Hit the spot with these and if you have any ideas for a hoodie or t then just email us through the contact us page on the home page. It is a pleasure to cover rugby in Ulster and to see the joy of victory and the coping with defeat makes it all worthwhile. The most important thing is the big fun element that we bring to our game. Taking pictures and diving for the camera is won of the best things we get to do @ intouch

Hoodie XL- £45
Hoodie L – £45
Hoodie M – £45
Hoodie S – £45

Looking forward to getting lots of dives for the camera, bring it all on – Ulster Rugby is on the up, players are going professional all over the province!

T Shirt XL – £20
T Shirt L – £20
T Shirt M – £20
T Shirt S – £20


“you play the rugby, we just try and cover it all”

Many Thanks.

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