Do you have smelly shoes? You need Zorpads. >>

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Do you have smelly shoes? You need Zorpads. >>


Finally, a shoe odor-eliminating product that actually works, thanks to NASA and Harvard Business School.

Zorpads, Inc. designed and launched a revolutionary odor-eliminating shoe insert made from NASA-tested technology. The $5/pair, sticky shoe inserts fit in any shoe and are made from space-grade odor-destroying technology. Sierra Smith and Taylor Wiegele, co-founders of the venture designed and crafted Zorpads while at Harvard Business School. The product won multiple accolades including Top 10 business in the 2016 FIELD3 launch program, semi-finalists in the 2017 HBS New Venture Competition, and was part of the Spring 2017 cohort in the Venture Incubation Program at the Harvard Innovation Lab. The team secured funding for the launch from Rough Draft Ventures in April 2017 and manufactured this month. “We’re thrilled to finally be solving a problem that 85% of people encounter,” says cofounder Wiegele. “Nobody is satisfied with the current solutions on the market and there hasn’t been any innovation in the category. We’re changing that.” Wiegele brings marketing and product development savvy from experience in consumer goods at The Clorox Company, retail at Target Corporation, and aerospace at SpaceX; while Smith has deep knowledge of scaling opportunities and growing companies from time in strategy and operations at Cancer Treatment Centers of America and Plan de Ville, an e-commerce retail startup. “This product is only the beginning,” says cofounder Smith. “We are out to change the entire odor elimination market.” To learn more about Zorpads, or buy the product, visit

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