6 Must-have Gears for Spearfishing in 2021

6 Must-have Gears for Spearfishing in 2021 Sometimes it can be very overwhelming when looking through spearfishing gear options especially since there are a plethora of options to choose from. […]

6 Must-have Gears for Spearfishing in 2021

Sometimes it can be very overwhelming when looking through spearfishing gear options especially since there are a plethora of options to choose from. Everyone you speak to has a different opinion and what is in the opinion, the best option.
So, the goal here is to walk you through essential information on what you need to have and know before beginning your spearfishing adventure.

Here are some recommended gear for spearfishing in 2021

 – Spearguns
Spearfishing can not be done without a spear gun, as it is an essential component to catch target fish. They come in different types and options, so you just have to test out what works best for you.
A speargun has certain components such as a
Trigger handles, which is located at the base and is shaped like a long barrel
The shaft, which is the metal spear
The flopper which is the point at the end of the shaft
The monofilament line, which attaches the end of the speargun to the shaft
What size works best? It depends. For shallow water and caves, a short spear gun not more than 75cm would do the job. For deep water diving, you would need a large gun, roughly about 150cm with more than on rubber, for additional range and power when locked onto a target.
An important safety tip is to always keep the speargun right in front of you, with the tip away from any part of your body. Also, remember to keep your fingers away from the trigger unless you have locked in on your target. Never randomly aim at unidentified targets. Practice very well with spear guns before venturing into the water, as it will help keep you comfortable and relaxed when using them.

If you are a beginner or even an experienced diver, you can visit this page to get some very good types of spearguns and pole spears for your next spearfishing adventure.

– Spearfishing Masks
A mask is essential to enable proper visibility underwater. This is especially so since you find yourself plunging into deep depths when spearfishing. Make sure they are a picture fit for your face and there are no defects, such as leaks. It is best to head to physical stores when getting a mask, instead of ordering one online. You need to make sure they are a perfect fit for you while testing them out. Also, look out for one that is affordable and does not affect your field of vision.

 – Wetsuits
Wetsuits are skin-tight clothing worn over every part of the body to prevent as minimal water as possible from entering. Your body heat is trapped, keeping you warm especially in colder waters. are a necessity to keep you both comfortable, safe, ensure you are not thrown off by currents, and most importantly, prevent cold. Wetsuits help you stay warm and keep your temperature steady when you go deeper into the water.

Remember to get a weight belt along with the wet suit to maintain balance and float properly along currents. It is important the wetsuit fits you well and is not too tight so you can feel snug and able to move and maneuver in the water. If necessary, get your measurement taken and have a custom-fit suit specially designed for you.

Wetsuits can generally be divided into closed-cell wetsuits- that are usually worn during diving classes, characterized by their thick build that helps keep you afloat. The other type is an open cell wetsuit, which is not thick and allows for greater flexibility, and feels more comfortable to wear.

 – Gloves
Gloves are a very important safety tool and protection against stings, sharp rocks, and other injuries. They also help keep your hands warm and comfortable. Make sure the gloves you select fit the water temperature you want to go spearfishing in. it should also be a perfect fit for your hands, so your fingers do not feel trapped in them. It also helps to get flexible masks, as this would be greatly beneficial when handling spears and catching sea creatures with your hands.
Durability, flexibility, toughness, and a perfect fit are the things to look out for with gloves.

 – Fins and socks
The best fins for spearfishing are the long ones. They are incredibly helpful in water and will help you move freely and swiftly without too many hassles. As far as fins are considered, the longer the better. Go for softer fins, that would not hurt your ankle or cause stress when moving in the water.

Make sure to personally shop for them, as it is paramount here. It helps to prevent swelling and gives enough space to maneuver freely. A very tight fit will leave you with crampons and sores while deicing, while a loose fin can rub off and leave you with wounds on your ankle and feet. Be sure to also get a pair of socks while shopping for fins and test both out to get the perfect fit.

 – A Knife
A handy knife is always a good idea, especially a small one that can be kept within distance and removed easily. It does not need to be too bulky or big, just good enough to handle with minimal fuss, with a sharp point. An affordable knife made of stainless is a good bet. It can be used to cut through entangled fishing lines, cutting up fish dealing with minor inconveniences, and also adds a measure of safety and protection when diving.

 – Conclusion
Spearfishing is a very fun and relaxing activity. Although there are a plethora of options regarding safety gear and items to take along, we have curated some options and what to look out for.
Remember that as a beginner, comfort and fit matter the most. You don’t want your first experiences to be uncomfortable. Make sure you go to the local store to try as much gear as you can till you find the perfect fit. If need be, get one custom-made for you. It is always best to be able to enjoy your experience when deep diving.

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