A Few Thoughts On the Present Window Of Opportunity for getting new flooring before the Christmas rush!

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After the summer holidays and back to school rush there exists a little window when many of us get the chance after a very busy summer and back to school rush to actually take a few weeks or month and a haalf to make important alterations, upgrades and refurbishments to the enteriors of our homes. With the little ones at school during the day many people suddenly find they have half a moment here and there to consider vital improvements to the interiors of certain rooms that do see a lot of bustle through the year and may actually need completely gutted or have more simple alterations such as floors changed or walls painted and so on…

I must confess immediately that i do change my floors in some rooms quite frequently. I have over the years had everything, from lino to carpets, solid wood… even laminate flooring and recently I discovered a product which i am actually very happy with indeed. 

That product is Engineered Wood Flooring  and i have been astounded by the finished quality and the price compared to both laminate and solid wood flooring! Its dramatically cheaper than solid wood but really not much more than laminate! The effect is stunning and almost indiscernable from solid wood flooring! I’m actually delighted with my living room which i recently had done and just now many people will have some time to perhaps think about getting new flooring in! 

Yet… how do they achieve such a great product at a fraction of the cost! Weel… it turns out that engineered wood flooring actually has a veneer finish on top of the main wooden base. the makers actually use the real finished hardwood of your choice on top of a soft wood base and that way they provide the finish and quality of real sold hardwood flooring but at a vastly reduced price! 

Getting that done now before the Christmas rush really starts and even before Fall and the up coming Halloween break is ideal because with people coming round during the longer evenings for social visits and even a party of two over thanks giving and the holidays means you have the peace of mind that your home is looking really tip top!

It really is lovely snuggling up on the sofa and having your floors looking brilliant, just really helps you to relax, not least if you have been looking at the same flooring for years! Simple changes like this do make all the difference! For example, even something as simple as replacing your skirting boards can make an impact. They can make your new flooring come to life and make it look more put together.

Please choose carefully and have a wonderful Fall & Christmas!

Very best Wishes!

InTouch Rugby Homes & Interiors Editor!

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