A Gift for A Mum who cares deeply about our planet! www.theotherstraw.com The Gift That Is Changing The World.

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Jamie-Lee and Lennart, are the social impact couple behind theotherstraw.
theotherstraw was founded whilst trying to solve one of the world’s biggest challenges; plastic pollution.

We are stunned with the number of plastic waste on our beaches, throughout nature, in city centres, in oceans and basically everywhere else. Plastic straws are among the top 10 plastic items found in beach clean ups every year and we have seen first-hand the negative impacts the straws were having on marine life and humans all over the world. We had to do something about it.
We are obsessed with ending single-use plastic items. It makes absolutely no sense to get rid of an item within a couple seconds, especially when that item takes minutes to make and then hundreds of years to break down into tiny fractions whilst polluting land, waterways and ultimately ending up in the ocean, continuing its path of pollution. We want to inspire humanity to make more sustainable and ethical decisions. Especially when it is not difficult (at all!) to live more sustainably. We will achieve this one sip at a time.
theotherstraw is a sustainable enterprise replacing single-use plastics straws with reusable, eco-friendly, organic, 100% natural, biodegradable, sustainable bamboo straws.
To eliminate plastic straws by encouraging the use of sustainable, reusable straws. We will achieve this one sip at a time.
A world without plastics.
At our core, theotherstraw thrives on empowerment, impact and collaboration.

Want to know more? Visit our website: www.theotherstraw.com

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