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FireAngel’s portable carbon monoxide alarm: The holiday essential you might have missed!



With the summer holiday season fast approaching, thoughts are beginning to turn to packing our bags and heading off for a much-needed break. Whilst many will have already thought about stocking up on summer essentials such as suncream or insect repellent, one safety essential you may not have considered is a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm.

Carbon Monoxide is a deadly gas, which causes over 200 people to be hospitalised every year, leading to around 50 deaths. Known as the ‘silent killer’ it is particularly dangerous as you cannot see, taste or smell it, causing it to be invisible to the human senses.

Awareness of holiday safety and CO poisoning has risen in recent years and yet according to Gas Safe Register, 40 people have been killed or injured by CO, whilst staying in a tent, caravan, holiday cottage or boat in Britain in the past two years alone.

Packing a CO alarm in your suitcase is the best way of being CO safe, whether you’re holidaying abroad or here in the UK. Fire Angel’s CO-9X 7 year portable CO alarm is ideal, and will alert you and your family to CO emissions from boilers, cookers, BBQs and other fuel-burning appliances.

Its light and compact design means the alarm is no bigger than a bar of soap fitting easily in your suitcase. Once arriving at your holiday destination the alarm can be simply placed on a shelf and switched on.

The alarm has been designed to comply with all British standards, accurately measuring even low levels of CO ensuring you will be alerted to the presence of Carbon Monoxide at any time.

Supplied with an internal power pack and sealed batteries meaning the alarm will detect CO for 7 years, helping you and your family to be CO safe on holiday for years to come.

Director of the UK’s leading CO awareness campaign Project Shout, Rob Lyon comments: “We all think about taking some safety essentials with us on holiday, whether it’s travel insurance or first aid kits, but a carbon monoxide alarm should also be front of mind when packing your case.

“The nature of carbon monoxide means only an alarm will alert you to its presence. Popping one of these on to a shelf in your villa or apartment can give you peace of mind that you and your family are protected at all times against the deadly gas.”

The Fire Angel CO-9X retails at £24.99.

For stockist information along with hints and tips on how to stay safe from CO, visit







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