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Directions Rugby Clubs Ulster – Clink Link HERE for club directions A full concise and complete explanation of how to get to any rugby club in the province known as Ulster Rugby.
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Provided by the Ulster society of Rugby Football Referees. The referees have their own website and travel the province to referee games every week. As a growing sport the number of referees is always increasing and they hold regular recruitment bootcamps and training to maintain the highest possible standards.
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Replacements / Substitutes

9.20.1Clubs may tog out up to five additional players, who may act as substitutes or replacements, subject to Law 3 of the Laws of the Game. A team should have five players who can play in front row positions, two of whom can play hooker and three of whom can play prop. For semi-finals and finals the number of additional players may be up to seven.

9.21 Clash Of Colours

9.21.1 In the event of a clash of colours, of which the referee is the sole judge, it shall be the responsibility of the away Club to change into a playing strip which is significantly different in colours from the normal playing strip, such strip to have been declared to and approved by the League Sub Committee or its nominee before the 15th September of any given season.

9.22 Team Sheets / List

9.22.1 Prior to the kick off, each Club shall be required to submit to the referee and the opponent Club its list of starting players and replacements / substitutes, correctly numbered. This list shall include each player’s registration number. A player must wear the jersey whose number corresponds to his number on the team list. The name/s of dual status players and/or replacements / substitutes and players who can play in the front row positions must be indicated. Failure to comply with this regulation may be the subject of a complaint by the opposing team, or the League Sub Committee and will be dealt with accordingly.

9.23 Playing Enclosure & Technical Zones

9.23.1The playing enclosure shall be defined preferably by a fence, if not by ropes.

9.23.2If there is a stand, seats shall be made available for replacements. Two technical zones shall be designated, both on the same side of the pitch, clearly marked in white paint, each nine metres long and three metres wide and not less than two metres from the touchline, one on either side of the halfway line, in which benches shall be placed and a zone shall be allocated to each team. The attendants and replacements shall remain seated within their zone. The referee has the authority to order them out of the playing enclosure if they fail to adhere to this requirement.

9.23.3Ball boys and a limited number of press photographers may also be permitted inside the enclosure.

9.23.4Replacements and substitutes shall enter the field of play from the technical zones and be introduced by the replacement touch-judge.

9.23.5Each team shall nominate to the referee its medical officer, team attendant / physiotherapist and coach. A maximum of 3 people is permitted in the technical zone in addition to the nominated replacements. The coach cannot act as team attendant who is the only person permitted on the field during the match, and only to attend to an injured player with the exception of 9.23.6 below. Players requiring water or drinks must come to the touch line.

9.23.6Each team shall also nominate its medical officer who is permitted to attend an injured player when required.

9.23.7Coaches are precluded from entering the playing enclosure (excluding the technical zone) during the course of a match except at half time when the coach may come on to the field to speak to his team.

9.23.8Kicking tees may be used by individual kickers for personal use.

9.23.9Sand shall be made available for both teams, if requested. It shall be brought on to the pitch in a non-breakable container.

9.23.10The home club shall supply touch judge flags.


Referee’s Information

The Number of Players and the Replacement and

Substitution of Players.

(a) A Team must comply with Law 3 of the Game in respect of the nomination and replacements/substitutions of players.

(b) Subject to (a) above the following shall apply:-

Grade of Match Nominated May Play
Senior Interprovincial, Junior Interprovincial, U20 Interprovincial, Representative 20 5
All Ireland League 20 5
Ulster Senior League and Cup 20 5
All Adult Cup Finals, and Semi Finals 20 5
Qualifying League Section 1 17 2
Towns, Junior, and McCrea Cup (Up to and Including Quarter Finals) 17 2
Gordon West only for 1/4 finals and subsequent – not(no subs) for Gordon West League knockout 17 2
Minor League 18 3
Under 20s 22 7
Schools Matches (Including Schools Cup) 22 7
Youth Rugby 22 7
All other Matches 15 0
In all Minor Competitions a team may nominate 18 players without the necessity of having front row cover. See Experimental Replacement/Sub Regulations.

Normal safety precautions in respect of front row cover should be applied.

Experimental Replacement/Substitution Regulations

Minor League and Cup Competitions.

With effect from 1st November 2006 the following additional regulations will apply to all Minor League and Cup Competitions.

Teams will be permitted to have up to 3 players who may be used as replacements/substitutes subject to the following:

(i)It will not be a requirement that any of the named replacements/substitutes be trained or experienced to play in the front row. If however any are, it will be the responsibility of the team captain to provide to the referee, before the match, a written team sheet which clearly identifies the players who are so trained and experienced.

(ii)In the event of one of the starting front rows being unable to continue he must be replaced by one of the previously identified front row replacements or the match will continue with uncontested scrums.

(iii)Other than as a temporary blood replacement the named replacements/substitutes may only take the field of play on one occasion.

(iv) A player who has been replaced will not be permitted to play for the remainder of the game other than to replace an injured player who is unable to continue, or as a temporary blood replacement.

(v)All substitutions must take place only after the request for same has been made to the referee by the captain.

N.B. The Referee should not be asked to provide or offer any advice in

I.R.F.U. Experimental Law Variation


The Under 19 Scrum Law Variations will apply to the following levels of Adult Club Rugby:

Junior and Minor Leagues and Cup Competitions


Engagement: Each prop must touch the opponents arm before the front rows meet. The Sequence should be: Crouch, Touch, Pause (Hold), Engage.

No Wheeling: A team must not intentionally wheel a scrum. Penalty: PK.

No Turnover: If a wheel reaches 45 degrees, the referee, must stop play. If the wheel is unintentional, the referee orders another scrum at the place where the scrum stopped. The same team throws the ball in.

Maximum 1.5 metres Push: A team in a scrum must not push the scrum more than 1.5 metres towards their opponents goal line. Penalty: FK.

The Ball Must be Released from the Scrum: A player must not intentionally keep the ball in the scrum, if the players team has heeled the ball and controls it at the base of the scrum. (The No.8 is the only forward allowed to pick up the ball in the scrum. Penalty FK.)


Each team must have equal numbers in the scrum at all times. The normal formation in an 8 man scrum must be 3-4-1.

A team must have fewer than eight players in its scrum when, either the team cannot field a complete team, or a player is sent off, or a player leaves the field due to injury.

If a team is without one player, the formation must be 3-4 (i.e. no No. 8)

If a team is without two players, the formation must be 3-2-1 (i.e. no flankers)

If a team is without three players, the formation must be 3-2 (i.e. only front rows & locks)

A scrum cannot take place with less than 5 players.

The players in the three front row positions and the two lock positions must have been suitably trained for these positions.

If a team cannot field a suitably trained replacement, then the referee must order uncontested scrums.


Magners league Technical Zone

The Technical Zone for the Magners league will now mirror that of ERC. Therefore the amendment to Magners Tournament Rules is as follows;

2a – ‘ No more than two medically trained persons, two water carriers, a tee carrier and Team Coach or Manager (6 in total) per team are permitted to operate from the technical zones.’

This is to keep in line with ERC’s Tournament rules so that there is consistency across the two competitions.