Brian O’Driscoll & His Dad Frank Tackle Prostate Cancer For Gillette’s Father’s Day Campaign

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This week rugby legend Brian O’Driscoll and his father Frank lined out to launch the Gillette Father’s Day campaign in association with the Irish Cancer Society and Tesco. The Gillette Father’s Day campaign aims to raise both awareness and funds for prostate cancer in Ireland. 10 cent from every product in the Gillette male range sold in Irish Tesco stores nationwide (ROI) until July 8th will go directly to the Irish Cancer Society.

“Not only men of a certain age but men of all ages find it difficult to openly discuss matters relating to aspects of our health. As a GP I know the importance of early detection. Many cancers including prostate cancer are curable if detected early. The Gillette Father’s Day campaign is a great way of raising money to ensure people affected by prostate cancer can get the information and support they need and to fund prostate cancer research. Not only will we raise money but we will raise awareness about prostate cancer and that will help people of all ages ensure that their fathers, uncles, husbands and grandfathers don’t let embarrassment stand in the way of getting checked.” commented Frank O’ Driscoll.

Currently in Ireland men have a one in nine chance of developing prostate cancer in their lifetime and it is recommended that men approaching 50 and onwards be more prostate aware, open discussions about their risk of developing prostate cancer with their General Practitioners and to consider the merits of screening. The Gillette Father’s Day campaign aims to raise awareness amongst men of all ages of the threat of prostate cancer.

Currently preparing for his marriage to actress and author Amy Huberman, Brian O’Driscoll added “Our lives are very busy these days making it very easy to ignore or miss the early signs of health problems. This Fathers Day’s campaign should encourage the man in your life to seek advice and help if he has any concerns. The Irish Cancer Society National Cancer Helpline on Freefone 1 800 200 700 can provide that advice and address any concerns. ”

“Prostate cancer is the most common male cancer and raising awareness of prostate cancer and encouraging men to look after their health is one of the key aims of the Irish Cancer Society. We continually rely on the goodwill of the public to get involved, raise awareness and help to raise money by supporting these types of campaigns. We are delighted that Brian and Frank O’Driscoll are supporting this campaign,” said Jim O’Malley, Corporate Partnerships Manager, Irish Cancer Society.

The Gillette Father’s Day campaign is an exclusive partnership with Tesco. Ten cent from the sale of every product in the Gillette male range goes to fund prostate cancer research and to ensure that the information and support for people affected by prostate cancer in Ireland is readily available.

Support services for men concerned about or affected by prostate cancer
The Irish Cancer Society is the leading provider of information on all aspects of cancer. Through the Cancer Information Service, we aim to meet the information needs of people concerned about cancer, through providing comprehensive cancer support, advice and information to patients, carers, the general public and healthcare professionals.

Our vision is for an Ireland where cancer services are world class in terms of; early detection through comprehensive screening programmes, scope and quality of patient care and support services, equity of access for all regardless of socio-economic group, geographic location or ethnicity and achieving best possible outcomes in respect of cancer survival and quality of life.

Our efforts are focused around cancer prevention, survival and quality of life, which will be delivered through programmes of Advocacy, Cancer Services and Research.

The Cancer Information Service encompasses Ireland’s only National Cancer Helpline (Freefone 1800 200 700) which is a free, non-judgemental and completely confidential telephone service. The telephone service offers information on all aspects of cancer, offering support and guidance.

An email information service and a walk-in face-to-face service are offered for anyone with concerns about any aspect of cancer. The Cancer Information Services team also provide interactive help online in the form of “CancerChat” which is a live chat room linked to the nurses, and “CancerForum” which is an online message board for members of the public.

Typical calls from undiagnosed men relate to a raised PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) blood test which can point to the presence of prostate cancer, waiting times for tests and investigations and questions on prostate cancer. Typical calls from diagnosed men relate to treatment options, especially the merits of hormone treatment and/or quality of life issues related to the consequences of treatment.

To speak to a specialist cancer nurse or to obtain a copy of MANHOOD or any other publications or factsheets on Erectile Dysfunction, Urinary Incontinence and Hormone Therapy that are available from Cancer Information Service 1800 200 700e-mail: or via live cancer chat which is available at (Monday –Thursday 9am – 7pm, Fri until 5pm).

Men Against Cancer
Men Against Cancer (MAC) is the support group for men with prostate cancer. MAC provides men and their relatives and friends with information, advice and emotional support from time of diagnosis and for as long as it is needed. This support group consists of volunteers who have had treatment for prostate cancer. These men are carefully selected following recovery and are trained to provide information and reassurance at a time when you are most in need. This service is provided on a one to one basis and is confidential.

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