5 Things You Should Know About Dash cams and Making Claims

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5 Things You Should Know About Dash cams and Making Claims

Dash cams have become quite popular with vehicle owners that want to record their surroundings as they drive around. The cameras are mostly set up to capture stuff that is fun as well as positive, which is then shared with friends or family. Additionally, the presence of a camera on the dashboard can come in handy when involved in an accident hence need footage of the incident to share with your insurance company.

Dashboard cams and car insurance claims

Even as dashboard cameras continue to grow in popularity, it is essential to understand their position under the Law. Fortunately, the use of the gadget is supported by Law in Australia and does not require any permission or notification before they are installed in the car. Even so, it is important to understand what the Law stipulates about them when it comes to making car insurance claims. Some of the things to note are:

  • Insurance companies accept dash cam footages

Footages from dashboard cameras are recognized by companies that insure a variety of motor vehicles as well as the police. The videos captured give actual evidence of what happened without having to rely on witnesses. Most insurance companies and law firms such as Logan Law leverage the information to pursue successful cases on behalf of their clients.

  • Invest in a good dash cam

Since the footages captured by the dash cams is the basis of the claim, it is crucial for them to be clear and captured from the right angle. Therefore, it is essential for drivers to have a state of the art camera that will record their surroundings at all times. It is also important to have a Micro SD that will store the recorded videos for future reference.

  • Dash cams can earn you a discount

In a bid to encourage drivers to use dash cams, insurance companies are offering discounts to car owners that mount them in their cars. The discounts range between ten to fifteen percent on the premiums they have selected. Even so, it is good to confirm the terms and conditions that guide the rewarding of discounts.

  • Dash cams can put you at fault

Although most drivers mount dash cams so that they can capture footage that can be beneficial in case of an accident, the reverse may happen. In some cases, the video can be used by the police to pursue a lawsuit against you, the owner, resulting in your insurance company paying for damages.


  • Hire an experienced motor vehicle insurance lawyer  

In case you are involved in an accident and have recorded it on your dash cam, you need to seek the services of an attorney. Hiring a lawyer that has a good track record in motor vehicle injury can make a difference between winning and losing your case.

Overall, the more information you have on the relationship between dash cams and insurance companies gives you an edge when making a claim.

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