4 Tips To Making Sure That Your Home Is Secure While You Are Away

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4 Tips To Making Sure That Your Home Is Secure While You Are Away

When you leave for vacation or for a business trip you need to be guaranteed of the safety of your home.  Knowing that your home is safe is one of the ways that enables you to go about your business without worrying? Unfortunately, most of us leave traces that suggest the home is deserted. Yellowing newspapers and stuffed mailboxes are giveaways that you are not at home. This article explains what you should do when going away for some days.

  1. Install a Surveillance System

Installing a monitored security system could be the safest thing to do. It will allow you to have a piece of mind while you are away. Monitored surveillance guarantees that your security company is a call away. They will keep an eye on everything that happens while you are away.  If you don’t have enough money to spend on a monitored system, install a battery-powered camera. It may even allow you to check your home via an app. This way, you will be able to call the authorities when you notice something unusual happening.

  1. Home Maintenance

If you do not have a gardener to keep your lawn neat, this is the time to hire one. Overgrown bushes and newspaper piling tips off the burglar that the home is deserted. Talk to your newspaper vendor to stop supplying the newspapers until you are back. If you are in good talking terms with your neighbors, request them to bring your mail inside each day.

  1. Leave Your Key with a Family Member

The mistake that most people make is to try and hide the key around the compound when going away. Potential thieves check for the key in strategic places where you are likely to keep it. If they find it, it makes their work easier. So, ensure that you keep a spare key with a family member or a friend. You may also assign somebody to check on the home every day. Instruct them to open the windows and the doors for a few hours each day. It sends a message to the potential burglar that the home is not deserted. Also, it guarantees that your home will remain safe throughout.

  1. Ensure the Garage Door Is Disconnected

Technology is changing fast and it has even become easier to hack systems. In fact, burglars know that and will try to get access into your facility hacking the system. The latest technology systems can be hacked using universal remotes. Thus, disengaging the garage door opener when going away for a couple of days could be helpful. Install a manual lock and ensure that it is locked before you leave. Once the lock is installed, beef up the security by installing an outdoor sensor light. This way, burglars may not tell whether you are at home or not.

Having a modern security system will deter burglars and keep your home safe. Ensure that you have stickers of your security company placed in all entry points. It will keep potential thieves away and ensure that nothing goes wrong while you are away.

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