Easter 2017 Gift Guide Part 1 > HAVE A WONDERFUL EASTER !!

Easter 2017 Gift Guide Part 1 > HAVE A WONDERFUL EASTER !!



Have a wonderful Easter ! Consider adding to the theme with these Easter themed items from >>> www.wilko.com


Wilko Plain Straw Easter Bonnet

Whether it’s for a school project or you’re looking for Easter crafts to do at home, this great value Easter bonnet is a must-have. As a customisable bonnet, you can add all of the finishing touches to it yourself, allowing you to be as creative as you like! Why not use our fabulous range of bonnet decorations to complete it in style?

See more at :- www.wilko.com/kids-arts+crafts/wilko-plain-straw-easter-bonnet/invt/0410478

Wilko Easter Foam Party Platter

Unleash your creativity and keep the kids busy during the Easter holidays with this brilliant Easter Foam Party Platter. The craft kit includes an assortment of plain coloured and glitter foam shapes including eggs, flowers, bunnies, bows, chicks and butterflies plus assorted colour pom poms for the perfect finishing touches. The set is ideal for creating your own Easter bonnets, cards or decorations.

See more at :- www.wilko.com/easter-crafting/wilko-easter-foam-party-platter/invt/0444002

Wilko Decorative Easter Chicks with Glasses 4pk

Add some fun to your craft projects this Easter with our cute 4 pack of Easter chicks complete with their own glasses. Perfect for decorating cards, eggs and other artistic creations.

Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small parts. Choking hazard.

See more at :- www.wilko.com/easter-crafting/wilko-decorative-easter-chicks-with-glasses-4pk/invt/0444006

Wilko Blox Fairground Large Set

Keep the kids busy with this brilliant Blox Fun Fairground Building Brick Set. This mega 675 piece set comes with full assembly instructions and includes everything you need to build this fun fairground and family figures. Features include a rocking pirate ship ride, rotatable ferris wheel, swinging chairs and a cafe area.

With Blox, see what else you can build – you don’t just have to follow the instructions, set your imagination free to see what else you can create! Blox construct…

See more at :- www.wilko.com/invt/0438405

Wilko Blox Space Ship Medium Set

Be part of the interstellar exploration team by building this Blox 200 piece futuristic space ship! The set includes an astronaut figure, and features a working cockpit canopy.

With Blox, see what else you can build – you don’t just have to follow the instructions, set your imagination free to see what else you can create! Blox construction kits have been designed to work together with the leading brand.

See more at :- www.wilko.com/blox-construction/wilko-blox-space-ship-medium-set/invt/0414823

Wilko Blox Sweet Shop Medium Set

Treat yourself to your favourite sweets and enjoy browsing the huge mouthwatering selection with this Blox Sweet Shop Building Brick Set. This 270 piece set comes with full assembly instructions and includes everything you need to build a sweet shop with figures. Deliver ice cream in the ice cream cart and serve customers from the outdoor table!

With Blox, see what else you can build – you don’t just have to follow the instructions, set your imagination free to see what else you can c…

See more at :- www.wilko.com/blox-construction/wilko-blox-sweet-shop-medium-set/invt/0438397

Wilko Easter Make Your Own Egg Basket Bunny and Chick Assortment

Why not get creative this Easter with our create your own Egg Basket? Coming complete with everything you need, this is an ideal craft project that will provide hours of entertainment, just provide the scissors! What’s more, the felt basket is perfect for putting gifts and eggs in too! Choose from a rabbit or chick basket – both available to purchase in store.

Pack includes: Felt, felt sticker, plastic needle, wool, double-sided tape, foam piece, EVA sticker, and full instructions.

See more at :- www.wilko.com/kids-arts+crafts/wilko-easter-make-your-own-egg-basket-bunny-and-chick-assortment/invt/0426901

Wilko Bumper Craft Kit 700pcs

Your little one can create countless craft projects with the huge 700 piece bumper craft kit!

Create amazing crafts such as colourful creatures, cool cards and fantastic photo frames! And when you’re done, use the handy plastic storage box to keep all your crafts safe and tidy.

Craft projects are great for stimulating your little one’s personal and social development through fun and creative play. Set contains EVA and felt pieces, sticks, pipe cleaners, white glue, pompoms,…

See more at :- www.wilko.com/creative-play/wilko-bumper-craft-kit-700pcs/invt/0415280




Easter doesn’t have to be expensive this year, so don’t put all your eggs in one basket-because the chocolate experts, Elizabeth Shaw, (which have been around and a house-hold favourite since 1881) have the perfect selection of mouth-watering chocolates that would please every-bunny. Each variety offers a sensuous combination of flavours and textures which makes them the perfect choice this Easter holiday.

There’s no need to hunt around for the best deals either, as Tesco has done all the hard work for you, with a little helping paw from the Easter bunny itself. Save a huge £2 on Famous Names, now £3 and save £1 on all Mint Flutes selling for just £1.50.

Mint Flutes are the perfect treat for all ages. Each flute is filled with a tasty and minty center encased within a smooth chocolate baton. Carefully created and delectably moreish.

Famous Names are the adult gift you didn’t know you needed, but 100% deserve. Each selection is filled with indulgent liqueurs from some of the world’s most famous brands, which makes this the perfect gifts for any budding chocolate connoisseurs.

All Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates are gluten free and made using only the finest ingredients.

Offers in Tesco are available until 12th May 2017.

Each box of Elizabeth Shaw chocolates is carefully created with expert knowledge to ensure an indulgent experience with every bite. A box of Elizabeth Shaw irresistible chocolates will add a tasteful touch to occasion, because ‘Chocolates speak louder than words’.

For further information on the full range visit www.elizabethshaw.co.uk


The chocolate experts, Elizabeth Shaw, which have been around since 1881 have the perfect selection of mouth-watering chocolates. Each variety offers a sensuous combination of flavours and textures which make them the perfect choice for Easter.

Elizabeth Shaw Original Chocolate Crisp (RRP £3.99) combines delicious chocolate with ’melt in the mouth’ honeycomb pieces, keeping to the original recipe to create a truly moreish taste. With an offering of the original dark chocolate mint, milk chocolate mint, and new milk chocolate orange and milk chocolate salted caramel, there is a box to suit all tastes.

Elizabeth Shaw Flutes (RRP £2.59) are the perfect treat. Each flute is filled with a selection of tasty flavours within a smooth chocolate baton. Each flute encases a rich infusion of flavour which comes in a choice of mint, amaretto, orange or cappuccino.

Elizabeth Shaw Mint Collection (RRP £5.99) is a sophisticated selection of delicious dark and milk chocolates infused with their specially selected mint oil. The arrangement includes the original mint crisp and tantalising flutes, presented in a stylish gift box.

Each box of Elizabeth Shaw chocolates is carefully created with expert knowledge to ensure an indulgent experience with every bite. A box of Elizabeth Shaw irresistible chocolates will add a tasteful touch to any occasion because ‘Chocolates speak louder than words’.

For further information on the full range visit www.elizabethshaw.co.uk

Eggs-treme Easter: Chocolate Egg with more protein than a dozen chicken eggs is on bodybuilders wish list

Discount Supplements, a leading UK health and fitness supplements retailer, have teamed up with chocolatier Jo Fensome to create the world’s first ‘supersized protein chocolate egg’ in time for Easter.

This egg packs a serious punch – being made from a high quality protein powder it is both low in sugar and low in fat, whilst sporting the same protein content as 6 eggs whites, 1 full chicken breast and a fist-sized portion of lean beef combined.

This limited edition range of confectionary is larger than life, with each egg twice the size of a standard chocolate Easter egg, but with far fewer calories per serving. In addition, rather than a hollow centre, the protein egg is filled with a delicious ganache mixture.

The recipe, created by Jo, proves that health conscious athletes can still enjoy seasonal treats, without piling on the pounds. Jo says “I bake and cook with chocolate and I like to think I have good taste buds when it comes to the sweeter things in life. I think people will be pleasantly surprised how delicious the protein egg actually is. I am really pleased with the recipe and it is so easy to make, I hope people try it at home.”

Approved by top Athletes

Discount Supplements partnered with some of the nation’s top athletes to trial the eggs themselves. These include professional footballer Adebayo Akinfenwa known as ‘The Beast’; World’s Strongest Man 2017 contestant and European Strongman Champion 2016 for deadlift and log press, Charlie Gough; Boxing instructor and ‘Beast Mode On’ fitness apparel company owner Lenchman D; and pro wrestler and fitness model Mike Mason.

David Lyall from Discount Supplements says “Optimum Nutrition protein powder is one of the best on the market and it is really popular. People assume you can only make shakes from protein powders but we have a team who devise recipes for our products including brownies and hot cross buns. To develop a high-protein Easter egg seemed the natural progression for us.”

Discount Supplements is the UK’s largest online sports supplements store. Based in Essex, our history has seen us grow from a small eBay sports supplement shop to the No.1 online sports supplement store, employing more than 40 dedicated staff, and offering fast next day delivery on the largest range of sports supplements available under one roof, at the best possible prices.


Perfect for Easter – Chocolate Truffles with Japanese Flavourings
Think Miso, Pickled Ginger, Rice Wine, Wasabi Furikake & Yuzu

Chocolate truffles have just become a little more sophisticated, thanks to the Japanese food experts, Yutaka. Perfect for grown-ups who are looking for a more intense chocolate hit this Easter with a range of interesting flavours:
• Miso Caramel – think salted caramel with a twist
• Shaoxing Rice Wine – a warm, boozy hit
• Wasabi Furikake – milder than chilli with the added crunch of sesame
• Pickled Sushi Ginger – chocolate & ginger with the surprising tang of pickle
• Yuzu – a hint of citrus
Chocolate Easter Truffles Recipe
Truffle ingredients – makes approximately 30 – 36
• 200g dark good quality chocolate
• 60ml double cream
• 80g unsalted butter
• Truffle cases

Method for all truffles

In a double saucepan (or a Pyrex bowl in a saucepan), place chocolate, butter and cream. Heat through slowly until smooth whilst whisking. Remove from heat and divide into 5 equal portions, adding the various flavourings to each individual portion as below. Place in the fridge to set – overnight if possible.

Filling & coating ingredients

Yutaka Shaoxing rice wine flavouring

• 2 tbs Shaoxing rice wine warmed
• Vermicelli for coating

Yutaka Wasabi Furikake flavouring

• 2 tbs Yutaka Wasabi Furikake
• Drinking chocolate for coating

Yutaka Pickled Sushi Ginger flavouring

• 2 tbs chopped Yutaka sushi ginger
• Cocoa for coating

Yutaka Yuzu flavouring

• 2 tsp Yutaka Yuzu
• 100g white chocolate – gently melted for coating

Miso caramel sauce filling

• 75g sugar
• 25ml water
• 50ml double cream
• 1 tbs Yutaka Miso
• 100g dark chocolate – gently melted for coating
• Pink salt crystals for sprinkling on the top

Miso caramel flavouring method

Put sugar and water in a heavy bottomed saucepan, stir and leave on a medium heat, stirring occasionally, until caramel in colour. Carefully add double cream (it will hiss a little) and whisk whilst off the heat, add miso paste and whisk thoroughly until smooth. Add 2 tbs of miso caramel sauce to the remaining truffle mixture. The remainder of the sauce saved and used over ice cream for a delicious dessert.

To finish the truffles

Remove the various truffle mixes from the fridge and, with a teaspoon, scoop out a goodly amount. Roll into a ball and place on a plate (remembering to keeping the various flavours separate) and continue until all the mixture has been used.

Roll the ginger truffles in cocoa and place in truffle cases. Roll the Wasabi Furikake in drinking chocolate and the rice wine truffles in vermicelli and return to fridge.

Using a double boiler (or Pyrex bowl in a saucepan) melt the white chocolate over a low heat and, when removed from the heat & cooled slightly, spoon over Yuzu truffles until coated. You can use a cocktail stick pushed carefully into a truffle to help you turn and coat with the chocolate. This needs patience! Leave them to set on a plate.

Melt the dark chocolate and coat the Miso caramel truffles as above. Sprinkle a couple of pink salt crystals on the top.

See more at :- www.yutaka.co/en/

Yutaka means ‘good harvest’ in Japanese and that’s exactly the aim of the company: to create authentic Japanese food products made in the traditional way. Their ethos ensures their products are of the highest quality and feature a lot less additives compared with other brands on the market.

Tazaki Foods, the name behind the Yutaka brand, was the pioneer of Japanese food in the UK and was responsible for opening the very first Japanese restaurant in the country some 35 years ago.

Since then, the company has become the leading supplier to the Japanese restaurants, hospitality industries and food manufacturers in the UK.

It also offers a fast-growing range of ingredients allowing people to make traditional Japanese food at home such as sushi, sauces, soups, rice, noodles and “easy to use” meal kits. Having been the first in the market, the brand continues to be the leading authentic Japanese range in 16 countries across Europe and the Middle East.

Whether you are looking for a tasty gift, something to share with family and friends or a portion controlled treat to hide around the house or garden, you’d be hopping mad to miss out on HARIBO this Easter. >> www.haribo.com


HARIBO Spring Time Friends, RRP £1

HARIBO Fizzy Farm Animals, RRP £1

Created using the popular Tangfastics original sour mix recipe, HARIBO Fizzy Farm Animals will add some tang to Easter Fun!

HARIBO Jelly Bunnies, £1

You’d be hopping mad to miss out on HARIBO Jelly Bunnies this Easter. Jumping into stores especially for the season, this tasty treat features jelly bunny shaped pieces with the popular texture found in Jelly Babies.

For those that don’t want to hunt for a treat this Easter, HARIBO Jelly Bunnies are especially for Easter. Bringing together jelly bunny shaped pieces with the popular texture found in Jelly Babies, you’ll be hopping mad to miss this tasty option!

Available in two sharing bags and gifting boxes, there’s a treat that’s perfect for one or more people!

HARIBO Chick ‘n’ Mix, £2

Back for 2017, HARIBO Chick ‘n’ Mix is a cute little gift box filled with bunny and lamb shaped jellies, tangy chicks, Starmix’s favourite Egg and, last but not least, flower shaped squishy marshmallows – tweet, tweet!

HARIBO Easter Hunt, 200g RRP £1, 400g £2

Ideal for the Easter bunny to hide around the home or garden is the HARIBO Easter Hunt multi-pack. Packed with gums and jellies in bunny, chick and lamb shaped pieces, this bag contains a selection of portion controlled treats in either 11 or 22 mini bags.

All products are available in leading supermarkets and independent retailers.

With HARIBO’s range of delicious seasonal treats you’re guaranteed to have an ‘eggstra-special’ Easter!

Thinking of things to buy for Easter Break! This is the perfect item! Kidioke Media Children’s Sound Books and Karaoke App! >> www.kidiokemedia.com


Sound books in which licensed timeless music is incorporated into children’s sound books and a karaoke app. The books plays the song in its entirety. The lyrics of the song are the text of the book and the illustrations act out those lyrics.

these books were just recently featured on the VIEW as one of Whoopi Goldberg’s favorite holiday gifts. They are perfect for parents/grandparents of infants and toddlers. They are currently sold www.kidiokemedia.com website and through Amazon FBA and have a good amount of success.








Escape to the Lake District this year with www.lakelovers.co.uk cottages & accomodations in the Lake District………


Lakelovers have more than 450 self-catering holiday cottages across the Lake District.

All of Lakelovers’ homes are VisitEngland inspected and graded 3-5 stars – with many Gold award winners.

From the Lake District gateway of and the shores of Windermere, to the stunning villages of Cartmel, Grasmere and Hawkshead, to the northern fells of Keswick, there is a home to make your holiday perfect.

The collection of homes includes cosy, sleeps-2 cottages to farmhouses, town centre apartments, lakeside homes to could-be-castles which sleep up to 20, and more than 170 homes are pet-friendly and welcome dogs.

Lakelovers is based in Windermere and Keswick and celebrates 40 years in business this year.

Their beautiful holiday cottages across the Lake District and are ideally located for people and families to get out and about and enjoy the outdoors – whether walking, climbing, sailing etc…

The perfect start for an outdoor adventure is getting your holiday accommodation spot on.

And, you can’t get much better than staying in a cottage at the foot of a fell, by a lake or river.

To see more of Lakelovers’ holiday cottages and their latest holiday deals see www.lakelovers.co.uk

Ellerbeck Cottage in the luscious Lyth Valley is perfect for the family as it sleeps six and is also pet-friendly and takes two dogs.

The Lyth Valley – included in the Lonely Planet’s list of “the most beautiful places on earth” – has an abundance of beautiful countryside rambles, right on the doorstep of Ellerbeck.

The views from Ellerbeck across the valley are amazing. Plus, there’s plenty of space, both inside and outdoors, for the family to relax and spend time together.

See more at :- www.lakelovers.co.uk/property/ellerbeck-bridge-sleep-6/

The traditional stone Bowfell Cottage in Bowness has earned itself a gold award from VisitEngland – and it isn’t surprising.

Lavish bedrooms and stunning bathrooms make for a very comfortable stay. It is also just a stroll from the centre of Bowness-on-Windermere and the shores of the Lake District’s most famous lake.

So, it is a great place for six people to call their home, while taking full advantage of all the outdoor adventure that the Lake District holds.

It is also a stone’s throw from Windermere Rugby Club – of which Lakelovers was a sponsor for many years until recently.

See more at :-  www.lakelovers.co.uk/property/bowfell-cottage-2/

Chicken Nugget in Scrambled Egg
By Michelle Robinson and Tom McLaughlin

It’s not easy being the smallest chick in the family, but Nugget has had some good news: he’s going to be a big brother! Little baby Benedict is still an egg at the moment and it’s Nugget’s job to look after him. What could possibly go wrong?
Another Chicken Nugget title from picture book powerhouse Michelle Robinson, featuring a laugh-out-loud funny story and adorable, relatable characters.

Publication date: 26th Jan 2017 Age: 3+ Price: £6.99

SOFRANCISCO offers unique Addictive Softness and Chic Style with SOF Case >> www.sofrancisco.com


At the heart of silicon valley a leather engineer from the luxury industry is spicing up tech accessories with stylish Parisian inspired designs

Charlotte, a French entrepreneur who has lived in Paris, London, San Francisco and now in Silicon Valley reinvents the iPhone Case. She advocates for chic cases in line with people’s style and absolutely disapproves the classic cold plastic cases.

When Charlotte found herself in need for a leather case as she didn’t want her new iPhone to break she could only find cases that didn’t showcase the design of her iPhone and didn’t match with her style and identity.

“We carry our phones all the time, show them more than any other accessory we carry but still just a few brands are in line with our look.”, Charlotte Boedec, Founder & CEO @SOFRANCISCO

On top of that, considering that we hold our phones a few hours per day it simply doesn’t make sense for Charlotte to hold something so cold all day long. For SOFRANCISCO’s founder, leather, a subtle and surprising material that she is passionate about is the most appropriate material to add coziness to any tech devices.

She started to discover its secrets and its manufacturing process when studying Leather Material Engineering in Graduate School in France and then increased her knowledge and her love for this fascinating material through her purchasing experience in the Parisian luxury industry.

Charlotte created SOFRANCISCO to offer high-end, modern and chic tech accessories made of fine leathers combined with European craftsmanship and sleek design.

The SOF Case incorporates modernity, French Savoir-Faire, Italian Leather as well as many details from the luxury leather good industry and unmatched design.

“And once you start with the Full Grain leather of the SOF Case you can’t stop using it, it’s an addiction.”, Charlotte Boedec, Founder & CEO @SOFRANCISCO

However, the SOF Case still offers great protection thanks to the hard part made of shock absorbing ABS.

Assembled with hand-picked Italian leather, and designed in California by Charlotte herself, the SOF Case is engineered in partnership with an upscale crafter of the luxury industry.

The partner manufacturer represents French craftsmanship over 30 years of experience in fine leather-good accessories as they produce for most renowned luxury European brands such as Cartier, LV etc.

Prototypes and pre-production are handcrafted in Bourgogne, France in an area with a history of traditional craftsmanship when the company has an exceptional leather good expertise.

The Full-Grain leather is sourced from a famous Italian tannery .. The tanner possesses over 50 years of experience and have their main leather factory located near Venice, Italy.

Today Charlotte is thrilled to share her passion and to have adapted it to your modern needs and to your tastes.

The company launched a few months ago in San Francisco and is now offering complimentary personalization. Once the clients have fulfilled their SOF Case need, many of them purchase SOF Cases for family and loved ones. It made sense for the company to offer the possibility to offer a unique product to its customers.

Customers can choose to monogram their SOF Case whether it is to show their loved ones they are truly unique or to tailor their SOF Case to your image.

Monogramming is made with a traditional hot stamping machine where all the characters are placed manually and carefully by the hot stamping craftsman in a luxury boutique workshop in Laurel Heights, San Francisco.

Hot stamping is a traditional way to mark leather at high temperature where foil papers -such as gold- can be transferred on the leather.

SOFRANCISCO has just launched a brand new website and invites users to play with its exclusive online personalization tool. The tool provides exquisite images of monogramed SOF Cases in real time.

Thanks to their interactive tool, visitors are taking part of the personalization process while trying different shades and monograms.

Charlotte hopes you’ll appreciate the look, the details, the smooth Italian leather as well as the research behind every detail of the SOF Case.

– Available for iPhone 6/6s and 7

– Full Grain Italian Leather outside

ABS inside – For high impact shock absorption and easy click on

SOF Case available on :


Check out the INSTAGRAM

















Children shouldn’t have all the fun at Easter, us adults should also indulge ourselves in a something a bit chocolatey and delicious – and with a bit of a kick! Demijohn’s Chocolate Orange Ball, full of delicious cream liqueur, is the best liquid Easter egg to be found.

Made in Devon, its flavour is unique and fresh and contains a subtle blend of dark chocolate, rich Devonshire cream, Apple Brandy and the zest of an orange. Unlike other cream liqueurs it is not too sweet and is really the essence of Easter in a bottle.

Best drunk straight from the fridge over a little ice, it is also a great topping to ice creams or even poured over waffles for a grown up dessert.

This spherical 500ml Strauss bottle, which can come with a complimentary personalised message, and gift wrapped, can be slipped in among the children’s Easter eggs for the adults to enjoy on Easter day. Priced at just £24.60 it is the perfect Easter gift for any chocolate lover.


Available from Demijohn shops in Oxford, York, Glasgow and Edinburgh or online from www.demijohn.co.uk .

UDI RC U32 Inverted RC Quadcopter Drone – Includes Extra Battery And Power Bank (Doubles Flying Time)

  • FLY YOUR DRONE LONGER: Super powerful motors allow quadcopter to fly way longer and more efficiently
  • ELIMINATE DAMAGE: Its elastic plastic frame boosts performance and protects propellers upon crashing
  • EASY OPERATION: 4 channel functionality makes flight simple and stable; Perform awesome 360° flips
  • DOUBLE FLYING TIME: 2 long-life batteries and bonus USB power bank are included to charge in place
  • NIGHTTIME FLIGHT: Body LEDs light up the night sky allowing you to clearly see your drone at night

Satisfy your need for speed with the latest UDI RC drone, the super sturdy and powerful U32. It’s highly elastic, plastic protective frame and strong motors offer high performance while still being incredibly stable. The best part? Its lightweight design excludes it from FAA registration requirements. Plus, it’s frame acts as an anti-collision safety mechanism and protects propellors while in flight. 4 channel functionality makes operation super easy allowing you to perform awesome stunts and tricks. Easy-to-use functions such as 180° Right Flip, 180° Left Flip, 360° Flip and Return Home can be activated with the touch of a button. You’ll also find 2 long-life batteries that can be swapped out and charged with the included bonus USB power bank. LED lights give this quadcopter a realistic look and makes it fun to fly at night. Recommended for Ages 14+

See more & purchase at > www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01D9PF3DQ

UX5C RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera (720p HD) Headless Mode 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RTF Includes BONUS BATTERY Doubles Flying Time

  • HEADLESS MODE / Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) System: Eliminates need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying. Great for beginners as it reduces the steepness of learning curve; 3.8 oz frame means FAA Registration is NOT Required
  • HD VIDEO CAMERA: Forward-facing stationary 2MP HD video camera (Resolution: 1280 x 720; Framerate: 30 FPS) lets you take high-resolution pictures and videos of everything in its path. Comes with 2GB Micro SD Card!
  • 6 AXIS GYRO STABILITY: Equipped with the latest 6-axis flight control systems (3 gyroscopes and 3 accelerometers)
  • MAXIMUM CONTROL: Integrated design guarantees the precise positioning of the aircraft. Strong stability, easily implement various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control.
  • DUAL FLIGHT MODES: Switch between Flight Mode 1 (maximum Gyro-stability for beginners) and Mode 2 (3D expert control for maximum acceleration and maneuvers for expert tricks, including 360° Eversion – do incredible 3D flips and rolls with just the push of a button)

See more at :- www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01AMGPJY8

UDI 818A HD+ RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera, Return Home Function and Headless Mode- 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RTF – Includes BONUS BATTERY + POWER BANK Quadruples Flying Time

  • HD CAMERA: Take high-res pics & video during flight! Includes 2MP cam with upgraded 4GB Micro SD
  • 6 AXIS GYRO STABILITY: Provides stability, strong wind resistance & easy maneuverability for stunts
  • 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RTF, 2 LiPo Batteries to double flight & a 2200mAh Power Bank to charge on the go!
  • HEADLESS MODE- Eliminates need to adjust aircraft position before flight & improves learning curve. FAA Registration NOT Required
  • HD+ RETURN HOME FUNCTION: One key to return your aircraft makes it easy to find the way home

See more at :- www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00X9JDPYC

USA Toyz UDI 818A HD+ RC Quadcopter Drone With HD Camera, Return Home And Headless Mode + Battery

  • HEADLESS MODE: The headless mode eliminates the distinguish of drones direction, the direction will be the same as your transmitter, great for beginners.
  • HD CAMERA: Take high-res pictures & video during flight! Includes 2MP camera with upgraded 4GB Micro SD
  • 6 AXIS GYRO STABILITY: Provides stability, strong wind resistance & easy maneuverability for stunts
  • 360º FLIPS & STUNTS: Impress your friends and family with awesome 3D tricks with the push of a button
  • DOUBLE YOUR FLIGHT TIME: Includes 2 LiPo batteries to extend the fun! FAA Registration NOT Required

See more at :- https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00X92BCA8

Finding that Perfect Toy For Easter Break! >> UDI U45W Blue Jay WiFi FPV Drone with Altitude Hold + HD Camera ! endless Hours of fun ! >> www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01LG40OY0


UDI U45W Blue Jay WiFi FPV Drone with Altitude Hold + HD Camera

-FIRST PERSON VIEW with VR HEADSET COMPATIBILITY: Watch a live video feed of your flight from your iPhone or Android Smart mobile device with the FPV WiFi feature.

-ALTITUDE HOLD FUNCTION: SUPER EASY DRONE FOR BEGINNERS TO FLY: Makes controlling the drone a breeze for beginners and stabilizes aerial photography. This is the ideal beginner drone with a lot of the latest features typically found on higher end models.

-ONE TOUCH TAKE OFF AND LANDING: Drone automatically hovers at a set altitude after take off and before landing making it easy to control and maneuver, especially for beginners who are not yet skilled.

-CUSTOM ROUTE MODE -Trace the desired flight path on the mobile app screen and the drone will fly along the path unassisted

-HD CAMERA: Capture 720p high definition aerial photos and videos with 2MP camera; Sync it to your controller to really bring life to your flights!

See more at :- www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01LG40OY0


Four Items From Steve Henderson Fine Art with a special significance for Easter ! >> www.stevehendersonfineart.com



These bright yellow flowers are the harbinger of spring, and what better way to celebrate the new life of Easter than through a Tote Bag featuring Steve Henderson’s fine art painting, Dandelions? Carry your books, lunch, gym clothes and stuff with a sense of new beginnings, all year round. Available at Steve Henderson’s Fine Art America site: Dandelions Tote Bag

See more at :-  fineartamerica.com/products/dandelions-steve-henderson-tote-bag

Multiple gift items for Dandelions (phone cases, throw pillows, greeting cards, beverage mugs, etc.) for Dandelions available at :- fineartamerica.com/featured/dandelions-steve-henderson

Children are a daily reminder of new life and new beginnings, a central message of Easter.

De-stress your work and tech life with a phone case embellished with Steve Henderson’s fine art painting, Child of Eden, available at Henderson’s Fine Art America site: Child of Eden Phone Case See more at :-  www.fineartamerica.com/products/child-of-eden-steve-henderson-iphone-case-cover.html?phoneCaseType=iphone7

Multiple gift items for Child of Eden (phone cases, throw pillows, greeting cards, beverage mugs, etc.) available at :- fineartamerica.com/featured/child-of-eden-steve-henderson.html

Spring blossoms promise summer fruit, and the message of Easter is one of new life, new beginnings, and new hope.

Celebrate that sense of hope all year with a throw pillow featuring Steve Henderson’s fine art painting, Blossom, available through Henderson’s Fine Art America site: Blossom Throw Pillow

See more at :-  fineartamerica.com/products/blossom-steve-henderson-throw-pillow.html

Multiple gift items for Blossom (phone cases, throw pillows, greeting cards, beverage mugs, etc.) available at :-  fineartamerica.com/featured/blossom-steve-henderson.html

Love, life, friendship, acceptance and joy.

Easter promises new life and new beginnings, captured in Steve Henderson’s fine art painting, Girls Day out in Paris, on a coffee mug.

Remind yourself every time you take a sip that love for one another is a central message for the world today. Available through Henderson’s Fine Art America site: Girls Day Out in Paris Mug See more at :-  www.fineartamerica.com/products/girls-day-out-steve-henderson-coffee-mug-large.html Multiple Gift Items for Girls Day Out in Paris (phone cases, throw pillows, greeting cards, beverage mugs, etc.) available at :- fineartamerica.com/featured/girls-day-out-steve-henderson.html

For Easter Break! ThumbThings Finger Puppets Handmade with love ! Each One Is Unique ! >> 5 for $20, promocode: FUN >> www.fingerpuppetsinc.com


Check out these great Easter Gifts !

Puppetry is an ancient, traditional art that is still active today in nearly every culture. A child engaged by puppetry will learn lessons you never even expected to teach, all while having fun. Puppets provide that special link between learning and play which makes them wonderful teaching tools for parents, teachers, nurses, doctors, and anyone with an imagination.

They have so many designs and themes, just a few of them below!

See the full range at :- www.fingerpuppetsinc.com




Celebrate Easter with Watchitude slap on watches now available online at www.toysrus.com at $21.99. Fun, creative and laced in vibrant colors, this popular kid friendly watch is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday with attitude!

1. #250 Bubblegum. Splash Proof


A fresh new take on a retro idea. The Slap Watch gives a nod to the slap bands we all loved while growing up. Cool & unique designs for every personality!

2. #188 Build It . Splash Proof


3. #260 Dance. Splash Proof


4. #250 Bubblegum. Splash Proof


5. #265 Cupcake Splash Proof


6. #203 Wave Shredder


7. #315 Frosted Donuts. Splash Proof


8. #187 Watercolors. Splash Proof


9. #188 Build It. Splash Proof


10. #129 Colorsplashing. Splash Proof


11. #144 Hot Dog Heaven. Splash Proof


12. #134 Cupcake Sprinkles. Splash Proof

13. #257 Homerun (baseball watch)


14. #268 BBall (basketball watch)


15. #253 Planetary

This ultimate fashion accessory which has already funded a hydroponic vegetable growing system at a children’s rescue mission in Northern Thailand valued at $3,000 USD! >> >> www.novemberrain.co



November Rain rain ponchos, the brainchild of Belinda Coker, founder of Envirosax, the original designer reusable bag, is turning heads with it’s inaugural giving back project. November Rain pledges a full 10% of all revenue towards water projects in developing countries. Launched in the USA in November 2016, the stylish rain poncho has proven so popular with the millennial crowd, the company has been able to fund a hydroponic vegetable growing system at a children’s rescue mission in Northern Thailand valued at $3,000 USD.

“I wanted to create stylish rainwear that fits any shape or figure, folds up into a small package and is entirely waterproof,” states the founder Belinda Coker. “After the success of Envirosax, I realized the importance of sharing the wealth created with those not so fortunate. It’s not all about the money, it’s about creating something that people love with benefits that keep flowing to those in need.”

A mom of three, now in their teens and a frequent traveler, Belinda understands the issues associated with being stuck in the rain. Holding little one’s hands, trying to open a car door, while holding an umbrella is truly awkward. So is getting caught in the rain after emerging from a salon wearing an expensive jacket or carrying a beautiful leather handbag.

November Rain rain ponchos fold down into a small 1lb, 7″ packet. Small enough to carry in your bag or keep in your car. And with her signature style of making something as simple as a plain reusable bag in 2004 into something beautiful, it seems she has done it again with November Rain rain ponchos.

The sales from each quarter determine the amount of funding directed towards water projects in developing countries. November Rain is not limiting the resources given to just clean drinking water, they are also funding irrigation projects for crops in areas where water can be the main limiting factor for people being able to put food on the table. While the giving back projects are yet to be featured on the website www.novemberrain.co , the brand’s Facebook page has featured the philanthropic efforts, with images of the early stages of the hydroponic vegetable growing system!

November Rain rain ponchos are available in the USA and UK. Visit www.novemberrain.co for more information.


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Spot the Difference Books! Things That Go and Animals ! Great Easter presents for preschoolers, using visual humour to aid gentle learning and to encourage interaction!

£4.99 each | Board books for ages 2-5



Spot the Difference is a brand new preschool board book series which uses visual humour to aid gentle learning and to encourage interaction. With easy to spot differences on every page, the books promote logical thinking and pattern recognition. Will children find the panda in a speedboat in Things That Go, or the penguin wearing a tuxedo in Animals? Instructions and facts prompt readers in their journey through the various scenes, which include a field of tractors and the depths of the sea, and additional questions on each page relate to key early learning skills, such as naming colours and counting objects.

Whether comparing two pictures to find the differences, or looking for the odd one out in repeated patterns, young readers will develop observational skills from the fun and interactive spreads. The final spread of the books reveal all of the answers, so children can find out just how many differences they managed to spot.

See more of Things That Go on :- www.dk.com/uk/9780241273180-spot-the-difference-things-that-go/

See more of ANIMALS on :- www.dk.com/uk/9780241268049-spot-the-difference-animals/


A First Bible Story Book and A First Book of Prayers

£14.99 | For ages 5-7

Two beautifully illustrated books, A First Bible Story Book and A First Book of Prayers, are combined in one slipcase to make the perfect gift for children to treasure.



A First Bible Story Book retells 13 specially selected stories from both the Old and New Testaments. Mary Hoffman’s lively narratives preserve all the mystery, wonder, and excitement of the Bible, and are written in a way that children will find easy to understand. Mary Hoffman is a popular children’s author with more than 60 books to her name. Her unique observations bring vitality and humour to each of her stories, including Amazing Grace, Nancy No-Size and Henry’s Baby. Mary Hoffman has worked as a Sunday school teacher and has run a church for children.

A First Book of Prayers features prayers to suit all occasions and is an inspirational book that the whole family can share and enjoy. The collection of short and simple prayers are designed to help children develop an awareness of God, and can bring comfort to your child whether they are feeling happy or sad.

Both books feature the charming illustrations of Julie Downing, which bring the best-loved characters and events to life and illustrate key themes. Julie Downing discovered her desire to illustrate children’s books during her art studies at Rhode Island School of Design. She has had several of her own story books published, including White Snow, Blue Feather, and has also illustrated a wealth of picture books, including Daniel’s Gift and The Night Before Christmas. With additional illustrations by Nadine Wickenden.

See more at :- www.dk.com/uk/9780241283059-bible-stories-and-prayers/

Three brand new board games, perfect for escaping April showers and spending some much needed family time together this Easter!



Pass The Biscuits Game


Ahh biscuits. Put your feet up and relax at the end of a long hard day, pop the kettle on and grab the biscuit tin – so calming! You’re in for a shock with our brand new Pass The Biscuit Game, a fast paced, fun family affair this is a hilarious game to be enjoyed by all. Shop on :- www.thepresentfinder.co.uk/buy/pass-the-biscuits-game.

The Official Emoji Game

Get ready for a raucous, rollicking and riotous family game where emotions are sure to run high! Be the first to collect a full set of emotions but beware, the devious action cards may hamper your progress in this hilarious family card game. Shop on :- www.thepresentfinder.co.uk/buy/the-official-emoji-game.

The Unbelievable Truth

Can you smuggle the unbelievable truths past your opponents in a series of lecture and quick fire rounds… trust us, it isn’t as easy as it sounds! With only seconds to decide if something is fact or fiction, will you be able to decide whether “all ducks are allergic to peanuts”, “kadeisumiphobia is the fear of sandwiches” or if “deep friend monkey toes are eaten in Indonesia”? Shop on :- www.thepresentfinder.co.uk/buy/the-unbelievable-truth-game.

You’ll find lots more fun family gifts perfect for keeping little ones entertained through the school holidays available from: www.thepresentfinder.co.uk


As Easter approaches, it’s time to look for the perfect chocolate eggs to gift, hide and devour. For those who have been left in charge of playing Easter bunny, Tesco is here to help with its thoughtful range of treats, with everything from hand decorated finest* eggs and cute chocolate characters to flavour packed Chocablok eggs and ‘free from’ alternatives.

FINEST* EASTER EGGS If you’re looking for an Easter egg that’s extra special, the finest* range has a delicious selection of eggs that don’t just taste beautiful but look beautiful too. From hidden chocolate eggs, to secret layers of milk chocolate truffles and shimmering gold eggs, these provide the perfect Easter treat.

finest* Belgian Milk Chocolate Hidden Egg, 650g, £15.00

Give in to tempation and crack open the intruiging, outer shell of this meltingly smooth, chunky Belgian chocolate egg. Hidden inside lies a beautifully hand decorated, thin and crispy, bronze milk chocolate egg.

finest* Belgian Dark Chocolate & Butterscotch Egg, 300g, £7.00

An unusual and eye-catching take on the traditional egg, this rich dark chocolate and sweet butterscotch finest* square egg with its focus on design is the perfect Easter gift. Tall, dark and handsome and hand decorated with a splattering of gold shimmer, this is an egg that guarantees a wow factor.

finest* Belgian Milk Chocolate Truffle Egg, 310g, £9.00

Made from smooth Belgian milk chocolate and finished with a bronze shimmer, this moreish egg also has a layer of creamy milk truffle hidden in its centre. A decadent Easter egg that tastes as good as it looks.


Tesco’s novelty range of eggs come in the form of two super cute characters. Made from delicious chocolate and free from artificial colours and preservatives, they are the perfect Easter gift for the little person in your life.

Tesco Rainbow the Unicorn, 200g, £3.50

Sprinkle a little magic with this Rainbow the Unicorn chocolate treat. Creamy white and milk chocolate, and sugar coated sprinkles make up this 3D character’s shape. With no artificial colours or preservatives it’s the ideal choice this Easter.

Tesco Doug the Dinosaur, 200g, £3.50

Make your taste buds ‘ROAR’ with this cute chocolate character. Doug the Dinosaur is made from milk, dark and white chocolate and has no artificial colours or preservatives.


Look no further than the Chokablok range for eggs that pack a flavoursome punch. Their egg shells are bursting with delicous flavours like fudge and caramlised nuts, tropical fruit, honeycomb and biscuit. Great for sharing or for someone who likes an Easter egg that’s a little different.

Chokablok Nuts about Fudge Egg, 300g, £5.00

Go nuts for fudge with this chunky Belgian chocolate egg. The outer shell is bursting with caramelised hazelnuts, almonds, crunchy biscuit, raisins and creamy fudge pieces. It is the ultimate Easter treat.

Chokablok Titchy Paradise Punch Easter Egg, 95g, £2.50

Made from smooth milk chocolate and dotted with desiccated coconut, this Easter egg will transport your taste buds to the tropics. The coconut flavoured white chocolate is crammed with dried mango, papaya, piña colada flavour jellybeans and coconut slivers.

Chokablok Billionaire’s Dynamite Egg, 650g, £10.00

This impressive egg is made from caramel flavoured Belgian chocolate, and has honeycomb pieces embedded into the tempting chunky shell. Inside there’s even more honeycomb, milk chocolate coated biscuit balls and vanilla flavoured fudge. This is the king of eggs and is perfect for sharing.


Finding a delicious Easter Egg can be difficult for those with dietary requirements but luckily the Tesco ‘Free From’ range of eggs are free from milk, wheat and gluten. With flavours like delicious milk chocolate and caramel truffle as part of their range, nobody will miss out on getting a delicious egg this Easter.

Finest ‘Free From’ Caramel Egg with Truffles, 120g, £4.00

This indulgent ‘free from’ caramel flavoured egg is free from milk, wheat and gluten. Accompanied by beautifully crafted fondant truffles, it’s the perfect for those with dietary requirements.

Tesco ‘Free From’ Chocolate Egg with Coins, 115g, £3.00

This simple ‘free from’ milk chocolate egg comes complete with delicious coins. Free from milk, gluten and wheat, it ensures everyone gets to enjoy Easter this year.


Tesco Golden Egg Adventure Pack, 545g, £7.00

This multipack of hollow, solid and soft centre milk chocolate eggs is perfect if you’re planning an Easter egg hunt. Just don’t forget where you’ve hidden these delicious treats


Easter is the perfect time to get family and friends together and celebrate the festivities with a little indulgence. With delicious breads and a selection of scrumptious cakes, Tesco is here to help you with those sweet fix moments and offer some alternatives to the traditional Easter egg, so you can have hot cross buns ready to pop in the toaster, Easter cakes already in the cupboard and delicious treats ready to feed your hungry guests.


Colomba Panettone, £9, 750g

‘Colomba’ means ‘Dove’ in Italian and symbolises peace and happiness. Baked in the traditional Italian way from an Italian family bakery, this Dove-shaped all butter cake is soft and moist with candied orange and a crunchy nutty topping, complete with whole almonds. This delicious Italian treat tastes similar to the traditional Panettone and works brilliantly as an eye-catching centre piece on any Easter table.

finest* Hot Cross Buns, 2 for £2 or £1.50 each

With flavours like Apple & cinnamon, Very Berry, Toffee fudge & Belgian chocolate, these delectable buns provide a quirky twist on the classic Easter treat. Perfect for elevenses, or lightly toasted with butter and a big mug of tea.

Chocolate Filled Mini Hot Cross Buns 8 pack, £1.50

Indulge in our Hot cross bun minis, these little treats are studded with rich chocolate chips and filled with a smooth chocolate filling.


Chocolate Nest Cake, £4, serves 4

Surprise your guests with the gooey mallow hidden inside this delicious chocolate flavoured sponge cake. The mallow centre is surrounded by a moist chocolate sponge, covered with a rich chocolate frosting and topped with chocolate mini eggs.

Burrowing Bunny Chocolate Cake, £7, serves 16

Fans of the Easter Bunny will love this cake with its hand crafted cute burrowing bunny and fondant carrot decorations. Rich chocolate flavoured sponge is covered with chocolate flavour buttercream and rolled in milk chocolate drops. Cut it open and inside you’ll find a surprise soft buttercream centre.

Chocolate Cake Cubes, £4, pack of 6

Great for sharing, these cake cubes are small, delicious delights. The rich chocolate sponge is filled with chocolate buttercream, generously covered with milk chocolate and topped with sugar decorations.

6 Celebration Cupcakes, £3, pack of 6

These colourful cupcakes are a great addition for any Easter celebration. The assorted sponge cakes are topped with flavoured frosting and have indulgent hidden centres, including sweet strawberry, lemon and chocolate.


Decorate Your Own Eggs, £1.20, pack of 2

These gingerbread cookies are inspired by the Easter tradition of egg making. Decorate the biscuits with your own Easter designs before tucking into this alternative twist on a traditional chocolate Easter egg. Great fun for kids!

How about spending some time at Easter coloring! Maybe a glass of wine, some music and simple relaxation. Or color with the whole family! >> Betty Schaffner’s DESIGN TO COLOR ! >> www.tallfellow.com $9.95


 Designs to Color (Book 1) is a great coloring book for adults (and kids, too) with unique, hand-drawn designs (and even two Finish-Your-Own pages for added creativity) & each finished design is suitable for framing.

The original series came out in the 1960s and sold over a million copies! And was created by a MOM!!!

Here is the Amazon link: Designs to Color.
You can also see it at :- www.Tallfellow.com.

In the 1960s, Price Stern Sloan published what was probably the first coloring book for adults as well as kids. Designs to Color was created by Betty Schaffner who believed that people of all ages had an innate imagination and artistic talent that conventional coloring books failed to spark and nurture. Her varied line drawings, sometimes abstract and sometimes recognizable – flowers, faces, animals – will lead any “color-er” into winding paths and jungles of form and into their own worlds of imagination. No two drawings will ever be identical and even the same person can create completely different moods by changing colors and mediums. From crayons to watercolors to markers, Designs to Color Book 1 will ignite creative ability and fun with 23 original pieces of art which, when finished, look great framed. And new to the series, the last two designs are “Finish Your Own.” They are not complete, allowing you to finish them any way your imagination takes you. Whether you’re discovering them for the first time or you remember them from childhood, Designs to Color will bring out the kid in you… no matter what age you are!

About Tallfellow Press

Creative book publishers offering unique, innovative and eclectic books by new writers and artists who touch readers with beauty, brilliance and humor!

Homegrown Traditions…… seasonal and holiday gift and tradition ideas, wonderful Easter Pillowcases! >> www.homegrowntraditions.com


Instead of chocolate or cheap toys that will inevitably break, this is the year to give an Easter gift that will be around for years to come!

Homegrown Traditions Easter pillowcases are neutral in design and perfect for any age. They’re made in the USA with the highest quality 100% cotton and are designed to get softer and better with time. Nothing allows you to anticipate the holiday more than dreaming on a pillowcase that reminds you of the upcoming festivities.


“Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in spring-time” (Martin Luther).  Celebrate this time of new beginnings with an Easter pillowcase to cradle your sweet child’s head each night before the holiday.

Our one-of-a-kind custom designed pillowcases are gender-neutral with soft colors that add holiday flare without compromising style.  Each pillowcase is proudly printed and sewn in the USA with the highest quality 100% cotton fabric – because we wouldn’t want your child sleeping on anything less than the best.  Give the gift of holiday excitement to your kids, grandkids, and loved little ones.

-100% combed cotton poplin

-200 thread count

-Machine washable (fabric gets softer with each wash)

See more at :- www.homegrowntraditions.com/collections/pillowcases/products/easter-pillowcase

They also have an adorable range of Birthday Plates, Chore Charts, Birthday Shirts & more !










Packing your overnight bag? Don’t forget your long weekend essentials



The Easter long weekend is just around the corner, and whether you’re taking a road trip, hopping on the Eurostar or catching a short flight to visit family or friends, you’ll need your trusty overnight bag filled with all your weekend essentials.

Last minute packer? Pull together your weather appropriate clothes (an umbrella is always handy!), those hotel minis you stole saved , sunglasses (hopefully you’ll need these!), toothbrush and of course, your Dorco Eve 6 razor. Dorco’s patented sharp angulated blades will ensure you’re getaway is as smooth as it should be.

Don;t get caught out with a dull blade. Did you know Dorco has a reliable and flexible subscription service where you can get fresh blades delivered right to your door every month? It’s convenient and better value than you’d expect.

Dorco Eve 6 Features

Double 3 blade format with bendable cartridge

Innovative brush finger for body massage and raising hair for a closer shave

Moisturising band with Aloe, Vitamin E and Lavender calms and protects even the most sensitive skin

Multi-flex pivoting head for every contour of your body

Non-slip ergonomic rubber handle to provide excellent control

RRP@ starting at £5.45

For more information visit www.razorsbydorco.co.uk