5 favourites in the Rugby World Cup 2019

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5 favourites in the Rugby World Cup 2019

Things are seriously heating up over in the Land of the Rising Sun. Not only is this the first time the competition is being held in Asia, but it’s the first time there have been more than five serious contenders for sealing the win. If you’ve been tuning in to the Rugby World Cup and getting involved in the action on websites like Caesars Casino and Sports, chances are you’re in the process of weighing up who are the hottest contenders to be raising that trophy come November 2nd. Today, we’re looking at the top five contenders in the race so that you’ll know who to back for victory.

1 – New Zealand
We all know the All Blacks are one of the mightiest teams in the world, and this World Cup team are no different. Plus, many of the team were playing in the last World Cup, which means they are experienced and know how to handle the pressure. The All Blacks have some of the best players in the world, so their line-up should never be underestimated. When the chips are down, these guys know how to play hard.

2 – Wales
After winning the Six Nations Grand Slam, Wales are ranked the top team in the world in 2019. And without a doubt, they will be bringing that winners energy to the field in Japan. Not only do they have world class players across the board, but they have an incredible defence that never quit. Sure, a couple of key players have been injured, but this squad are fine without them and will fight until the end.

3 – England
Coming into the tournament, England are bringing just the right kind of energy, plus the squad are in tip top condition with virtually no injuries plaguing the side. While many doubt England’s temperament when under serious pressure, when they get it right – they get it really right. With England’s place already secured in the final eight, could 2019 be the year they seize victory?

4 – South Africa
While the South Africa side have certainly faced a couple of difficult years, coming in to the Rugby World Cup the side is undeniably fearsome, given their sheer size and physicality. Their attacking players are a force to be reckoned with. The experience and pragmatism of their half backs is not to be shrugged off either, and those facing the back-three are in for trouble. Keep your eyes on the Springboks, they could very well pull it out of the bag!

5 – Ireland
When it comes to star players, Ireland has them in abundance. To be in with a chance of becoming World Champions, let’s hope Conor Murray and Jonathan Sexton are on form, because if so – we could be in for quite the show. Combine their prowess with a powerful and seriously aggressive forward pack and Ireland could take out even the most fearsome opponents – even the All Blacks, who they have defeated in their last three meetings.

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