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Reyna and Woody Found Freedom with their Ebikes

Reyna has always loved biking, fostering animals, and anything that involves being in the great outdoors. Born and raised in San Marcos, California, she grew accustomed to San Diego County and its abundance of places to explore, from snow to sand, and anywhere in the sunshine! Though she struggled with asthma from a young age, she never let it keep her from doing what she loves.

As her asthma worsened over the years, it eventually impacted her overall strength and ability to bike ride for longer distances or through grueling terrains. She began to look for more creative or innovative ways to remain active without jeopardizing her health, like exploring the world of electric bikes. Her search for an e-bike would inadvertently allow her to share her passion for biking with her best bud, Woody, eventually becoming a local icon in their own community! Here’s their story of how an unexpected foster turned into the adventure companionship of a lifetime, with ebikes helping both Reyna and Woody overcome the adversities they faced….

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