4 Travel tips to know about Melbourne, AU

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4 Travel tips to know about Melbourne, AU

Australia is home to some of the most breathtaking, fantastic beaches for splendid surfing experiences, intriguing coffee culture, friendly locals, among many other things that any traveler would love. You will find world-class shopping malls, stores and historic landmarks in a city like Melbourne. Such a stunning city also has beautiful laneways and arcades along with great food, cafés, galleries, and boutiques. For you to have a seamless trip, here are 4 travel tips to guide you as you head to Melbourne.

Plan early

Though it might seem like a small place, do not underestimate what Australia has to offer. Start planning your trip early to give yourself plenty of time to explore the city. Determine where you would like to go, the distances between these places and book tours early in advance to ensure that you have a smooth, passionate time.

Melbourne has several hot spots to visit.  From the Great Ocean Road, Uluru, to participating in activities such as snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef you will definitely have the best time of your life. For lovers of sports, Melbourne hosts amazing major sporting events every year. You can also visit the areas like the Valley wineries, the Dandenong Ranges among many other places.

Make a list of all the places you would like to visit in Melbourne. In case you are not sure, there are several guidebooks and online resources to assist you. But, if you intend to go beyond Melbourne to other cities like Sydney, know that you will need to be prepared for long distances between different places. Also, have a set budget for your transport, accommodation, food, and activities since it can be quite expensive.

Gather all the necessary documents

You need all the travel documents to be ready before traveling to Melbourne. Top of the most important documents are the visa requirements. A valid visa is a must for you to enter Australia. If you also plan on going to other cities apart from Melbourne you’ll also need your visa for short stopovers.


Ensure that you apply for your visa on time through the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs page to see which visas are available and choose from a visitor visa, eVisitor visa, or Electronic Travel Authority visa if you’re travelling as a tourist. Those planning to work or study in Australia will need a different type of visa for longer stays.

Understand the weather patterns

Find out more about the weather forecast. There are four seasons in a day in Melbourne ranging from hot and sunny, windy, rain and storms. Due to this, it is best to have the necessary gadgets ready such as sunglasses, an umbrella, and extra clothes.

Know that there are strict quarantine laws

The Australian Government is very strict on the quarantine laws. A Passenger Card will be handed to you on your flight that you’ll need to fill out to state that any plant material, food or animal products you are carrying are safe. Low-risk materials will normally be returned to you, but if any of the officers sense a sort of threat, the goods will be confiscated and you may need to pay a fee.

With the above travel tips, you can now get ready to enjoy the fresh, natural scenery in Melbourne. For those looking to move to Melbourne , you can find cheap and reliable removalists to help you move.

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