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Multipower Sportsfood is proud to celebrate 25 years of Fit Protein. The ready-to-drink shake packed with 53 grams of protein has helped millions achieve their fitness and muscle-building goals, thanks to its high quality concentrated protein content. Instantly recognised by its iconic brown bottle, Multipower’s Fit Protein has been a gym bag essential for a […]

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Recently I have been using Multipower’s Creatine in order to increase my ability to produce energy quicker, train harder and in turn, produce results quicker. Multipower’s 100% Creatine monohydrate is not only smooth, but it also goes down surprisingly well. Haven’t taken Creatine for at least 8 months, I had forgotten some of the major […]

Government accused of ‘tightening the belt” Government VAT shake on protein powder goes against initiatives to promote health awareness, says top NI supplement guru

A 20 percent VAT hike on protein powder products “goes completely against other government plans to improve health and wellbeing schemes here”, says one of Northern Ireland’s top supplement experts. East Belfast businessman Peter Baird – owner of NI Supplements – says the rise, which was introduced on October 1, has the potential to add […]