain management,” said Manuel Duarte, DC, MSAc, Chair of Clinical Practice at National University (Lombard, Illinois) and one of the study’s lead researchers.

Kent Greenawalt, CEO, Foot Levelers, the world’s leading provider of custom-made functional orthotics, has witnessed countless patients suffering from low back pain demonstrate considerable improvement: “There is significant scientific evidence that explains the foot-spine connection, but the bottom line is that using custom orthotics to balance and support the feet – the foundation of the body – helps balance and support the spine.”

Don’t be sidelined by low back pain. Consider chiropractic care and custom orthotics as the first line of defense. They are proven to be a safe, drug-free and cost-effective approach to managing low back pain.

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