Amazing HARIBO treats available this Halloween

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Amazing HARIBO treats available this Halloween

HARIBO Sour Skeletons

A new limited-edition share bag launched just in time for Halloween, HARIBO Sour Skeletons are playful, themed and fun.

Adding a unique sour bite to the sweet selection, these fruity sour jellies come in various flavour combinations, including Lemon & Lime, Blood Orange & Pineapple and Cherry & Blackcurrant.

HARIBO Monsters Z!ng

Taste buds at the ready, HARIBO has launched NEW HARIBO Monsters Z!ng, a wonderfully zingy jelly treat.

Fun and themed, HARIBO Monsters Z!ng delivers the perfect hit of sweet and sour. Each pack contains four monster-shaped pieces; choose between Apple Frankenstein, Blackcurrant Witch, Lemon ghost and Blood Orange Dracula.

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