5 Digital Marketing Platforms Cannabis Businesses Are Not Allowed to Advertise On

5 Digital Marketing Platforms Cannabis Businesses Are Not Allowed to Advertise On

5 Digital Marketing Platforms Cannabis Businesses Are Not Allowed to Advertise On

Social media provides the best and easiest marketing strategy thanks to the birth of the internet. You can do numerous advertisements, some free, while some require some form of payment, especially if you desire to reach a broader audience.

However, as social media is open to all businesses, you should understand your preferred social media’s ad policies to avoid issues with the law.

One business that comes with the most controversy is the cannabis business. Different states have regulations to guide such companies.

If you are looking to get your business to social media, these are platforms you may never get permission to advertise.

  1. Facebook

Of course Facebook is home to many internet users today. From businesses, individuals, and various government and non government agencies. According to experts, it counts as one of the most influential sites within the social media space.

However, Facebook restricts cannabis ads. Their main agenda is to ensure that they provide informational content to their audience, which ensures that they put strict rules especially regarding illegal and recreational drugs such as marijuana.

If you wish to start a business page on this platform, you may not be successful even if you are offering anything informative about the drug.

Here is a full post on why you can’t advertise on Facebook.

  1. YouTube

It is a platform that allows users to share videos.  You are free to share anything informative. When it comes to advertising illegal substances, they will not let you share it.

Nonetheless, if your cannabis content is information-based, you may be lucky to get an advertising opportunity. By information-based, we mean that you gear your content to helping people know the effects of the drug.

They also note that they do not allow advertisements for dangerous drugs in their policy.

  1. Snapchat

Users in this platform can share video content as long as your intention is not to promote illegal activity.

When you read their ad policies, they prohibit everything regarding illegal and recreational drug advertising. That means that organic advertising of the drug may be an offense while using Snapchat.

  1. Reddit

The social media platform allows users to post informative content with links to their sites or businesses included.

Reddit will allow anything informational, according to their content policies. On the other hand, if you intend to promote your cannabis business, you cannot do it with them.

Additionally, they do not allow any illegal or other recreational drugs advertisement.

  1. Twitter

When you read their policy, they restrict any marijuana ad on a global scale. Regardless of your location in any part of the world, it may be a criminal offense if you market on this platform.

So if you are thinking of starting a company page on Twitter, it may not last long before the “Twitter Cops” come after you.

However, keyword search on Twitter indicates that you may find some organic tweets on the same.


It is also vital that we note that a site like Pinterest will allow you to post about organic cannabis as long as it does not have THC.

Before you settle on advertising on any platform, be sure to check what policies they use especially when advertising illegal, recreational, or any other drug.