Ulster Rugby U19’s v Connacht Rugby U19’s Saturday 24th Sept & Ulster Rugby U19’s I XV v Exiles Rugby U19’s I XV Sunday 25th Sept: TEAMS ANNOUNCED

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Ulster U19’s v Connacht U19’s Saturday 24th September 2011 Sportsground Galway
Kick Off 1-00pm
15/ Nathan McClatchey Wallace High School
14/Nicholas Sterling Ballymena Academy
13/David Scott Wallace High School
12/Mark Gribben Methodist College
11/Jordan Heatley Wallace High School
10/Robbie Magowan Wallace High School
9/Glenn Baillie Campbell College
1/Sam McNabney Ballymena Academy
2/Norman Sinclair Belfast Royal Academy
3/James Harrison Methodist College
4/Thomas Johnston Royal School, Armagh
5/Matthew Rea Ballymena Academy
6/Chris Gracey Methodist College
7/Rory Winters (Captain) Methodist College
8/David Patterson Belfast Royal Academy

Replacement Players
16/Marc Logan Ballyclare High School
17/Stephen Best Rainey Old Boys RFC
18/Andrew Clingan Royal School, Dungannon
19/Matthew Cahoon Grosvenor Grammar School
20/Rhys McAuley Dalriada School
21/Johnny McLaughlin Dalriada School
22/Timmy McNeice Royal School, Armagh
Ulster U19’s v Exiles U19’s Sunday 25th September 2011 West Park RFC Lancashire Kick Off 1-00pm
15/Conall Doherty City of Derry RFC
14/Johnny McMullan Ballyclare High School
13/Moss Rogers Campbell College
12/Johnny Douglas (Captain) Ballyclare High School
11/Peter Ferguson Ballyclare High School
10/Johnny Holmes Ballyclare High School
9/Matthew Keane Royal Belfast Academical Institution
17/Stephen Best Rainey Old Boys RFC
2/Stuart Smyth Grosvenor Grammar School
3/Andrew Clingan Royal School, Dungannon
4/Matthew Cahoon Grosvenor Grammar School
5/Matthew McKeown Down High School
6/Eugene McKenna Clogher Valley RFC
7/Conor Simpson Coleraine RFC
8/Michael Dawson Rainey Endowed School
Replacement Players
16/Connor Phillips Ballynahinch RFC
1/Sam McNabney Ballymena Academy
18/James Harrison Methodist College
19/Chris Gracey Methodist College
20/Glenn Baillie Campbell College
21/David Scott Wallace High School
22/Jay Malcolm Malone RFC

Management teams
v Connacht
Lead Coach Niall Malone
Asst Coach Richard Boyd
Physiotherapist Rory Murray
Strength & Conditioning Mattie Maguire
Manager Barney McGonigle
v Exiles
Lead Coach Niall Malone
Asst Coaches Chris McCarey Kieran Campbell
Physiotherapist Julia Webster
Strength & Conditioning Ross Finlay
Manager Clive Bowles
With a number of injuries sustained in the previous game against Munster, players going off to University and College courses and players not available to play on Sunday, the Ulster U19 management team has been forced into changes for the final games of the season. One team will travel to play Connacht U19’s at the Sportsground in Galway while another team will travel to play the Exiles U19’s at West Park in Lancashire. The game against the Exiles will be co-ordinated by two of the heroes of the Ulster team that won the European Cup in January 1999. Simon Mason is Director of Coaching at West Park while Mark Blair works as Exiles Development Manager for the IRFU>

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