Vladimir Sloutsker on the creation of the Israeli European Congress

Vladimir Sloutsker on the creation of the Israeli European Congress Businessman and politician Vladimir Sloutsker shared his ambitious ideas about the future of Israel and the Diaspora with Justin Cohen […]

Vladimir Sloutsker on the creation of the Israeli European Congress

Businessman and politician Vladimir Sloutsker shared his ambitious ideas about the future of Israel and the Diaspora with Justin Cohen

Vladimir Sloutsker, politician, businessman, former head of the Russian Jewish Congress, actively advocates for Israel’s interests in Russia. He often had to go the difficult way. Even in Soviet times, only a few universities were ready to accept him as a student. Despite the difficulties, Vladimir Sloutsker successfully graduated from the University and received two Ph.D. degrees.

According to Mr. Sloutsker, everything has changed after the victory of Israel in 1967. The whole Jewish community was proud of the state and the nation as a whole. Despite this, his family was not yet ready to move to Israel. Vladimir Sloutsker’s father was skilled in the construction industry, and his mother worked in the tax field, so they did not hurry with the move.

In 2011, Vladimir Sloutsker repatriated and founded the Jewish Congress of Israel. The congress was established jointly with Danny Yotam, the former head of the Mossad, as well as with other well-known personalities. The main purpose of the congress is to promote the interconnection between the ministries of Israel, the officials of the country and the European communities in Europe. Such interconnection and support are especially important during the growing anti-Semitism.

Despite the close relationship between Israeli and European non-governmental organizations, sports federations, there was no link between the Israeli organizations and the Jewish communities of the EU before the Congress was established. Starting in 2013, a three-way dialogue was initiated between Israeli officials, as well as Jewish leaders in the EU and the United States. The Israeli-Jewish Congress also supported Jewish youth from Israeli youth. A program of young ambassadors was organized. Today, the Israeli Jewish Congress emphasizes the need for cooperation between the Jews of the whole world.

It goes without saying that all Jews cannot live in just one country – Israel. But it is also evident that Jews would hide their identity if Israel did not exist as a state.

With the help of Vladimir Sloutsker (https://jewishnews.timesofisrael.com/jewish-news-meets-vladimir-sloutsker-the-bridge-builder/), a campaign was made to change a number of laws in Israel. The changes were aimed at allowing every person who can prove his Jewish background to become a citizen of Israel. This law is a key point in determining the identity of the Jewish population.  Mr. Sloutsker notes that Jews can receive Jewish citizenship regardless of which country they live in. Every Jew, who has an Israeli passport, is proud of it. But at the same time, young people feel less attached to Israel than the older generation. That is due to the lack of a close relationship between Israel and the Jewish diaspora.

According to Vladimir Sloutsker, the common position of the European communities will help combat anti-Semitism more effectively. It is important that not only local governments and communities respond to attacks that take place in the UK, but that the reaction comes from both the European and the whole world community. Jewish journalists, lawyers should cooperate as closely as possible, including at the global level.

Vladimir Sloutsker is currently living in the UK and considers British Jewry to be more autonomous than other European communities. He calls it one of the most organized communities around the world. Recently, Mr. Sloutsker spoke at a conference organized by BICOM and “Jewish News”. During his speech, he expressed the idea that Brexit would contribute to strengthening intelligence as well as trade cooperation to combat terrorism. Mr. Sloutsker was also a member of the lunch organized by the Community Security Trust, the organization that provides security as well as protection of the Jewish community in the UK. It is important to note Ember Rudd, Minister of the Interior, who expressed support for the Jewish community, at the same time, emphasizing one of the most important issues – the increasing level of threats against the Jewish population. She stressed that it was necessary to actively fight anti-Semitism, including with its most modern manifestations.

Until today the United Kingdom has not yet banned Hezbollah. However, at a dinner organized by the Community Security Trust, they emphasized that this is, without a doubt, a terrorist organization, and one must be prepared for the consequences of such a determination. There is no separation between the military and politicians, where politicians prevail, and the military execute orders.

Regarding Israel, Vladimir Sloutsker supports the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the country and emphasizes that Israel is a respected and equal member of the international community. Nowadays the biggest threat is the division of society. This question is the most urgent, not delaying deferment. It needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. In the United States, there is a clear information policy aimed at overcoming national, racial, as well as religious conflicts in the country. In any American film, this policy is clearly traceable: representatives of each of religions and races interact, cooperate with each other. Such a policy helps to save society from the split. The period of racial disagreements can be considered past, the situation is gradually improving.

The State of Israel must follow the same path, develop clear lines in the field of education, entertainment, and communications in order to combat anti-Semitism. Only such policy will provide Israel with further prosperity.